The Why

It isn’t a secret that I’ve been losing weight. These 30 pounds took MONTHS to come off and in the middle there were some yo yo weeks. Weeks where I would throw caution to the wind and eat all sorts of Frankenfoods (Please see for an AWESOME description of what that entails) and end up gaining 7 pounds. It would then take 2 to 3 weeks to get those pounds off. If I had just eaten properly WHILE I counted calories I would be at least 15 lbs. lower than where I am today. Yo yo dieting is hard on your body AND your mind. When you gain SEVEN pounds it is so hard to WANT to keep trying. Eating whatever you want it SO EASY and it’s available…and the reasons continue.

What has made losing pounds easier is my mindset, my decisions, but most of all KNOWLEDGE. I’ve started reading, REALLY reading, about how my digestive system works. It began with a simple question of how my body works without my gall bladder. If my body works PERFECTLY (or so the doctor said) without my gall bladder, why did God put one in, in the first place? I have been SHOCKED. I had no idea what our liver, gall bladder, colon, and small intestine did for our bodies to work. With the way I was eating before, my body was merely SURVIVING, forget working at peek efficiency. From the nitty gritty of free radicals to the idea of clumps of food passing through holes in your intestine directly into your blood, has stopped me in my tracks.

So, when people ask my WHY we are going veggie for a month, and why after that we are doing a cleanse, this is why. This is why we are making a change. It isn’t that meat is SO bad for you, healthy organic free range meats ARE ok for you. The problem is my mindset and I need something radical here in order to change my thinking and my habits. I have these lovies to think about:

and I want to live life to the fullest with them.

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10 thoughts on “The Why

  1. LOVE this post! So wonderful what you have discovered!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, girl!!!!!! Way to go on the weight loss!!! You are making excellent points about the gallbladder, liver, intestines…your body WANTS you to live and survive, so it will do everything it can!! When we eat poorly, you wear it down! I am so happy to hear about your new-found thirst for health!! You’re doing awesome 🙂

  3. Um, you are amazing.

  4. I am ordering “the book”. Not sure I really want to see all my colon has to offer! 😉

  5. Girl you inspire me. What have you been reading?? I need to read what ever you have! I need to kick my butt into eating healthy. Really for the first time in my life!

  6. You are so awesome. I love reading about what you’re doing–very inspiring to me. 🙂 Keep it up for sure, and keep sharing with us! Also, your sweet baby girl is SO cute, and the arms in the picture are pretty spectacular too. But don’t mind me, I have a thing for muscle-ey arms. 😉 (Also, about Land Rovers… we don’t necessarily consider them better that Jeeps per-say, and would totally offroad with our Jeep-Driving-Friends. It’s just a matter of personal preference, likes and dislikes, and also what suits each individual person/family. Although we may joke about jeeps being lame here and there, the fact of the matter is that it is all in good humor, and we absolutely respect them as an offroad vehicle choice.)

  7. i’m super proud of you. you inspire me with my weight loss goals and healthy eating! i’m so impressed by all that you’re learning and doing. keep sharing your knowledge with us; i need to learn! – especially as a fellow non gall bladder gal. ; )

  8. I am so inspired by you! I am going to read more about you diet plan. Our bodies are a temple after all…..

  9. Great post! I, too, am inspired by you and love reading about your weight loss journey. Could you tell us what books you’ve been reading and/or websites? I’d love to learn more about this too.

  10. This was very inspirational! I think it helps so much to know why/what our bodies are doing, knowledge is power really. When you know, you appreciate! I need the name of that detox dr, too. I want to look into that for B.

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