Good Afternoon Monday!

Un ~  Q blew a tire last night, we got 5 hours of sleep, thank you LORD for coffee!
Deux ~ Despite my lack of sleep I managed to workout for 70 minutes and it felt awesome.
Trois ~
Quatre ~ Guilty pleasure…baked brie.
Cinq ~  It was seriously melt in your mouth good.
Six ~ What is your favorite cheese?
It is Misc. Monday folks, join in!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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17 thoughts on “Good Afternoon Monday!

  1. I LOVE brie! I just recently started baking it. Try spreading a little fig jam on top and them wrapping it in Pillsbury crescent roll before baking. That tastes really good too!

    Favorite cheese….hard to pick. Brie, blue, mozzarella, pepper jack, gouda, they’re all good. Typically I prefer a soft cheese to a hard one those. Like asiago and parmesan aren’t my faves.

  2. *oops “though” not “those”

  3. i knew that was brie when i saw the photo. my fav. i wrap it in crescent rolls, topped with pomegranate chipotle sauce, or strawberry jam, and bake it. de-licious.

  4. umm….yeah I like colby jack cheese:) And thanks to being preggers and still breast feeding I haven’t experienced a monthly cycle in 1yr and 4mos.

  5. My favorite cheese is Aged Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar and it’s the cheese that I eat most often. Brie is a close second! After 5 years of sleeplessness due to pregnancy and/or children, 5 hours of sleep isn’t that bad for me. Of course, 9 hours used to be perfect, but 7 is pretty sweet these days!

  6. I love all cheese equally. Hence the booty.

  7. I never pay attention to what time of the month it is. I may gain weight, may not. I tend to ignore my hormones with skill. I love cheese. Cheddar cheese is probably my all time fav… but just saying I love all cheese really covers the bases on that subject. 🙂

  8. I know it’s a bit boring, but my daughter, husband, and I all love sharp cheddar the best, with gouda being a close second.

  9. hah. funny poll. I chose the answer I think is correct, though I haven’t been paying much attention. Please send me the recipe you mentioned to me last week. 🙂 And, honestly, I don’t know what Brie tastes like, but I think Colby Jack is my fave (unless cream cheese counts! just kidding).

  10. Awww….poor thing, sounds like you had a rough night 😦

    My fav cheese is GOATS cheese 😀

    YUMMY!!!!!!! Thanks for your excitement….I am super excited too….a few more hours!! Woot Woot 😉

  11. yummy! baked brie!

  12. Clarissa

    Gruyere. Hands down. However, the only cheese I don’t like at all is gorgonzola. Really, I love cheese too much. Alas.
    I thought you were off of coffee due to recent health developments. Has this changed or did I misunderstand? I would feel just terrible to realize that I misunderstood and didn’t “really know” my friend. Double alas+sigh.

  13. Funny that you asked that question… It’s my time and I swear I’m hoping all this extra weight I’m carrying is from that, if not, I see a diet in the near future. *Dear Lord, please let my pants fit next week.*

  14. LeAnna

    Goat cheese, man. Applewood smoked goat cheddar followed by soft goat cheeses. Slurp.

  15. We both LOVE Brie. And that picture is making my mouth water…

  16. OK, the brie in the photo looks absolutely mouth-watering. I’ve (blushing) never baked brie, mind walking me through the steps that you did? Yummy!!!!

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