Mish Mash

Once Monday and Tuesday roll around we have an interesting scenario. We do our weekly grocery shopping on Wednesday, so by Tuesday we may or may not have all the “stuff” for supper. This particular bean and rice yumminess was created from what we had on hand.

So I took the random veggies and beans in our fridge and threw them together. A super yummy something from nothing almost always begins with onions sauteing in olive oil. And then some garlic. And then whatever veggies we haven’t yet eaten. Then the beans. At this point I throw in random spices. Q and I love to collect a variety of spices, so I normally go by my mood or with what veggies are being sautéed. Do I feel like garlic lemon or spicy Thai??? Either way, loads of spicy-ness and then we throw in rice if we have it on hand. Wraps are my number one question from y’all so I HOPE this answers some questions!

You all are too kind with your comments! Your encouragement is awesome! The truth is I have broken through my FOUR MONTH plateau! The summer was difficult. I would gain 5 pounds, lose 5 pounds, stay the same, and yo yo a bit. All to say I maintained which is awesome, but highly annoying when you want to lose. Many of you called me “skinny” which surprised me since according to my height I am still technically “over weight.” I don’t have a magic number or pant size, BUT I do know what it feels like to feel healthy. I’m still carrying weight on my hips and my foopah is not as good as it can be. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement! And I am here to encourage you! If you want to change your feeling of fatigue and the strain on your joints from being overweight, then get busy. YOU have the power to change.

*Note I do NOT eat a whole avocado. This plate would be Q’s. He borrowed my portion so that it would look nice in a photo. He also has 4% body fat and has maintained this for 10 years…he’s allowed more avocado than me. He always will.

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12 thoughts on “Mish Mash

  1. Clarissa

    I will not lie, I find it supremely unfair that my husband will ALWAYS be able to consume more fat (healthy and otherwise) than me without adverse consequences for the rest of his life. Ugh. Also, your dinner sounded very yummy. 🙂

  2. how much avocado do YOU get? I love avocado but I sometimes will eat a whole one. Maybe this is making me fat!!

    Also that looks divine. I might have to try and create it that over here at my house.

  3. Oh, sometimes you can eat the whole avocado..haha, I understand though, I can’t always do it!! His plate looks awesome though! Sometimes throwing stuff together makes the best meals!

    Congrats on jumping over the plateau! I think you look amazing from that last pic you posted…skinny mini!!!

  4. Adie

    Okay it has been to long, your site did not recognize me!! I like your regular use of the foopah term! Hah!! I also greatly appreciate all of your encouargement! You look gorgeous!! That rice and beans looks delish!!

  5. yummo!

  6. It’s always fun to throw things in a saute pan!
    I think it is always good idea to go with how you feel and not base things on a number. I also think your body type changes after pregnancy and nursing and you have a little more in some places and a little less in others.

  7. Ohh… I love the rice and beans thing… it’s been too long since I’ve done that. I shall have to do so soon. What kind of tortillas do you use for wraps?! I usually buy the white flour ones but lately I’ve been feeling like I should find another kind. I dunno what or where tho. I like to make my own, but I haven’t perfected getting the 1 serving size of dough down to the perfect skinny tortilla. They’re always too thick, so then I have to use more dough to make them big enough. Hmmm… perhaps some googley research on this subject is due. 🙂 Blessings on you today, hot momma!

  8. Men!! It’s so not fair that they can maintain or lose weight like *that*!! 🙂

    You are still inspiring me to eat better. Baby steps here…

  9. This yumminess you threw together looks amazing!! It made me crave avocado to go along with my Cuban Black Beans and Rice I made tonight. Sadly, none was had…

    4%?!?!?!?! That is illegal.

  10. Yes, this makes me hungry too. It reminds me of the rice & beans burrito I would get from Chipotle. I’d add the mild salsa and guac to go with the cilantro lime rice and black beans…also some shredded cheese but I guess with my new restrictions I’ll just have to skip that. This looks great!!

    I hear ya on the plateau thing… I was just telling DH how frustrated I am that while I see many visible improvements in my body and my clothes are fitting better, I still haven’t even lost 1/2 a pound for months. Muscle weighs more than fat blah blah blah. I know this, but it’s still discouraging! I was like, Nick, if you were lifting every day and trying to put on weight for your sport and you SAW your shoulders getting bigger but your scale didn’t go up ONE POUND wouldn’t you be annoyed? He seemed to finally get what I was saying.

    You give me hope though – I’m loving working out and I’ll be eating much heatlhier starting in about 24 hours so here’s to hoping I’ll see a difference on the scale one day 🙂

  11. I keep missing your posts! I’m catching up today 🙂
    Are you kidding me with the 4% body fat?? Wowza! Hmmm, I wonder what mine is? No. Wait, I don’t want to know.
    I love your new blog. You are an inspiration!!

  12. I think all good things start with a little bit o’ onions and garlic in olive oil. They smell soooo good!

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