Spinach – A Soggy Mess?

Spinach is one of those items that has changed my life. I’ve grown to love spinach, but not just any old spinach. Pre-packaged baby spinach – organic or not – is normally over priced. You can buy them in clear containers or in plastic bags. This over priced green can be anywhere from 3.99 to 6.99 depending on where you shop. Not only did it hurt our pocket book but we had to eat it quickly as the max the spinach lasted was 4 days. FOUR DAYS my friends. Sometimes we wouldn’t be in the mood for spinach and our over priced greens would turn into a slimy soggy mess. It was gross. You know what I’m talking about, when you open the container and out wafts this dead rotting leafy smell. Or do you remember the time where you just wanted to get your money’s worth so you ate it anyway and found yourself slave to the bathroom for the day? Anyway, I was annoyed. See below to see how I feel about spinach now!

Seriously folks ALL THAT SPINACH costs 2.50 at a health foods store. It is organic and fresh. How long does it last? Two weeks. Surprised? I know, crazy. My secrets? Wash it right away and put it in a container. Don’t let it sit in the fridge and collect moisture or on the counter to dry out.

I tried to get a picture of me, with the spinach AND my secret weapon, the paper towel. In order to keep finicky spinach perfect, you need that paper towel. I lay it on top to collect moisture. I use the same paper towel for the life of the spinach. Am I being confusing?

  1. Chop off stems, wash spinach and use a salad spinner to remove excess water.
  2. Place spinach in bowl and air dry for 15 minutes to half an hour.
  3. Place THICK (I use Bounty as it holds up in the fridge, cheaper versions tend to collapse on your greens) paper towel on top of spinach.
  4. Secure lid and put in the fridge.

And there you have it – a perfect way to eat cheaper for longer!!! Q and I shop for produce weekly, but our spinach lasts for two weeks unless we eat it all! What secrets do you have to ensure that all your greens stay fresh?

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20 thoughts on “Spinach – A Soggy Mess?

  1. oooo I love great tips like this. Lord knows I need them!

  2. That’s amazing!!! I need to take your advice, pronto! I try to be good about washing my produce right away, but I am not. This is really motivating me to stop being so lazy about it!

  3. Genius! I like spinach too, but I am horrible about washing anyproduce. I am a huge waster of the produce. Great pictures!

  4. $2.50 for all of that!?! What store did you buy it from? Up here Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods is considered a health food store, sort of, but are pricey. I’d love to find a place that sells spinach at that price! Oh, all this talk of spinach is making me crave a spinach salad with raspberry dressing…and boiled eggs, and walnuts…and…yep, I am hungry!!

    • Did you read my posts about the Diva Cup on the last blog? Anyway, when we moved here we googled on where we could buy one and happened across other lesser known stores. Awesome! Sadly, the shop where we buy spinach only has locations in Texas. bah.

  5. 2 weeks?!! I’ve been eating lot of spinach lately – the pre washed pre packaged kind. So far I haven’t had to throw any away, but I eat a whole bag in just a few days. It IS pricey though.
    I love reading your blog! So many great ideas! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Wow! That’s super cheap and it lasts so long!

  7. The giant Tupperware bowl is my fav. My mom had one just that color. She made bread in it. It makes me happy that you have one.

  8. I do the same with lettuce when I want it to be ready for a salad.

  9. Great tips! I know exactly what you mean about the rotten spinach – happens to me ALL the time, especially since I’m the only one eating it in my household. I’ll have to give your advice a try next time!

    You look so pretty in these pics 🙂

  10. I love spinach! I’ve been using those produce bags and as long as you dry everything really good, it works great! I was amazed at how long it kept my berries, and the life of my lettuce has doubled! Plus, you can wash and use them again which I like. Not that I always do, but I like! 😛 So, how are some of your favorite ways to make spinach??

    • My favorite way to much on spinach is fresh, raw and in a wrap! I just love it. Soooooooooooo tasty! My least favorite is just steamed. Yuck. All limp and slimy, nope the only way is raw or in a lasagna or manicotti or something else fabulous.

  11. you are my hero! thanks for posting this!

  12. Great tip about the paper towel! I am amazed how fresh spinach stays — lettuce for me turns brown after 2-3 days but my spinach always stays so fresh and crisp!

    I hate limp and slimy spinach too. I like it fresh in a salad or ground up in my smoothies.

  13. you are brilliant! my spinach always go bad so fast! no longer, thanks to you!

  14. Good share La! I love the advice and that first picture makes me laugh! Love the look on your face!

  15. That’s an awesome tip. I get the organic stuff from costco–it’s a huge container, but yeah… then I have to eat it fast, and yeah… I love spinach-LOVE IT! but not that much. 🙂 I will definitely try that next time. Cooked/steamed/whatever spinach is gross, but I don’t mind it “wilted” in a saucepan sort of dish. That’s pretty good. 🙂

  16. I haven’t had my spinach go bad yet but it could be bc when i buy it i use it in everything! Eggs for breakfast, with tomatoes and pasta for lunch, and for salads at night. I just love spinach! My parents taught me to always wrap lettuces and such in a clean kitchen towel once you get home from the store… seems to do the trick. You look beautiful in these pics!

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