You Are: Happy and Serene

Or so says the tree test.  It is a “quiz” floating around that boasts 100% accuracy. You pick a tree and boom, you are done. Personality assessed. And I’m assessed: Happy and Serene.

You are an empathetic, understanding person. You listen carefully and without judgment.
You believe everyone has their own path in life. You are very accepting.

You don’t get stressed out or worried easily. You are usually in a very relaxed state.
You aren’t much of a party animal or a social butterfly. However, you are usually having a good time in your own way.

Oh dear. Really? I listen without judgement? Oh have mercy, no WAY! Everyone may have their own path…but I’m darn sure my way is BEST!!!! What does your tree say about you? I agree I AM very accepting, but this doesn’t mean I agree with you or anything.

Happy and Serene also doesn’t take into account that I am about to give birth. BUT, I won’t blame that on the Tree Test Authors. Did you take the test?

April Showers Bring…Snow


Well, Colorado, you never fail to bring us a Spring snow storm. Or two. Or three.

And Dad totally came through with the whole Frozen, let’s make a snowman thing.DSCN0183

But it wasn’t long before the little bailed on the cold.DSCN0185

Did you think Gooner could build a snowman in anything other than a sparkly dress?DSCN0191

And Q, he is ALWAYS so hot. He’d NEVER turn on the heat if it were up to him. Thankfully for the girls, it isn’t.DSCN0203

The finished product. Clearly Olaf…DSCN0205

And we moved to the boonies. Our view is amazing.


Random Edition: 701: Topic “Frozen”

It. Is. Monday. And I feel like this.


*And I should be folding laundry.

* I’m a Mom of littles, which means I don’t go to the bathroom by myself. Ever. I don’t even try anymore. Gooner  (Elsa) doesn’t care, she’s almost 5 and potty is just gross. Sooner (Anna) freaks out if she’s not near me every second of every day. Cue, “do you want to build a snowman?” Any time a door is closed you will hear three raps followed by the snowman song. I am a day away from 37 weeks pregnant…I am in the bathroom a LOT. My favorite part of the song is, “ok, bye.”

*Today on this lovely Monday Gooner decided NOT to respond to her name. She is Elsa. And she’s stamping her feet NOT out of defiance, but to turn the wood floor into ice. It had NOTHING to do with the hitting of the sister and being told to stop and put her laundry away.

*Gooner has had a braid for 4 weeks straight. I would like to thank Disney for choosing such an easy hair-do.

*”Why does Hans want Elsa AND Anna to die? What is death?” Once again, thanks Disney.

*We had a play date last week and the 5 year old boy told Gooner she had a china. That boys don’t have them. Gooner just shook her head at me, lifted up my plate from the dishwasher and told me, “Mooooom, THIS is China!” Dodged that bullet….for now. So happy Monday!


Nutrition – It Frustrates Me

I want to eat healthy. I want to cook healthy foods for my family. I want to lose the baby weight in a healthy manner.

I feel like I am lacking in knowledge. I am so confused over low carb, high protein, macro nutrients, calorie counting, 80%/20%, paleo, gluten free… The list goes on and on and on.

To be honest, I don’t even understand it all!


I just don’t.

I’m ready to have this baby so that we can do MORE hiking.


Snow hiking is fabulous, BUT not when you are 36 weeks. Uncoordinated. And waiting to fall at every turn. All while holding the hand of an unsteady 2 year old…


And then after baby comes out, preferably before, I have to figure out this 80/20 thing. Time to give it a whirl.

And we can go back to hiking. Hiking where I can see my feet.




Let the Love Inside You Show!


So, we don’t know the gender of this baby. We have our suspicions since we make girls.  If it is a girl we will be thrilled. If it is a girl we have all the clothing already. If it is a girl we already have a name and SISTERS, and a continuation of my girls. Other people ask if we will keep trying for a boy, as if THAT is why we decided to have this baby in the first place. As if you have to have both to be happy or complete or…be a real mother. GASP. Yup, I’ve had this said to me.

Stereotype based on Mommy’s I’ve met at the park, play dates, church and LIFE… If you only have boys you are a Mom of boys. If you only have girls you are a Mom waiting to have a boy. This is how I feel and I feel annoyed.

Stranger at Target yesterday. “You don’t know the gender? I hope it is a boy. If it is a girl, at least healthy!”

Old Lady. “It is probably a girl. That is probably for the best since girls are easier than boys.”

Friend. “I hope you have a boy so that you understand parenting.”

I could do a whole post devoted to ridiculous quotes by well meaning people. But, rest assured I am a good Mom to two beautiful tutu wearing,


soccer playing…







Team Pink or Team Blue this baby will fit into OUR lives. If YOU disagree on the gender God has given us, you should probably save yourself and stop talking.


Dear Baby,

This family loves you so much and can’t wait to meet you.


Mommy, Daddy and Your Big Sisters!


Better Left Unsaid

It’s true right? Some things are better left unsaid. Some things aren’t…like “Hey friend, you’ve got broccoli in your teeth.” But some things, some times your opinion, should be kept YOUR own. Today I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant. I’m at that awkwardly huge stage. The trimester where everyone stares at you, afraid you are going to deliver and possibly that you won’t. How much ‘huger’ can this lady possibly get? The stage where the only shirts that kinda fit all contain horizontal stripes. Nothing fits right. And you are literally sharing yourself with a 5 pound person. A stage where your girls fall and run to you for comfort only to bounce against your stomach and fall AGAIN….with everyone staring. The stage of never wanting to go anywhere in case your water breaks or someone asks you “how much time left?” At the same time you can’t stay home because cleaning your house and entertaining your children is too exhausting.

It is also an emotional time. You weigh more than ever before and nothing fits. You can’t dress for your husband because you BOTH hate almost everything pregnancy related. Let’s be honest, you only have 3 shirts that fit you now!

And then you doubt yourself. Will I be able to deliver again? Will the weight ever come off?

So the last thing you need is your friend to tell you what size she thinks you are and it is 6, count that SIX sizes larger than you actually are. Honestly, I was crushed. CRUSHED. Perhaps mortified. Is this how BIG people actually see me? I felt like beginning marathon training while simultaneiously devouring Reeses peanut butter eggs. Here I am carrying a tiny human and you’re calling me fat. My face must have mirrored my heart because she quickly followed up that she’d only chosen THAT size because of my huge belly. Hmmmmmmmm, you are only making it worse honey. So stop.

Some things are better left unsaid.

I Pooped Roses Today!

My facebook feed is full of chronic rose poopers (remember they poop rainbows and roses), chronic complainers, and over sharing mommies. I had a “friend” update EVERY day during her NINE day potty training mission. I’m not sure if she wanted accolades OR a place to complain, but no one else seemed to know what to do as she had 10 likes and no comments. What do you say to, “Yay, he’s only on his FIFTH pair of underwear!”…?

THEN, we have the snow haters. Snow haters in winter. I don’t understand this.  I DO understand when it is supposed to be Spring, and we all are having remaining snow storms, and your pasty skin is CRYING audibly for vitamin D, your children are so stir crazy you find them in bathing suits – in the snow – and you want to rip your hair out, yah, you can post about it.

Selfies.  And I’m not talking about the awesome selfie you took while sky diving or next to the world’s largest tomato. I’m talking about when you CLEARLY spent time on your hair and makeup, AND placed a mysterious pout on your lips with the caption, “I’m fat, single and ugly!”  I know you don’t believe it, and I hate seeing the 80 “likes” encouraging you on your self-deprecating awesomeness.

I COULD hide these people. I could. But, I do care about their other 20% posts…moving jobs, family, babies…

On to better things – like guac. Chipotle is getting rid of it? How can it be too expensive? We pay like 2 dollars EXTRA for a small dollop! Apparently we are “all freaking out for nothing,” but seriously? They already cut EVERY portion they could. They now give you HALF a scoop of rice and glare at you, coupled with an angry sneer, if you dare to ask for more. BUT since they are in the people serving business, they drop a couple more grains in your bowl and move on. Well they move on to the next patron… while YOU move on to the cash register and pay 10$ per grain of rice.

We bought a camera. It is awesome. I need to buy a cord to get the pictures OFF. Better do that before baby comes next MONTH.