Dark Chocolate Dreams

I HAD a stash of Hershey Kiss dark chocolate by my bed. Someone found them.

and liked them.

a lot.

I now keep my guilty pleasure in a zip locked bag. She can’t get into them now and this is QUITE distressful to her. She holds the bag and screeches, willing the bag open. Ha. Thus far she hadn’t really tasted chocolate. She has now. She’s a changed young lady!

What is YOUR guilty pleasure?

As for the BIG news….we are moving to Colorado! Q actually moves…TODAY! Gooner and I will stay in Texas for a couple months to “wrap things up.” I’ll miss him. I already do. I feel sappy. And tears – at this exact moment – are burning the back of my eye balls. I know that’s romantic. Gooner is a complete Daddy’s girl. She LOVES her Dad. Unless she falls, get’s hurt or feels crappy…she chooses her Dad. This doesn’t bother me at all because for the first year of her life….she only wanted me. She hardly knew he existed because I breastfed and I was the lunch wagon. I was Mom and babies need their Mommies. Don’t get me wrong Q was involved, but she just didn’t get it. But NOW she helps him do everything. She is all around his little shadow. She follows him everywhere. What will she do when he is gone? I’m assuming follow me around…and cry?

I’m stoked about moving. The mountains are better than the stifling heat. The separation will clearly be hard, BUT I am SUPER thrilled. We are out of this world excited about our future!!!! YAY!

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23 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Dreams

  1. that’s such exciting news that you’re moving here! where in colorado will you guys be? i know it’ll be a few months til you get here, but we should meet up when you do 🙂

    and I will most definitely take watermelon off your hands anytime 🙂

  2. big news! i hope all goes smoothly and you can get to colorado quickly!

  3. Clarissa

    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I’m sorry about the separation. It’s always hard. I got stupidly mopey when I went to Philadelphia for a week by myself and Mr. Wonderful wasn’t there. Mopey. I will be thinking of you, my friend.

  4. Awww, look at that face! That girl loves her some kisses!
    So exciting about the move! Where about in Colorado? I couldn’t stand being away from my man for that long, oh my goodness! I’d say forget wrapping things up, I’m outta here. LOL!

  5. Oh, wow! How exciting! We endured a move like that, and it’s not fun, but it does make being together so very sweet at the end. She is too cute with her chocolate. 🙂

  6. OH NO!!! You can’t move 😦 Awe…I’ll miss you! We will have to have one last outing before you take off. Are your parents staying here in TX? Colorado is going to be so much fun. I wish you all a safe and happy move and atleast I can still see you on your blog. Gooner is a changed girl now that she’s had chocolate, that and coffee are my two favorite things! Chat soon-Becky

  7. LOL!!! Awwww…..I LOVE it!! Hahaha….my gulty pleasure are those Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, O m G…sorry, i can not resist those every once in a while…that or dark chocolate peanut chews…which I am going to attempt to make (a shorter ingredient list) myself very soon!

  8. i can’t blame her for liking them! mmm! she is adorable with her dark chocolate mustache. okay, i know it will be super hard w/ daddy gone for awhile, but yeah, it’ll be totally worth it. i’m so jealous! i adore colorado… i love running in the mountain air… please enjoy it some for me. i’ll definitely be praying for this new transition in your lives. so happy for you!

  9. wow. look at you guys! good for you. at least the seperation wont be that long. if you ever get bored of the mountains indiana is flat as a pancake & the corn is just thriving this time of year. you could move here. kaley and i would take you to lunch then drag race ya down a country road. just an idea 🙂

  10. wow! good luck with the move! that’s super exciting!

    and those photos of gooner with the kisses – awesome!

  11. Congratulations on the move! I’m sure Gooner will be just fine, but she’ll probably take a while to adjust. When Mike went to Italy for 13 days Maggie walked through the house looking for him…ALL THE TIME.

  12. Congrats!! I can totally see you guys in Colorado. With all of your outdoorsy, hiking ways, you’re going to LOOOOOOOVE it there!!

    Gooner looks too cute for words 🙂

  13. YUM! I wish I had a bag of chocolate right now – dark or milk – doesn’t matter to me!

    Wow, moving! I had no idea ya’ll were even thinking about moving! Hopefully this transition period will be smooth sailing and QUICK! 🙂

  14. I’m so jealous and I don’t even want to leave MN! Colorado will be great for you guys!

  15. y’all are going to LOVE colorado! how exciting!!!!

  16. seriously! how exciting for you guys! I can;t believe you want to leave texas though! I can’t wait to get back there!

    I guess this means we just have to meet up in CO!

  17. That’s amazing!! Congratulations!! What’s the scoop on the move? New job?

  18. MOVING?! I need to get caught up on blogging! Just a bit envious! We love visiting CO and hiking in the mountains. Unfortunately, we are homebodies (in the sense that we feel the need to live close to our families) but love to travel. Pretty sure Colorado would be the state of choice in which to live if it weren’t for having children… Can’t wait to stay in touch and read your future blogs and see pictures!!

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