Completely Random


{Two} This stuff is SUPER good.

I’ve NEVER been real experimental when it comes to peanut butter. UNTIL NOW!!! Being as we finished this one, I ate “oats in a jar” and bought Cinnamon Raisin Swirl.

{Three} Sweet! This is M. and Gooner together on the golf cart! I LOVE cousin photos!

{Four} Gooner is running around the house in a dress. When I took off the dress she cried…I had NO IDEA I had a girly girl. She’s now wearing the dress because I really don’t care if she wants to wear a dress around the house or not. Her Daddy will be so proud; she wears dresses AND kicks soccer balls.

{Five} Going veggie for the month has really opened my mind to new recipes. Veggies are REALLY flavorful and I’m finding that the taste of meat at times over powers the wonderful flavours.

{Six} I went out with a friend and she described me as a girl with “dietary needs.” Is that what I have become??? Have I become THAT girl?

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12 thoughts on “Completely Random

  1. How CUTE is that pic!!!! My mom told me I would cry if she put me in anything but dresses up until I was like 7…then I went through a tomboy phase….it makes sense no though..I am a trainer in sweats by week, and I LOVE getting dolled u p on the weekends…you can be a girly girl tomboy? Right?

  2. I have two girly girls. They LOVE to wear dresses and skirts, and pretty much hate to wear pants. It’s so weird. That pic is the cutest thing–cousins are so lovely!

  3. I don’t think you have dietary needs!
    Love the pic of Gooner and M.

  4. wow – look at your fancy schmancy poll! it looks like you got it figured out! gooner and her cousin are beautiful! what a sweet pic! aww, she’s a girly girl… how presh! ha – dietary needs! you should be proud! i’m super impressed with your healthy eating. i’m anxious to try the almond butter. have a lovely week! xoxo!

  5. I was a total tomboy – my mom had to fight me to wear a dress. Hubs said something about that this weekend…How I don’t own a dress. It’s true – the only dress I have is my wedding dress. LOL Maybe I should go buy a dress?

  6. I think I fixed the issue with blogger…I didn’t realize my comments were closed to only blog spot readers!

    I tried Almond Butter for the first time a couple of months ago, and just loved it. A nice change from PB although, I still love that somewhat naughty stuff.

    I’m curious though…do you use meat replacement, or strictly veggies? I go back and forth. Sometimes I just use beans as a “protein” replacement when only eating veggies.

    • Yay! Your blog is so fun so I am glad that I can be an active reader!

      We are not fans of tofu so if a recipe calls for meat or tofu we leave it out. If it seems like the recipe could “handle” beans then I add them.

  7. What a cutie! I haven’t worn a dress in years…in fact, I don’t even own one! Except for my wedding dress, and a bridesmaid dress. 😉

  8. I wish I liked veggies more… Not my fav.

  9. I agree with you on veggies, I think they often get drowned out by other stuff. We used to have Meatless Monday growing up, too bad my Hubs won’t go for that. 😉

    Almond butter is awesome, and I love that brand. They have a dark chocolate almond butter jar that is SO amazing, but not exactly the best thing to slather on your pb&j. 😉

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