Quinoa Experience

Oh, Quinoa – in this recipe, how nasty you were. Some of you asked about the Quinoa, what happened and why I didn’t like it.

The recipe called for the quinoa to be simmered in a mixture of water and orange juice. Um, blech. Merely the smell of it was simmering in orange juice was nauseating! It was, oh so gross. The mixture of spice and fruity was terrible. And it said it made two servings, but by the time it was finished there was barely enough for Gooner. Here is the finished product. ALL of the finished product.

It looked beautiful and tasted terrible…to us! Gooner on the other hand loved it. I think she enjoyed the chunks of apricots, but I’m glad that it didn’t go to waste. So we went on our merry ways playing with hats

and going for walks.

And yes, that is a leash. So as it went, I eventually heard some grunting which meant Gooner was, well, you know, taking care of private matters. And as a mother what I found in her diaper was NOT cool. She had passed the quinoa much like corn – no digestion. Do you remember soaking your own quinoa, how it sticks to EVERYTHING!? Well that is how it came out, only it didn’t stick to the diaper, it stuck to her butt. I used about 15 wipes to get it all. So this recipe got an F – or in our book EPIC FAIL.

The pediatrician asked today if Gooner was experiencing “normal” bowel movements, and I had half a mind to tell him about quinoa. So the rest of the quinoa is sitting in the cabinet waiting for me, and I’m nervous about busting it out. Gooner was finger pricked again to see if I’ve taken care of her anemia. He gave me a prescription, and I SHOULD have gone through 4 bottles since her last appointment…and I haven’t even finished one. Eeeeeeeeeeeeep. I made it a priority of mine to prepare iron rich foods so that I could forgo a supplement…so we shall see.

*The Dr. just called and she is no longer anemic! YAY!

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11 thoughts on “Quinoa Experience

  1. This really made me laugh!!! Ellie ate something (cannot for the life of me remember what) and it came out just like it went in AND stuck to her bottom. She was in a disposable diaper, but I used a homemade wipe to “soak” the stuff until it came off. I usually use homemade wipes only with cloth diapers, but I’ve found that they are great for helping with issues like this.
    Glad Gooner’s anemia cleared up on it’s on. I had post partum anemia with Maggie, so I try to eat iron-rich foods and take a supplement if I’m pregnant.

  2. Yay for Gooner’s anemia going bye-bye!! Such a shame about that recipe, it looks like it would be really good. I usually cook my quinoa like rice and serve with veggies, but I have a friend who treats it like oatmeal for breakfast.

  3. Yea for her not being anemic, boo for quinoa sticking to her bum!

    I have tried quinoa and it wasn’t bad, but I need to find the right recipe!

  4. I feel you on the shots. lil man had his on tuesday and was quite the cuddly and fussy baby, that is until we used baby tylenol which i should have done in the first place, i guess you live and learn right?
    so glad to hear gooner’s anemia is gone! PTL! she is quite the cutie! i cant wait for that one day when i get to meet her! and i hate the sticky poo, lil man gets it often and not from quinoa. but i have yet to use 15 wipes… i couldn’t imagine the frustration in that.
    love you miss you give that sweet girl kisses for me!

  5. what a horrible quinoa story!!
    good luck if you ever try it again! lol.

  6. I’m SO glad Gooner’s anemia went bye bye 🙂 That’s because she has a mommy that tkaes the best care of her!!!

    OJ in Quinoa…veeeery interesting, I prob wouldn’t of cared or it either!!! Thats funny that Gooner liked it though. I love that pic of her with her Pebbles Flinstone hair 🙂

  7. Hurray for Gooner!! On another note, I tried Quinoa in July too, but my recipe was great! It reminded me a lot of couscous because of the texture. Mine was a Spanish Quinoa recipe and tasted very much like spanish rice you get in mexican restaurants. I’m planning to try in next in some really strong veggie broth.

  8. Amy

    The leash is making me laugh.

  9. That corn looks to-die for!!

  10. Haha! I love the leash! Those things always make me laugh.

    Sorry the recipe wasn’t great!

  11. My friend puts cooked quinoa in her tomato soup. She swears that its delicious (and I’ve had a bite and enjoyed it myself).

    Good news about Gooner!

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