I lost my mojo (and more CO pics)

When Q left he took my mojo with me. Working out isn’t as fun. SO, I’m not doing it as often.Cooking isn’t as fun. In fact I haven’t had a yummy tortilla filled with black beans and spinach since he left.

It is just different. Life is different and it is getting me down. Our first weekend in CO we went hiking in Estes and we came across this:

and this:

I’m serious, Gooner started squealing and two bulls came running…

I look forward to our adventures.

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11 thoughts on “I lost my mojo (and more CO pics)

  1. how wonderful!

  2. Clarissa

    Mojo is hard without those who feed it. Also, hiking in Estes is super-fun. 🙂 I’m glad you got to enjoy it.

  3. Aww 😦 Poop. I know what its like to be without. I’m home alone lots of days/nights during the week with teh kiddies. I dont cook often either. I just reheat leftovers or eat a yogurt. At least this is just temporary & you’re closer with each passing day. Maybe start a good book? I read The Help and throughly enjoyed it. Cheer up Sassafras!

  4. I only sporatically read your blog now that you are at wordpress. No convenient updates on my blogspot dashboard from you:( But when I do get over here, I get to read like 10 posts all at once! Sorry that you are separated from your love. I can totally empathize with you. But awesome that you are moving to CO! We are coming to the states at Christmas for our yearly visit, and we can hardly wait! Already counting down the days:) Hang in there!
    **Aha! I just saw a handy little checkbox at the bottom of this page that says I can subscribe to your posts by email:) Checking the box.

  5. Praying for your mojo to return. Just think soon you will be reunited and it will feel sooo good (didn’t mean to steal song lyrics but it is true ;))
    Yes, phone date soon. Today is filled with doctor appointments for me and LB but later this week I will call.
    You are beautiful and so is Colorado…so excited for you and your move there!

    • oh and thanks for getting me into blogging. I almost mentioned that in my post but I knew when I said friends you would know you are the biggest motivator in that 😉 loves.

  6. Aw, this post was sweet because of the pics, but it made me sad because your mojo:( I think we’ve all been there. Maybe just try a tiny little walk with Gooner or 1 yoga pose to revive your spirits? It’s amazing what 1 minute or 5 minutes with intentionally trying to feel better can do…

  7. sturdyyetfragile

    I’m sorry 😦 That must be totally miserable. You are being a strong, brave woman holding down the fort with Gooner until you can all be together again. Do you watch Friday Night Lights? I ask b/c Tami Taylor is living apart from her hubby on the reruns right now – it looks rough!! 🙂

    Hang in there ((HUGS))

  8. Hang in there!! You’ll be together before you know it! It’s hard, I know, I’ve been there. SOOOOOooooo cool that you got to see Elk! We saw a huge bull yesterday, they just take my breath away. Love it!

  9. girl, i know just what you mean. it’s awesome how our men give us the motivation and encouragement we need. in the meantime, keep your chin up and keep looking at the pics of estes park (and your man!) – that’s bound to make you smile. praying the Lord gives you strength while you guys are apart.

  10. Oh my word! That would scare me to death! So glad you got to see Q!

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