Misc. Monday in Pictures

1.) MOM, get my helmet off!!! Gooner enjoys bike rides, too bad my bike is in need of repair!

2.) The Park: it is good to just get away and run around.

3.) Our neck of the woods ONLY has Peppermint Mocha creamer! I’m craving a tasty pumpkin spice! I’m loving the cool mornings!

4.) Gooner making pancakes with Grandma. She’s REALLY going to miss this!

5.) Q and I before Gooner hiking at Great Falls. We’ve been apart for 6 weeks. WOW!

7.) Blast from the past – My Life in Abroad: Hats in Russia

When your eye balls freeze and you can’t blink, you know you are in Russia. Hence the fur hats. These hats can get REALLY expensive! Different animals, of course make different dead animal fur hats, which of course cost more or less depending on the animal. And Dad’s hat STINKS! Some established women had the nastiest hats! For instance, these women looked like they were wearing road kill, and smelled like it to. Imagine frozen animal hat melting on a hot bus. While you are trying to breathe through your mouth you can see little ice crystals dangling from long animal hairs. And, as the bus slips and slides on ice the little droplets sway and swing coming daringly close to falling on my own non smelly Finnish looking hat. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, for the most part the hats were truly beautiful.

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7 thoughts on “Misc. Monday in Pictures

  1. The whole hat thing just grossed me out. Thank goodness for the little things such as not having to wear animal hats!

  2. WOW – six weeks already? You are doing so well getting through this!!!

  3. I love the pictures, and the Russia hat thing is fascinating. Supposedly you can get money for coyote pelts hereabouts for companies to make hats with. I had no idea about the smell tho, that is gross.

  4. Clarissa

    I want to make pancakes with Grandma! Yum. Also, I will always pick pumpkin spice over peppermint–not that peppermint isn’t tasty. It’s just that pumpkin spice is better. Also, the Russia hat pick was nice. Remember haggling in the markets with the Russian vendors? Those were the days.

  5. M

    Clarissa, you are welcome to come make pancakes anytime!!!!!

  6. You just made me really want pumpkin spice creamer. Darn you.
    You’re always welcome to come visit Samara and relive your Russia days! It’s already below freezing at night, and it snowed the other day for a few mintues:)

  7. Gooner is just too stinkin cute. I think I write that on every one of your posts where she’s pictured – but it’s true!

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