Misc. Monday – Water I


Which food is higher in water content?


2. I don’t understand polls on wordpress, YET, so for now you have to click and GO. I’m sure there is a better way.

3. I most definitely OVER ESTIMATED our spinach consumption as THIS

represents less than HALF of our current supply. CURRENT. We’ve already eaten this container and still have TWO left. We better eat up! How much spinach do YOU eat?

4. What good are cousins if they don’t drag you around church MARCHING?

5. I made my OWN Pad Thai Sauce. I had a recipe, but ditched it when I saw all the ingredients AND the work! Palease! So, I made up my own and it was delightful! The noodles were a little stout as I only soaked them, but next time I’ll do better! It was my first time trying Panh Pho rice noodles. SUPER yummy.

Thank you Carissa for a fabulous Miscellany Monday.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
I encourage you to join in. Typing up a lot of little clears your mind!

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12 thoughts on “Misc. Monday – Water I

  1. LOL-you sound just like me! If a recipe calls for more than 6 ingredients than I’m out! Geez, you guys are gonna have muscles like Popeye over there!!! Please post the Pad Thai recipe…or your version, I love that stuff and can’t get enough of it!

  2. We eat A LOT of spinach! Spinach salad, wilted spinach, creamed spinach and it goes on! I’m really going to try to be a little more active this week and hopefully kick start the metabolism with diet changes too.

  3. That sounds yummy! The Pai thai! Thanks for sharing your randomness!



  4. Mmm, spinach! 🙂

  5. We don’t eat enough spinach… by my standards. I do love it tho, it’s my fav leaf veggie by far. I want your pad thai recipe… I’d really like to see what all ingredients you used compared to the one’s I used in my made-up pad thai recipe. 🙂 Also, I love miscellany monday… I should do it. 🙂

  6. Yum, spinach! Also, wanna send that pad thai sauce recipe my way? I love pad thai, and a simplified sauce recipe already endorsed by someone who has good taste would be wonderful!

  7. i have a love/hate relationship with spinach. sometimes i can devour it and sometimes i want to barf if i see it. there’s no rhyme or reason. it’s super healthy so eat your heart out! aww, such cute cousins for your cute gal! mmm. i want to taste your pad thai sauce! it sounds delish.

  8. The poll was tricky, I went with my gut instinct. Lettuce. But not just any lettuce…so it was tricky. Hrm. Can’t wait to find the answer, because I’m refusing to google it. Re-FYEW-zing. Can’t wait to find out how you made your pad thai! And I love the pic of Gooner and her cousins, tooooo cute!

  9. We eat a ton of spinach, too – I love to sautee it with garlic and EVOO, then put it on top of a steak of chicken breast with roasted cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. So good!

  10. I would love to love spinach, but I just can’t. 😦 My husband eats it all the time though. But to me, it tastes bitter and makes my teeth feel weird.

    The only way I’ve found it palatable is by putting it on a sandwich – a very specific sandwich, made with balsamic-and-garlic-marinated mushrooms, crusty bread, onions, and melted mozzarella. The spinach wilts just right with the hot mushrooms and helps enhance the sammie’s deliciousness.

  11. as of right now Ian is the only one in our house to eat spinach I got Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook and I plan on sneaking it into some of our meals.

  12. I try to eat lots of spinach…mostly in my shakes…I can’t really get into raw spinach salads…I’m a romaine gal. Although, i like sauteed spinach!

    I’m loving your new site….currently working on my new one…will reveal the new name and all soon!! Thanks for the encouragement to move ahead…wordpress is WAY complicated LOL!

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