Is Yoga Worth It?

My workout history is as such:

High School: I played EVERY major sport and STILL worked out with The Firm daily. I was fit and thin.

College: I worked out to The Firm daily and spent my weekend skiing, rock climbing, hiking and RUNNING in the mountains. Yes, you read that right…. After doing a workout video I would run up mountains for fun.

Post College: I started liking pilates, still ran off and on, did some Firm Videos, started running again…

All this to say, I’ve never tried yoga. Why? Because the truth is I was/am an adrenaline junkie.  Whether it was reaching a summit or rock climbing without ropes, I wanted my blood to pump and I wanted to feel the “high.” And I thought that I wouldn’t get that with yoga, PLUS I was loving what I was doing….so why try something new? Call me stupid, close minded, stuck in a rut… who knows what I TRULY was…

About a year ago I tried yoga, and it was TERRIBLE. Why was it terrible? It was TERRIBLE because I’d just had a baby. Babies do NOT “pop out” as urban legend would like us to believe… they RIP out of you after two days of hard labor. Birth leaves your abs decimated and your muscles aching. And that is on top of a back that is arched from carrying around a massive belly and 30 pounds or SO of extra weight packed on in weird places. All this to say, I felt this way and THEN gave yoga a try. I hated it. I couldn’t even do the warrior pose because it “hurt my girl parts.” Forget getting my leg to a 90 degree angle, I just wanted to keep from falling off the mat. Plus, I was trying a “Biggest Loser” video which I don’t even watch, or like, and bigger people were having no problem doing it so I figured that Yoga just “wasn’t for me.”

Well, today after running 2 miles I thought I needed something more, so I popped in the DVD. I chose level one since that’s what I am and…I truly enjoyed it. Maybe losing 30 pounds had something to do with it, but I could do all the poses. Comfortably. And it was relaxing and a great strength workout. I REALLY enjoyed it after my run. It was great and I will do it again.

As for the video…they say it complements Bootcamp or something. I doubt I will ever buy another Biggest Loser anything. I think the contestants lose weight at a really unhealthy weight. The video was good, but I’d like to try a Giaim version. And those bananas? Yah, they have been on the counter for ONE week and they still look like this!

Bah, I am a creature of habit and I wanted a banana after my run…like always! Do you yoga?

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12 thoughts on “Is Yoga Worth It?

  1. I didn’t know that about you in high school! You amaze me:) I haven’t tried yoga but love pilates. I agree about having babies. Now probably isn’t the time. 20 pounds less here I come…

  2. You know what? If you’re an adrenaline junkie you DEF need to try Bikram!! My history is so similar to yours it’s scary. I thought yoga was a “fluffy” sport until I tried Bikram! You will get hooked.

  3. Crystal Malek

    I’m sort of the same way. The never trying yoga part, NOT the always physically active part. 🙂 My youngest (and last) is about 5 months old. You think it’s too early to start? I need to do something, but I’m really limited in where I can go and how much money/time I can spend. I’m still nursing full time, so can’t cut calories too much, but I need to lose 20-25 pounds or so.

    Oh, and fellow Texan here! I clicked over from Naomi’s blog. 🙂

    • Hey! Thanks for visiting! I would try yoga once you”feel like yourself” again. I breast fed as well and that made cardio REALLY hard. I was overweight AND I had to workout AFTER feeding so that all the milk was out of my breasts or it would be painful – so I chose pilates over yoga. I lost weight SO SLOWLY while breastfeeding, so don’t be discouraged! I added cardio once Gooner was eating solids and only feeding morning, 3 and at night.

      Yah, for a fellow Texan! Are we close enough for a meet up???

      • Crystal Malek

        Not sure where you are in Texas. We’re super south, in Corpus.

        And thanks for the encouragement on the weight loss. It can be disheartening when I see pics of myself and want so badly to slash calories and do cardio like crazy. But I see my fat, little man, and he makes it worth it. I’ll be patient, I guess. But I’ll give pilates a try in the meantime.

  4. Um, yeah. Yoga. I tried a yoga class once when I was in great shape at the gym, and I can be fit and strong, but my muscles, still, no matter what, shake when I’m doing something that requires both strength and stillness… No matter how buff I am, I have never gotten rid of that. I should get a beginner workout video and try it in my living room. My sister does hot yoga all the time (Ya know where they heat the room up to like 110 degrees and then do yoga in it?! Ugh!) She’s also done bikram yoga, and she LOVES it all. I might love it if I was a little more flexible. 🙂 Perhaps I should work on that too. sigh. Or just stick to my heavybag. That’s my fav workout. 🙂 Weight and anger management in one fell swoop.

  5. Clarissa

    My favorite part about yoga is that fabulous relaxed feeling you get at the end of doing it for 30+ minutes. I always feel so flexible and tired in a good way after time on the mat.

  6. I love love love yoga! I got into it for the first time about 2 months ago and I love it! I think it’s so relaxing and a good workout!

  7. Adie

    I L.O.V.E. Yoga!! It seems like the only thing that gets my mnd and body to sync. It also helps my mind for spinning. When I have lots of time again in a dream life I am going to be a hard core Yogi. That is my plan. 😉 You know after the Ascent – Woot! Talk about adrenaline!

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