Happy Monday!

I found this Vlog from MONTHS ago…. you have to click on “Meet Gooner” and it will take you to the vlog. I’m still learning how to embed over here!

Meet Gooner from La. Abroad on Vimeo.

But, now you’ve officially met Gooner. I was surprised by a few things when watching this vlog. First, Gooner has grown! She is so big! I will have to do another one shortly, avec Gooner, so that we can all see her growth. Secondly, I’ve definitely lost weight around my face…um AWESOME! And last, but not least, I took that video after working out so there’s no make up on that face! And now for a poll:

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6 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I wanna watch the Vlog…I have no sound on my computer…need to get on the laptop later to check it out, I am sure it’s super cute..I love Vlog’s when I can hear them!

  2. I love it!!! You and Gooner are so cute… And girl, you do NOT need any makeup. You look fantastic. (That said, I love makeup and I know it’s tons of fun to wear.)

  3. I’m so impressed at how skinny your face is now! 🙂 Good job momma! And Gooner is just TOO darling. They grow up so fast. 🙂

  4. I love YOUR smile. Gooner is also very cute!

  5. Adie

    Ah! Sweet little Gooner – Dang look at the difference in your face! My word!

  6. Love that sweet La and Gooner! You’re looking great, Mama!

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