Autumn in my Life

or not. It’s September. It’s supposed to be cooling down, right? This morning it cooled down a little, but I believe the clouds contributed.  Instead of cool weather it is hot, so when it rained and rained, I allowed Gooner to play in it. We have had rain a plenty, so play she did! It’s still in the 90’s and I hear that this is a trend all over. I even made banana bread…only it didn’t taste like autumn. The bread tasted sweet, like Summer. The Fall will come. For now I will enjoy dressing Gooner in her adorable summer dresses and shorts. So cute! I’m looking forward to cinnamon apple candles and sweatshirts! And cool walks with my love! I will most definitely miss swimming as that is still happening on a daily basis. It really helps to know that at 4 pm, EVERY day that isn’t rainy, you’ll find us in the pool. What are you MOST excited about for fall? What will you miss the most about summer?

This look says it all: Mom, I’m all done!

She misses her Daddy. It’s been 2.5 weeks. It feels like forever.  I love my husband.

In honor of the autumnal equinox, I coloured my hair Navajo Bronze. In doing this, I brought fall to me in one small way. I like it.

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12 thoughts on “Autumn in my Life

  1. She’s a cutie, and I bet missing her Daddy something fierce! I’m ready for Fall for obvious reasons. Namely the one where the child in my belly comes out.

  2. Gooner is beyond precious!!! Just looking at those pics makes me think of rain and the smell of it hitting the hot pavement. My mother and sister live in Houston, so I’ve been hearing about how insanely hot it is there still.

    They’re in their pool around the same time every day too!

  3. You need to post a picture of the new hair! The pictures of the babe are too cute. I love fall too! And would definitely love to experience autumn in Colorado one of these years with the hubs!

  4. Agreed – post hair pics!! Gooner is just the most beautiful little thing. It looks like she was having a lot of fun! I can’t imagine how much you are both missing Q. I miss DH if he’s gone for one night 🙂

    Autumn is my absolute favorite season. We had a few cool days last week, but it’s been muggy and gross all this week, so we’ve been hiding inside again. I can’t wait for the cool breezes to come back and STAY!

  5. I LOVE Fall. Temps here are dropping into the high 70’s for the weekend and we’re supposed to get some GLORIOUS rain. I guess it will feel a little more like Fall. I also bought a pumpkin today.
    I haven’t colored my hair (yet) in ages, but I got a new short haircut yesterday. I feel a little bit free.
    I know that Q is missing his girls like crazy.
    (Big Hugs)

  6. OH MY WORD. Can your daughter be more beautiful? Speaking of, let’s see that hair!

  7. such a cutie! Enjoy fall when it makes it to Texas. We still have to wait at least 2.5 months for “Fall”

  8. That’s my girl playing in the rain. Thanks for the lovely pictures.


  9. I lost your blog address for a while, but just found it again! OMGosh….Gooner got so big!!!!!! How in the heck did that happen?!??!?!!! Really, no way that’s her. Wow. She’s still adorable as ever.

  10. Adie

    So fun, playing in the rain! I bought a room scent plug in at Bath And Body, called Autmn it smells delightful. I am very interested in seeing this hair color. I have been toying with the idea of coloring my own hair to help cut out that expense. Miss you!!

  11. These pictures are SO perfect. Every parent should let their child play in the rain. She is beautiful… and I’m so excited for you that you’ll be somewhere soon where you can experience cooler weather more often. It is lovely. 🙂

  12. Oh.My.Word!!! Those have to be the most adorable pics ever! I’ve missed you girl! I’ve been reading thru your blog to catch up! Next time we’re both on gmail, let’s catch up!!!

    Oh and the pain in my post was from two cysts I’ve had.. One on my filopian tube and one that comes down my filopian (sp?) down to my cervix.. It was no fun, but glad to have the problem all figured out now! 🙂

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