Turtles and Ducks

Q found a turtle while mowing in the back yard.  It was a mama looking for a place to nest in order to have her babies. Baby turtles, cute right? Until they grow up and eat the cute baby ducks right? But then THAT doesn’t bother me so much when I see the male ducks raping the girl ducks senseless in the Spring. The animal kingdom is a CRUEL world, WHICH is why I don’t feel bad when folks hunt and help with population control and food for our bellies. If you are anti-hunting, I encourage you to go and sit in a tree stand in an over populated area and personally watch bunches of STARVING deer trotting below your stand.  I’ve taken a lot of heat for going vegetarian for a whole month and consuming less meat. I grew up hunting with my Dad. If I killed it…I had to eat it. That was the rule. I consume less meat because it is healthier for me. Folks even when I DO eat meat now, I weigh it. Why? Because a serving for a woman is about 4 ounces. FOUR. That is about half a chicken breast. I used to eat the whole chicken breast AND a leg. And a white potato with sour cream and cheese. If we had grilled veggies with it I MIGHT put a little on my plate. I mean, I couldn’t take TOO many veggies in case I was too full with my chicken and potato…. And so I gained. I’m not anti-hunting. I’m not anti-meat. I AM anti-big butt and wiggly thighs. Oh and there is the small issue of avoiding clogged arteries, an over worked liver/colon… 😉 Like I said, I’m leaving a legacy:

As for my serving of avocado I eat about 1/4 of an avocado or an ounce. Once I’m maintaining my weight, I will most likely up that a little because I love it so much and it isn’t bad for you. BUT, since I am cutting calories…the high calorie avocado is a place that I choose to cut out.

Big changes are going on at our home! Can you guess?

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7 thoughts on “Turtles and Ducks

  1. Wait, turtle eat ducks??? Did I read that correctly!!??? Ewwwwwwww.

    What a GREAT pic of Gooner!!

    Love your tips on the meat, the portions have gotten WAY out of control, thats why people are so sick!

  2. I love it. I so agree with everything you said here, and I’m working on losing weight now too. I saw pictures of myself this past weekend that were horrifying. It totally sneaks up on me sometimes. 🙂 I’m going to do my best to leave a SHORT comment today, how’s that for weird!? Have a great weekend! (Oh, yes, I can’t wait to hear about your big changes! Sigh–so much for a short comment.)

  3. thank you for answering my question! G is lookin’ awfully cute! and I’m totally anti-flab-hanging-over-the-jeans-tummy. 🙂

  4. Clarissa

    How can I get a ‘Nemo’ plate like Gooner’s? 🙂 I’m hoping your “big changes” are treating you well.

  5. Was that last sentence a hint? Big changes are going on in our home. can you guess? I am anxiously awaiting our next phone date. i am free a lot so next moment you have call me 🙂
    oh and i love your statement i am anti-big butt and wiggly thighs. that is my motto too…no more wiggly thighs. the big butt thing though i was just born with and no matter what i try it is there to stay 😉

  6. Aw, I love turtles! I don’t know about them eating ducks but ew! I’ve been trying to eat healthier for awhile now. My doctor once told me, “Be good to your bowels and they’ll be good to you.”

  7. We don’t hunt, we just LOVE guns!
    I think weighing your food really puts things into perspective. I really love my new food scale and I plan to use it a lot more starting tomorrow morning.

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