The Black Bean Brownie

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. Black bean brownies, seen while reading Bethany’s blog a short time ago, intrigued me. At first it felt a little like that “fad” thing I was telling you about. Why on earth would someone ruin perfectly good brownies by throwing black beans in them? It just seemed strange. If I’m going to waste calories on a sweet, I didn’t figure black bean brownies made the cut. I of course lamented all these doubts on the phone to my former roomie Clarissa. I wasn’t against them and wanted to try my hand at them, but I wasn’t seeing the purpose. They had the same amount of sugar, eggs, and lalalala. I believe in food with a purpose not just experimenting in the kitchen just for the sake of doing it. BUT with my low fat diet the Black Bean Brownies scored BIG, I could eat them cramp free. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I pushed them to the back of my “meal possibilities” folder and moved on. THEN I received a package in the mail. Woot!

A package filled with BLACK BEAN BROWNIES. We thought she did a great job!

Gooner would have eaten them all if I’d only allowed, except I didn’t. They were pretty dark and tasted like cocoa powder. The black beans gave them a pretty fabulous texture and all in all I thought they were a success. They were pretty dark and I think I’d probably try to find a lighter version and I adore nuts so I’d probably add those as well. Thanks Clarissa for being so sweet and sending them to me!

What is a healthy secret item that you put in your food?

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14 thoughts on “The Black Bean Brownie

  1. LeAnna

    I had forgotten about these! I should try them sometime, they look more tasty than my avocado oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I made on Thursday. Yep, used avocado instead of butter – they weren’t a total failure, but they weren’t tollhouse by any means. Kind of like a granola bar/choc chip cookie cross. Edible. B said they were good for what they were, haha.

  2. M

    I thought the brownies were good. Thanks Cla.

  3. Clarissa

    I’m glad you all liked them! I think I’ll definately make them again. J liked them despite the crunchy texture from the graham flour, which is a miracle of sorts.

    I don’t really have secret healthy ingredients, but I do like to bake with pumpkin and applesauce. Less fat, less sugar, and super-delicious! I’ll have to add black beans now, I think.

  4. I have used pumpkin puree in place of eggs and butter in brownie recipes and it has tasted pretty good too. Or if you don’t want to do from scratch brownies you just use a can of pumpkin puree in place of the eggs, oil, and water in boxed mix and they taste the same as with them. For real, you know I wouldn’t eat non-brownie tasting brownies πŸ˜‰ I have seen the black bean thing but have not tried it…seems too healthy for me πŸ™‚

  5. Jamie

    Oh wow! I’ve been craving some warm brownies with vanilla ice cream on top! I should try these! But I would love to hear your recipe if you succeed in making them lighter…my touchy tummy would probably appreciate it.

    By the way, I’ve been totally meaning to tell you that D and I thought of you on our recent adventure to China. The malls over there are enormous and have all sorts of stores that we don’t have, including a whole store dedicated to ARSENAL! You two would have loved it!

  6. Oooh…can I sign up for a package like that? I haven’t had a brownie in forever… πŸ˜‰

  7. Angel

    Applesauce instead of oil in baked goods such as brownies, pumpkin bread of course apple bread!! Actually works quite well. Sometimes I’ll do half and half type thing but I have done it all the way and it comes out pretty good!! And I never add the oil or butter to my pancake recipes. Totally unneeded!

  8. Applesauce replaces oil in a great way. And, my sister, who ate vegan for a while used it to replace eggs. She said it worked well. I add flaxseed to everything. Even my meatloaf. I keep forgetting to try it in my choc. chip cookies, but one of these days I’m going to remember. I put it in so many things and my family has no idea. πŸ™‚ Haha!

  9. I really like black bean brownies. The once I made had a super dark chocolate taste to them. They are definitely yum!!

  10. and when I say “the once I made” I mean “the ones I made” haha

  11. WOW!! Never heard of such a thing…..interesting!! If Gooner says they are good, then they are worth trying in my book πŸ˜‰

  12. Adie

    I did not vote because I would have voted “yes I would try them” because I have no idea if I would like them without making them and I am not sure I want to put that much effort into making something I may not like. Although I LOVE brownies. They are my kryptonite. Also this post got me to thinking about your quinoa post and Gooners diaper afterwards…….

  13. I’ve never heard of black bean brownies before! I love brownies, and I love black beans, but even though the got the Gooner Seal of Approval I’m just not sure if I could do it! (What can I say? I’m a traditionalist when it comes to food.)

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