Our Days of Swimming

…are waning. I’m looking forward to fall, but I will miss our daily swims. This is my new sarong my sister gave me from the Philippines a couple months ago. I love it! I’ve started a collection because I sure do love a good cover up!

Now on to the good stuff…beet chips! I’ve made kale chips and sweet potato chips and we’ve loved them, but I wanted to branch out.  Sunday is “fish day” at our house. Though we always have fish, I enjoy mixing up the sides. As you all know, I REALLY enjoying trying new things. Our fish rarely has the same spices because I’m always excited to try new recipes. Last Sunday we had beets in the the fridge about to expire so I decided to slice them up, drizzle on some garlic gold and sprinkle coarse salt. They were excellent! Let me clarify, most pieces were excellent. Pieces cut too thick were juicy and chewy (which was gross), and too thin pieces tasted like ash. The perfectly sliced pieces were crispy fries! Major yum!

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10 thoughts on “Our Days of Swimming

  1. I will miss swimming too…I love hanging by my pool, and going for swims…I didn’t take advantage of it enough!

    You look AMAZING by the way…really good!!!

  2. Clarissa

    Garlic gold? Please explain.

  3. Amy

    I’m glad you switched to wordpress since they have a mobile site. Makes it so much easier to read the posts on my phone.

  4. interesting. I’m not a big fan of beets, but I may need to give them a try!

  5. La – you look great! I need to get caught in the blog world. Your family’s diet sure sounds interesting!!

  6. That’s one of the major things I miss about the summer too is leaving the pool behind.

  7. you are SKINNY! you have lost so much weight in your face. Looking good!

  8. I agree! You look FANTASTIC. Super slim – good for you!!!!

  9. The sarong is gorgeous–you look beautiful! The beet chips look yummy! Do you have a mandolin? That might help you to get perfectly even chips. I love mine, and you can get one that you can adjust too, so you can make the chips the exact thickness you need.

  10. i know people already said what i was going to say…but ill say it again…you are freakin skinny. i want to be skinny too.

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