The Look of Death

This scowl got us in trouble…at Target. The cashier was “highly offended” when Gooner gave this “look of death.” I kid you not.

Me: Gooner, hand over your book. (we were at Target buying her a new book)
Gooner: Handed over the book with a smile.
Cashier: Scanned the book, spoke awkward baby talk and handed the book back.
G: Scowled at C because…that’s what she does now to show her displeasure.
Me: I did see it, and that’s what she does now.
C: But she gave it to ME and I did NOTHING to her!
Me: She gives that look to me as well. It’s no big deal.
M: Look, I’m sorry, she does this when she’s unhappy with a decision.
C: But I gave her the book back! That is totally the look of death.
M: At her: I’m sorry.
At Gooner: Stop scowling at people, it isn’t nice.

Seriously, does that face look like the look of death? And she’s 16 months! Um, I’m not going to discipline her for scowling…

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16 thoughts on “The Look of Death

  1. Clarissa

    It is the cutest glare I’ve ever seen. I would characterize it as annoyed, not “I wish you were dead and am using my laser beam eyes to disembowel you.” Wow. Also, really, how do you find these people La? It seems that you uncover a disproportionate amount of them compared with the rest of the world.

    • Clarissa

      P.S. I have seen that look before–directed at me, yes–by the person whose genetic material contributed to Gooner’s particular look. I took it way more seriously then. 😉

  2. That is so not the look of death, I’m going with the cashier having a complex. I think you handled it very well, I would’ve said sorry and get over it she is 16months old.

  3. omgoodness that’s hysterical. that cashier must’ve been having a crappy day. how can you be pissy at a little baby?

  4. M

    She scowls at me too and I just snuggle her all the more. It is just her way of expressing her displeasure. She is her mother’s daughter after all!

  5. I love it… she is trying to develop shift eyes 🙂 too cute!

  6. Sounds to me like Mrs. Cashier Lady needs to take some sensitivity courses! Geez louise. Should have told her you teach all kids under two to give people looks of death. 😛

  7. I should post a picture of Ellie doing “the ugly face”…it’s offensive. Sounds like the cashier has major issues and Gooner is just plain cute with her “look of death”.

  8. You’ve GOT to be kidding me??? Was their something wrong with the cashier??? She sounds like she needs therapy, lol. If Gooner gave me that look, I would be able to help but gush and goo, because I think it’s actually adorable when kids give “the look of death”–I’m sorry, but it’s just too cute!

  9. Staring at people, glaring at them…that sounds like my girl. I love you both.


  10. how ridiculous that she was offended! It’s such a cute face too!

  11. She’s so adorable – even with that scowl – that I can’t imagine ANYONE being offended by her!! What a weirdo that cashier was…

  12. Haha! She’s too cute. I remember Preston used to give people the ‘evil-eye’ in Wal-Mart. ;o) I’d catch him giving it to some random stranger. I think he just did it to see their reactions. He was around 2 1/2. The cashier must not have had kids. 🙂

  13. That is the cutest look ever. I love it. I would think that was hilarious if I got that look from a baby. Gooner was probably just annoyed at the baby talk. 🙂 I get a similar look occasionally from Debris. 🙂

  14. ha..ha..I think she looks CUTE! I don’t see the grim reaper nearby….goodness that lady should know she’s just a baby trying to be cute 😛

  15. LOL! I think it’s a really cute scowl. I think I would have a hard time not laughing. Actually, it would probably hurt my feelings, but when I got over it I would laugh.

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