Celiac Sprue

When the chips are down, you find out who your friends/family are. This is the truth. During my third pregnancy, with Dimples, I was incredibly sick. After delivery the sickness (I’m talking about throwing up everything you eat) was GONE, but I began to feel yucky. My stomach was always aching and purchasing antacids became a regular occurrence. My energy levels plummeted, but I thought it was from having three children and a husband who travels. I continued to workout, but it was awful. I truly struggled. I would jog and my muscles would cramp up. They would spasm, my body was betraying me. I began to have quite the belly. I looked pregnant and I hadn’t had a baby in 2 years. My friends would ask me out for ladies night and I was too exhausted to go. My face broke out with small boils. I would scratch my face till it bled, and it felt like ants were crawling under my skin. At one point I visited a dermatologist; she said it was definitely NOT food related. We spent 400$ on products that burned the flesh off my face. I was embarrassed. I counted calories and I worked out daily. I continued to gain 1 to 2 pounds a month. I logged onto myfitnesspal every day for 145 days straight and yet I gained. I would eat 1400 a day or 2000 calories and I’d still gain. It didn’t matter. NOTHING worked. I cried to Q. or my Mom daily. DAILY. I was so sad. Friends didn’t understand, and frankly, neither did we. Once the bumps and boils moved to my scalp, it was time to meet with a nutritionist. Q. and I had long believed I had am allergy to dairy or gluten.

And boom. I have Celiac Disease or Celiac Sprue. Continuing to eat gluten will hurt my small intestines. Consuming it makes me miserable. If I do ,I get bumps that fill with fluid and eventually scab over. Lovely right? And I get super sleepy, grumpy and get an upset stomach.

Now I don’t eat wheat protein, and I feel awesome. Firstly: you should never feel miserable on a regular basis. If you do, get help. Some people know more than you…and that’s ok. And some people don’t, like that dermatologist. Secondly: If your friends don’t understand you and what you are going through, put some space between you. They will either come back to you OR will move on. Build your tribe with people who love and respect you. Thirdly: Other people WILL be offended by your eating choices. It WILL bother people when you turn down anything.

Be you.dscn1395

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Diapers be Gone

And just like that, this family is done with diapers. Potty training is always a difficult time.

DSCN1292She turns two at the end of April and SHE wanted to do it. Life doesn’t stop for little girls wanting to use the potty, and she was a champ at the stores. I couldn’t find three days to just STAY at home, so we did it on the move. It REALLY helps to have older sisters to show you how it’s done.

I feel like my baby became a little girl over night!

These girls. Oh my heart. 20151226_122811

My Mom made the dresses. She’s amazing.

Wait til you see what she made for Easter!!!!

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Hiking Season

Hiking is amazing. Hiking with littles can be a challenge…especially with diapers. There is NOTHING zen about changing a diaper on the side of a trail…or on the trail. And we all know the rules, hike it in and hike it out! Leave no trace. So now you have a bag full of diaper poo. It’s gross. Now that she’s turning two next month and potty trained, the world is FULL of possibilities! As long as you can squat in the woods you can go anywhere!

We bought a new hiking book. I’m so excited to hit the trails! Colorado is tricky and will most likely throw another snow storm at us. It is supposed to snow when my Mom is here for Easter. And Gooner, she turns 7 this year. I can’t even handle it.

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Are Children Born Racist?

But first, she’s getting so big and ever so cute!DSCN1189

When it comes to mixed, bi-racial, or minorities… I am a shoe in. Absolutely nobody in their right mind could call me racist, although many have. Due to this, black, white, Hispanic, Asian…all believe I feel the same way they do regardless of having NEVER spoken to them before. Folks…NEVER assume. I’ve seen some photos flying around facebook… “Children Aren’t Born Racist.” I agree, children aren’t BORN racist, but they are BORN seeing race. YOU see race even if you aren’t racist. My girls, from the moment they are born, stare at my white face. They eat staring at my blue eyes and my pale face. So, it should come as no surprise that my girls, until at LEAST age 2, are afraid of black women. They scream. They cry. They run away. And then the lectures begin…”you need to get your girls around black people!” “Your girl is going to grow up white if you don’t get her around black people!” These types of comments no longer offend me, they merely annoy me. Both Gooner AND Sooner saw themselves as white until one day some ignorant kid TOLD them they were different. They saw themselves as white because I am their primary caregiver. They stare at me ALL.DAY.LONG. Yes, they have a black Dad, but they are with me most of the time. Why does this matter? It matters because black women get VERY offended when my black little girl screams and runs away. I normally just tell the women, sorry. That she needs a nap. Because this too shall pass.

Curious yet? My “mixed” or “bi-racial” 6 year old identifies herself as black. She decided that all on her own. She knows she’s different…because she is, but so far it hasn’t been a big deal.

So this thing flying around Facebook about race…you are born loving that person you call Mom. And the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. – Dr. Bill Watson Normally, if a kid is racist so is his/her Mom.

In conclusion, if a child runs away from you…don’t be offended. Stranger danger, you aren’t Mom.



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Hello, Winter.

Storm. After storm. After Blizzard. I love this! Oh, Colorado. I LOVE putting on my boots and heading outside with the girls. I saw the snow out the window and just wanted to swan dive into the powder. I could see myself sailing down the mountain on a pair of freshly waxed skis. Although Q says boarding is better. Who knows… ?


18 Inches of Snow

Since we have littles I spend the day drinking coffee and snuggled in a fluffy blanket. My Mom made this for the 3rd Edition BUT, seriously? She doesn’t appreciate it like I do. And do you like my manicure? Yah… I still have a girl in diapers. I mean, having long nails would mean poop stuck up in there. Gross.


Coffee and Fluffy

This is my little baker. She LOVES to help. I love her helping…for the most part. It takes 30 times as long BUT it tastes 100 times sweeter! Her favorite part is eating the flour. The FLOUR. Ew.  And she will be 4 soon.IMG_20151120_144917Happy Thanksgiving! I have SO MUCH to be thankful for! And so do YOU!

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The Silver Platter

Most of my Mom’s family thinks I was handed life on a silver platter. Like they literally think that I STILL receive whatever I want. As in I received whatever I want growing up, and how I receive it now…. HA! Wait, I have one confession. ONE.

So my Dad is addicted to Chapstick. Like, take it away from him and he.can’t.think. He can’t even function. This is survival. I’m certain if you asked my Dad what he would take with him if he were stranded on an island…he’d take Chaptstick. First wish from a Genie? Forget world peace. Unlimited Original Chapstick delivered to my pocket please. I’m certain that if his last tube melted in the hot Texas sun, he would pull a Macgyver stunt and scrape it off. Dust? Chunks? Doesn’t matter. So, as a girl if we went to the store, by ourselves, Dad would buy me chapstick. He’d say, “need anything?” “Yah Dad, Chapstick.” He wouldn’t even question it, and he KNEW where the chapstick was. I’d pick something fruity, like Melon Burst, and he’d tease me. I did this EVERY time. I came to this marriage of mine with a drawer full. A DRAWER full. It took this seven years to finish and I had to actually buy my own. So yes, Chapstick was handed to me on a silver platter.Sepia-1110

My sister and I worked hard. Don’t think for a minute that if my sister and I had chosen to drink, party and have babies before marriage that there wouldn’t have been consequences. There would have been. And they would have been swift. And painful. If I asked for something that cost, a lot, they would laugh. We laugh a lot.IMG_8161

But my parents are giving. Princess Heidi She sews most everything for the girls.

Are we blessed? Absolutely. IMG_8717

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Happy Anniversary, Year SEVEN

7 Years. Holy Happiness.

Sepia-1098 This man.

Sepia-712 I had a Bridezilla moment and refused to walk down the isle until I spoke with him. Sometimes ONLY your man’s voice will do. Sepia0043We are truly happy. I mean. Seriously.

And the support of family is huge. Sepia-94HUGE.Sepia-285  Thinking of an interracial, bi-cultural marriage? It is AH-Mazing, but it does come with unique challenges. All the pre.marital counseling isn’t going to prepare you for that! But we plowed on, learned each others buttons and then stopped pressing them! Baby Blessing #1 IMG_5760Baby Blessing #2IMG_7699 and Baby Blessing #3   DSCN0483 Oh yes, this man has brought me much JOY!

PS. Whole30 Update Soon (I’m on Day 16)

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Whole30 Day 3 – Talking Detox

I bit the bullet and started The Whole30. Every day has proved different from the last.

I’m just following a plan and doing it.

I’m ONLY on Day 3, so I don’t want to say too much. I WILL say that in three days my stomach bloat disappeared, which feels better, and more comfortable.

I WILL also say that detox is no joke. The headaches – no joke.

BUT I’m taking the approach of Miss Mustard Seed, enjoying the food I can consume, over those not beneficial to my health. Is it not better to focus on the positive? I’ve made quite a few tweaks to Breakfast and Lunch, but Supper has been largely the same. What HAS surprised me is how satisfied I am. I thought without bread and tortilla’s to fill me up I’d be hungry all the time. I’m not.

You can do anything for 30 days, yah?

I’ve enjoyed reading Stephaie’s Whole30/Paleo Journey as well.

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Whole30 ???

My diet needs a jump start. Diet as in the way I eat, not like Slim Fast.

This time last year I was pregnant. Looking good during the summer was not even a thought! Well, the other day I pulled out my capris. Capris that SHOULD fit…but don’t. Enter Whole30. I’ve had around ten friends do this nightmare body reset and ALL of them lost between 15-20 pounds. And it helped jumpstart them on a healthy lifestyle.

Hmmmmmmmm. No grains. No beans. No dairy. No sugar. Holy yuck. Looks like vegetables, meat, cheese and eggs to me! Nuts? This sounds awful. It sounds difficult. challenging. I don’t even know.

Any thoughts? It is ONLY for 30 days. This isn’t meant as forever, but it is to curb cravings and addictions. Advice?DSCN0989 We found an outhouse on one of our hikes. Dids and I pretended to “go” and you can tell by her face that she was thrilled. Just keeping it classy folks! She was ecstatic to pseudo squat over a huge abandoned hole. I’m just glad the bees weren’t out. There are some places bees shouldn’t sting!

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Three girls.

This girl.DSCN0951

She loves fashion. And shoes. And her Dad’s boots.


She’s not the only one… Q looks handsome in boots. He looks handsome in anything.


And Did’s…she wanted pictures to stop and chocolate eating to commence.



So Easter was fun this year. The girls are older. Grandma made matching dresses. We have a church we love. So I was excited when we sat down for service that Saturday night. It was then that the lady next to me exclaimed, “I KNOW YOU! You are the woman with ALL THOSE KIDS!”

“Really? I only have three.” – Me.

“THREE! GIRLS???? All GIRLS?” – Her.

“Yes three girls. Do I know you?” – Me.

“Yes! Our husbands play soccer together.” -Her.


Can’t you tell we were immediate best friends? I always love when folks judge me. Especially to my face. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh, or smack her in the face. I did neither. I turned my body away from her and sipped my spearmint tea. Fuming. FUMING. Frankly I love my family of 5. And our HUGE brood of 3 children. Our full quiver of children leaves me dying for a reality TV show to extrapolate on my chaotic life. Of three. In fact, I’ve had a couple of Mom’s tell me I’m Wonderwoman because I can “easily handle THREE children.” Q calls me Wonderwoman because he thinks I’m awesome.

A neighbor just told Q he should, “get snipped” during March Madness, for obvious reasons. A female neighbor said this. We were out on a family walk with our swarm of three minions -one in a stroller- causing all kinds of havoc on the sidewalk, running and skipping. I could see why Q and I should run to the nearest clinic to get our problem taken care of. Although, I was talking to a former cop once who told me that a physician gave HIMSELF a vasectomy…so there is always that option… But it will have to wait for next March. Oh wait, would Shark Week work? Let me call my neighbor. Or the lady from church. I wouldn’t want to make a personal decision personally.

Do people comment on how many kids you have? Is it just me? Do people talk to you about your birth control or when and how you should stop having children? This NEVER happened when I had 2. I’m glad we had a 3rd!


Welcome to the circus! – Luv Wonderwoman

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