A “Movement”

When Q and I met, for the first time, we instantly clicked. We didn’t really have any time to talk alone, but we laughed a lot and I hoped I would see him again. I did, and the rest is history right? You don’t want to hear about the past, right?

Anyway, Q and I share a GIGANTOR opinion AGAINST fads. Fads make you act like everyone else, and we detest that. Sometimes we miss out on great things because we stubbornly refuse to try something new. At the same time, our amazing will power has saved us from bad people AND bad food wanna bees like Splenda and cake pops. All this to say, the Green Organic Movement had me wary. For example, I’m pro-life and I thought that buying organic food would somehow make me a tree hugger. AND while I like trees, I’d rather save a life. OK, I KNOW this is extreme, but I’m extreme. People who go completely raw are extreme, that is the way humans are. Some folks think that if you become vegetarian for a day or a month or even eat less meat, you are embracing the dark side. People are very resistant to change, including myself. When friends get rings, tattoos or haircuts, even if it is BETTER, I never give my opinion right away because right away I DON’T LIKE IT!

We grew up with commercials like, “beef it’s whats for dinner” and “I feel like chicken tonight!” When was the last time you heard a commercial about eggplants or beets? On the other hand, I hate reusable bags that say, “I used to be a plastic bottle/bag.” That comes with the societal statement, “I use reusable bags, therefore I am a tree hugger.” I started using reusable bags because I could get ten cents off per bag! Forget the trees, I want my dime! Basically being healthy comes with buzz words that annoy me, like granola girl, health nut, anti – hunter,Β  liberal…. It is true. Going organic and consuming less meat tends to get a liberal interpretation. And it annoys me. How is eating healthy a political statement? I am a Christian, but I have received a lot of scrutiny – by far the MOST scrutiny from my Christian friends. No matter what your views on pro-life/choice, guns, murder, divorce, gay marriage, wine, alcoholism, pre-marital sex… I’m aware that certain “sins” seem to take precedence over others. I have gay friends, yet I do not support gay marriage. Why? God says no. BUT, what about gluttony/over eating and sloth/laziness? God says no, and yet Christians and non Christians alike pour in buffets daily gorging themselves. Fiber pills and anti-acid pills are all the rage! Ready to throw judgment at me because I’m against gay marriage? Hold that thought will ya? I don’t want to debate, just look at Mon Histoire to see that I’m not claiming to be perfect or “sinless.” I’m a work in progress. I would like to flesh out, on this blog, what Christ has to say on the issue of over eating, fasting, and the like…

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14 thoughts on “A “Movement”

  1. LeAnna

    The Word holds the answer to that one. James 4:17 To him who knows to do good and doesn’t, it is sin. Sin is sin. Self control is a virtue after all. πŸ™‚ now, are cupcakes exempt? Just kidding! I gave em away….

  2. Amen Sister!!!!

  3. Woah…idk if I wanna touch this one!

    I agree about extremes, about Raw, etc. It’s personal choice, and I believe that we have different needs at different points in our lives..which makes me HATE the labels! Thats why I do not label myself…I am a plant eater, sometimes I eat fish, sometimes I eat cheecake..when I am with child one day, my needs may change, when I am older my needs may change, seasons, needs will change when its extreme heat or extreme cold.

    I don’t want to be called a tree hugger either….but saving the trees is saving the people…bc we need trees to breath clean air, and to maintain our Forrests, etc. Not to get all hippie on yah, lol. But I get what you’re saying, chica πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and I was using cloth bags WAAAAAY before it became a trend, lol..the clerks never knew what to do with them, I would have to race to tell them :NO I HAVE A BAG” and they looked at me like I was insane…so I started using self check out like 7 years ago…I actually had to get my bags on ebay, thats how long ago it was!


  4. We feel the same way about fads, but have found that some fads are really great even though we reject them at first! I’ve been using reusable bags for a LONG time. I’m sure the people bagging my groceries thought I was being extreme, but I prefer them over plastic because they are easier to carry and hold a TON. I also prefer my cloth diapers over disposable even if it adds extra laundry that I have to wash.

  5. girl you are intense and I love it! You do what you want and I will be happy for ya!

  6. You’re so right – it is so hard to care about something and not be labeled for it in some fashion or another. I care about the earth because God created it and I think that God told us to take care of it. Somehow this gets me labeled as a crazy liberal environmentalist. But I’m not. It could drive a person crazy!!

    I think you are also right about having an opinion. I have an opinion, but I also like discussion. And, like I just brought up on my blog (thanks for commenting!), I don’t have everything figured out. When I don’t have everything figured out I like to discuss and hear what other people think and why. But then I get labeled – which is so weird when you are trying to figure out what you even think!

    I appreciate that you’re going to be chronicling and discussing what God says about food – it is something that I have been really delving into myself.

  7. Jessca

    Is it bad that, at the end of this, I was still dwelling on the cake pop comment? I like those!

  8. What are cake pops? πŸ™‚

    I have a few re-usable bags and I use them from time to time. I like to think that I’m saving the Earth by using them and by recycling (I’m a recycling nut and I’m okay with that, ha!). But, I don’t really follow the fads nor do I care what people label me as. Seriously, I have no idea what people think of me or my crazy-ness, but I’m happy because I don’t care what people think. It took me YEARS to get this way (not caring about the labels) and finally, I’m there!

    Now, go use a re-usable bag to save the trees! πŸ˜‰

  9. πŸ™‚ I love this rant, love it. We hate fads too. Everyone else drives a Ford Explorer/Jeep/4Runner, we drive a LandRover. Everyone else has a canon or nikon, we have a Pentax, and so on, and so forth. We are very hippie-esque. Whole food, tree-hugging, forest preserving, recycling freaks. But, we’ve been that way for years, long before it was popular. It’s all about thinking things through, and doing what is smart, and right, even if it doesn’t necessarily fit in with the label of “good christian girl” or whatever it is that you supposedly are. It’s always been a bit of a weird thing, tho, especially going to a church that has a lot of really legal conservative people in it, but we go, because we love the Christ centered simplicity of it and believe that’s where we should worship. We’ve never quite felt like we fit in 100% tho, but ya know, what? We’re ok with that now. With regards to the gay thing… I think that the Bible is very clear on God’s opinion of this, and because I believe Him, and love Him, I hold the same opinion. I also hold that opinion for gluttony as well. πŸ™‚ As a Christian, I am instructed to love, and to portray Christ through my actions. I don’t think it’s right for me to treat people rudely because of their sins. All our righteousnesses are “as filthy rags”. All our sins are equally terrible in His sight. My gay friends, family members know how I feel, but it’s not for me to judge them through my actions, and shame on me if I do, or if I teach my children to. End of story. I think Christians (at least the ones I know, as a general rule) have taken separation from the world too far-instead of being separate within, and consecrated to Christ, we’ve chosen to separate physically, and with a barrier of disapproval. It’s a careful line we must walk, because we are also instructed to be a light in this dark world. How can we be a light to them if we are not IN the world? I hope that all makes sense… it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, and you pretty much nailed what I’ve been thinking on the head. From what I’ve noticed, it seems that as Christians we tend to make our religion “What do other christians think?” as opposed to “What does Jesus Christ think?” I personally hope that I live my life to honor Him, and Him alone. True happiness can only be found in that.

  10. WOW! πŸ™‚ I like this post.

    What’s wrong with Splenda? Should I not use it? πŸ™‚

    I totally agree — I know that the animals are here for us to eat them, but it doesn’t mean I HAVE TO or anyone else for that matter…There weren’t deep fryers back in the day…I’m sure the meat was lots healthier just based on their diet alone, so times have changed…I do eat meat still, but I’m making better choices I think. Even cutting down the portion size is a healthy step in the right direction. And I still support my husband, who hunts every fall, to provide us the meat we have in our freezer. I think it’s more about a balance with everything.

    We probably have a similar belief system. At least this post is indicative of that — ALL sin is the same in the Lord’s eyes…It’s hard for me to wrap my head around some of it, because murder, stealing, etc….some sin is obvious, even to the world. But sin against yourself, homosexuality, gluttony, etc….it’s less obvious, so it’s like, how can a “personal decision” be sin?!

    But it is..I’m just glad I’m not the JUDGE and I can live here on earth and be friends and love everybody. And pray for everybody. I think as a Christian, as long as we have real concern for the salvation of people — there will be no room in our hearts for judgement.

  11. Amy

    I have quite a few reusable bags for shopping but I often forget them. I’d rather not carry 6 plastic bags that may break, if I can get it all into 2 or 3 of those reusable ones. Makes shopping for groceries so much easier.

  12. Jen S.

    LOVE it!! We are making changes too. Trying to eat more organic/natural foods…I’m reading the book Real Food (What to Eat and Why). You have to ignore the author’s references to evolution (she clearly does not believe in Creation)…but she knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition. The book is a complete eye-opener!!! Yikes. Makes me not want to eat any meat…unless it’s 100% grass-fed. She stresses getting back to the “traditional” way of eating. Makes total sense to me. I’ve been shopping more at Whole Foods. Love that store. Even saved about $15 in coupons on my last shopping trip there, yahoo! ;o)

  13. This post really resonates with me in regards to the political affiliation stuff. In terms of environmental/food beliefs, I guess I’ve been leaning towards the green side and the more I learn, the further I go in that direction. And yet, politically I don’t feel as though I’m a “liberal” or “hippie” or whatever label one might apply to people with those beliefs. Maybe the issue is my own self-perception, like, why do I have to be so defensive about, “I’m not a tree-hugger….BUT” Do I really need the disclaimer? What you said really makes sense to me… I’ve been feeling like my beliefs come from a common sense place – treating the Earth, all its creatures and our bodies the way Nature (God) intended. Just kinda getting back to basics you know?

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