A Reflection on a Month of Veggies

Meat-free July went quickly. I honestly had no desire for meat until the LAST day. I wanted a Greek Salad with Chicken – something fierce! But the feeling passed or I ignored it. We tried a lot of great recipes and even made up some of our own. Some were amazing and others were…YUCKY! Cooking vegetarian opened my mind to a whole arsenal of recipes otherwise ignored by yours truly. It also made me aware of how much I depend on meat when cooking for my family and how MOST recipes revolve around meat. I was not aware of how much meat I was eating. CRAZY! So I’m curious:

New recipes tried:

  1. Steel-cut Oat Risotto with Sweet potatoes
  2. Stuck Pot Rice with Lentils and Pita
  3. Whole Grain Penne with Broccoli and Kale
  4. Homemade Bean Burgers
  5. Vegetarian Pad Thai
  6. Farmer’s Casserole Mexican Style
  7. Quinoa with Apricots and Pecans
  8. Lemon Penne with Root Vegetables
  9. Mediterranean with Polenta
  10. Sweet Potato Gnocchi.

I’ve posted a few of them, but I’d be happy to post others if y’all are interested. What is your favorite veggie dish? Share please!

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18 thoughts on “A Reflection on a Month of Veggies

  1. They all sound delicious! That quinoa sounds yum, yum! Are these all the ones you tried and liked?

  2. Clarissa

    Yes, tell about the quinoa! Also, my favs are usually curries. Spicy green beans is a fav, though not necessarily a main dish. Also, I have this couscous recipe with pine nuts, dried apricots, dried cranberries, onion and some yummy spices. I make it a lot because it can be eaten hot or cold and makes great left overs. I take it to school all the time.

  3. Hmmmmmm…..I don;t have a FAV veggie dish…it’s all with the seasons!!! I am a fan of sweet potatoes…loving zucchini right now, and we tend to always do some asparagus with sesame seeds in the oven or grilled!! I love it all though!!!

    I agree with you about the blogger blogroll…thats the ONLY thing I miss!!!

  4. I love vegetarian dishes! Stir fries are probably my favorite, because there are endless variations. But I also love black bean burritos. And meat-free soups, like lentil soup, corn chowder, black bean soup, butternut squash soup. YUM.

    That said, I don’t think I would/could ever give up meat. I love me some beef, that’s for sure!

  5. Tell me about the Pad Thai — that sounds great.

    I love veggie dishes — but they are always side dishes to me. Stir-frys, roasted veggies, etc. I need to start with meat free Mondays or something and maybe one day I’ll work up to a meat free month!

  6. I’d love to have some of those veggie recipes! I do feel ike we tend to revolve our meal planning around meat. I guess I was raised with veggies as a side and that’s the way I think, but I’m willing to change.

  7. HI! I could TOTALLY cut out meat, but my husband is a CARNIVORE. And he “requires” it at every meal. I once made spaghetti w/o meat and he almost divorced me, hehe. But I could totally do it. And I would love to try it…I want to lose the weight slowly as well so it stays off and eating healthier…I need to do that too. I got caught up on reading your blog this morning and it’s so interesting! Love that you’re having such success.

    • Eating loads of meat is super unhealthy and too much red meat can lead to prostate cancer, so inform your man! I think a gradual smart change is the best way to lose.

  8. Amy

    I won’t give up meat but that being said, I’ve discovered that I don’t eat as much. I generally eat more meat when I am out to lunch or dinner. I don’t buy meat but if something I purchase while grocery shopping has meat in it than fine. Besides, we come from a farming family. And I’m far too lazy to spend much time planning meals, let alone shopping to save money. But I guess that comes with being single, which doesn’t look like that status will be changing anytime soon. So until I “meat” a guy who loves to cook and clean, I will continue to be lazy and eat unhealthy foods.


    • Oh Ames, we DO come from an agrarian farming society, but since we don’t farm, we probably shouldn’t eat like we do. You are welcome to disagree with me, but I do take issue with your desire to be lazy and save money. I don’t think that “comes with being single.” When I was single I desired to be all I could be, and HAD to save money where I could in order to live in DC. I ran, more than I do now, because I wanted to be the very best I could be SO that when the time came for Mr. Right… I was ready!

      • Amy

        I’m not disagreeing with you at all, I agree that red meat as the main ingredient of every meal isn’t a good thing. I really only eat it when eating out or when someone else prepares it for me. I’m not trying to be lazy but when I’m sitting upstairs in my chair, I just feel too tired to go downstairs and cook anything. So I usually end up eating a bowl of cereal instead. I do try to avoid buying unhealthy snack stuff like chips and cookies, and just get them on a rare occasion. I just don’t have the drive to cook. It probably would be a little easier if I had my own place and my own kitchen. My way of saving money is not shopping at all. I need to get the motivation to get back down to the fitness center in my office building, but haven’t found it yet. (It’s free so why am I not taking advantage of it.) BTW, I think it’s fantastic that you are so highly motivated to get in shape and be even healthier. You’re lucky, you’ve got Q and Gooner to keep you motivated.

  9. I craved meat for a few months after I went vegetarian (in 2001). I am so thankful for all of the fabulous mock meat options out there!!

  10. Some of those new recipes sounds yummo! I could easily give up meat, but my husband on the other hand thinks he will die without it. šŸ˜‰

  11. Hmm… We LOVE meat here. Love it. BUT! I have been trying to make it more of a side dish, as opposed to the main dish in meals, and cut back on the amount of red meat that we eat. We’ve been eating a lot more fish, which is awesome. I have some really good meat-free soup recipes and stir fry is good without meat too. šŸ™‚

  12. LeAnna

    Coming from a gal whose had a salad nearly every day for the past few weeks, and been crraaaaaving salmon, I know I could do less meat (and what meat is eaten, more lean). I cook “meatless” about once a week, and I suppose it could be worse! My meat and potato man doesn’t really like potatoes, so he’s a meat and veggie man, haha.

  13. I really am not a huge meat eater as a general rule. For financial reasons, we pretty much stopped eating it when we were in Chicago. Now, however, we live in Alaska where salmon and halibut are free and can be caught in mass. Our freezer is stuffed with red, wild-caught fish! It is a blessing, but I find I have no idea how to cook meat!

    We love quinoa at our house, but if we try to cook it in different ways we don’t like it. So I’m interested in discovering why you guys didn’t like it. Some people don’t like the nutty flavor. I’m really interested in the risotto recipe. It sounds good and I love steel cut oats.

  14. hi. my names mo. i stumbled among your blog while actually sitting down for two seconds of my life. i feel so out of it. SO, you’ve been eating no meat right? Fish too, or just veggies only? That cool. I think I could go meatless if I could still eat fish. I really like fish. Ok šŸ™‚ Hi. Bye. I like your new blog & I promise to be a better blog friend.

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