Our visit was AWESOME! Gooner and I woke up at 3 AM to begin our journey to the airport.

Gooner was fabulous on our flight and I couldn’t wait to see Q.

She was excited to see her Daddy and I was excited to dress her in cute fall clothing.

We spent the day house hunting, major blech! If you think it is hard to find a place, imagine adding a little one! We ended a trying day by playing at the park.

We all needed to run around and play. I ended up tripping Gooner and she face planted on the cement. For the remainder of the trip she sported a green and purple bump on the side of her face. Awesome.

It was a lot of fun to be a family again. You all are awesome with your support! I’ve tried HARD not to spend my posts lamenting on how I much I miss Q. Life is currently crazy. I’m supposed to be packing…but I’m not. I will though because we move to CO in ONE MONTH!

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7 thoughts on “Colorado

  1. Poor Gooner šŸ˜¦
    I am so glad your trip went well! Good luck with the packing – what an awful chore, huh?

  2. hahah! my 3 in the morning face looks very similar to hers. mustve been SO GREAT to see your Mr, even if it was for only a short time! hang tough, girl.

  3. i’m so glad your visit was good!

  4. it is so great that you all got to be TOGETHER! wonderful! and thank goodness you are (more than?) half way finished with the separate period.

  5. LeAnna

    Awwwww, so glad ya’ll got to be together!! I’m sure you’re ready to be up there for good. I hope all is well with you guys, I feel like we haven’t caught up in forever. Hm, maybe because we haven’t! I feel like a giant watermelon about to ker’spload, and that pretty much sums up my life. Yours? šŸ˜‰

  6. I’m so glad you guys were able to get together, so tortuous to miss your guy while moving. Poor sweet Gooner and her poor face. It happens to every kid, I guess, but it’s really hard when it’s your own little one.

  7. Oh man! I feel your pain. I hope you find a place quickly! What does Q do that brought you guys out to Colorado? I love that place by the way. I may have to come visit soon.

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