Workout Review: #1

Ten Minute Solutions: Pilates

In all honesty I would rate this DVD as a 7 out of 10 with 10 being the best. The workout is broken up into 5 sections that are organized into 10 minute sections. This gives you the option of doing 10 minutes of pilates or 50 minutes of pilates.

The Likes: You can do the whole workout with your shoes off. This is FABULOUS. I REALLY like the arms segment “sculpting pilates” and the “pilates for buns and thighs.” I also like that you can choose which order you do things in for example you can work your abs, arms, buns, cardio, flexibility OR you can get the cardio out of the way first and then your buns, abs…. I like that you can make your own workout as you can with all ten minute solutions.

Dislikes: The instructor doesn’t do each side equally. I hate this.  One would expect you do 8 reps on the left to 8 on the right…but she doesn’t quite to it that way. For example, at times she will have you start an exercise and while one is holding and squeezing one’s left butt cheek with your bum in the air she will go off in a tangent and explain the concept behind the exercise. After her explanation, she then does the full exercise with several reps. But when it comes to switching to the right leg,  there is no “hold” period so the right side doesn’t get the same exercise as the left side. Gah, it annoys me so much. I also think she should have a beginner version and an advanced version. Having her explain and SLOWLY show us “The Mermaid” every time borderlines ridiculousness.

(I tried to get a picture of Gooner and myself here but she wouldn’t cooperate.)

It isn’t an intense workout, which is nice IF you want to do 10 or 20 minutes after a run. I tend to feel a little jiped if I do the full 50 minutes as my workout. I NEVER end up sweaty and I feel like I used my muscles as opposed to seriously working them out. But if you alternate a strong cardio day and follow up with this workout the next day it IS a good workout.

Have you tried pilates? Do you like it?

*For those of you using blogger I’m having loads of trouble leaving comments. I type up a comment and they are just being deleted! So I’m TRYING and READING, yet it isn’t working. Sorry loveys!

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10 thoughts on “Workout Review: #1

  1. I have tried Pilates and I like it, but I have yet to find a dvd that I like — I’ve tried Denise Austin pilates and that was ok. I do not like when instructors don’t have you do the same amount of reps on each side — I find that very annoying too!

  2. I wish I had a living room set up where I could do DVD workouts! We have a small living room, and a huge chest in the center of it… and it’s our only dvd/tv area in the house, so no dvd workouts for me. I think I’d like pilates tho, working out without having to put my shoes on appeals to me. Also, working out without sweating appeals to me too, haha!! Bummer about blogger… I miss your comments. Stupid blogger. I am going to switch… when I have the time. Right now if I put one more thing on my plate it will break, so I have to wait a bit longer.

  3. I love that video. It’s quick and easy. I do really enjoy the arm segment, but I agree the mermaid explanation is a little over the top S-L-O-W! I also have one that uses the stretchy band and I really like that one!

  4. I think the only pilates DVD I bought was a pregnancy one, which I found to be pretty easy too (like you said, not that strenuous so you didn’t really feel like you worked out that much). Not sure if that’s b/c of the pilates or b/c it’s for preggos.

    I KNOW that I need to stretch more and really enjoy how it feels when I do, I just never want to spend more time doing that when I’ve already spent time exercising – all that to say, I think yoga or pilates would be good for me for that reason.

  5. You better make sure you don’t get uneven butt cheeks, girl 😉

    Thanks for the review…I LOVE pilates at home, I always do it on demand. Hve you tried any of the Giam DVD’s? They are pretty good!

  6. i get so annoyed too when the instructors don’t go even on both sides. i feel like i’ll end up looking like schwarzeneggar (spelling is way off… oh well) on the right and rosie o’donnell on the left. yikes! i’ve never tried pilates. i don’t feel like i’d enjoy it, but i should give them a shot.

    p.s. – thanks for your sweet and encouraging comment! : )

  7. Oooh! This sounds like a good video! (Although the imbalanced sides thing would drive me BATTY.)

    I have a great set of Pilates DVDs from Gaiam that I like. The cardio pilates DVD is pretty good, and I like Ana Caban, the instructor. She’s upbeat without being terribly annoying.

  8. I took a pilates class about 3 times. It totally kicked my butt and I was sweating! I left though because I just couldn’t get some of the poses and I felt like I was being watched – crazy, I know. But, I don’t like for the focus to be put on me – espec when I’m doing something incorrectly.

  9. Have you tried the Jackie Warner dvd? You might like it.

  10. Hi hi Hi. I haven’t done pilates in forever but it used to be one of my favorite workouts. I liked taking the free classes in college. I always have a hard time with videos.

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