The Itsy Bitsy Spider

crawled up my shower curtain. It was huge. It was gross. I totally sprayed that bad boy down with Raid. Yesterday I finished my first day of yoga and I felt blissful and calm. I was ready to fall into bed, read a little, and SLEEP. But oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh no, along came a huge spider that I chased around my bedroom until death he did meet. My heart was in my throat as its long legs went flying and I felt this HUGE adrenaline rush. What happened to my peaceful moment? But the spider moment passed, after a kill, and I had a GREAT sleep.

Tonight sparked day 2 of my challenge. To be honest I partook of kick boxing this morning for about an hour and  walked at a park with my Mom and Gooner for lunch. My legs felt tight and  jelly-ish. After 20 minutes of yoga I felt better. I walked to the bathroom feeling taller, calm, at peace and honestly, ready to pee. And what did I find in the bathroom???? None other than a HUGE spider crawling down and then up and basically all around taunting me with his huge hairiness. Spiders in Texas are larger than anywhere I have ever lived. Anyway, I’m hoping that this isn’t a sign. You know, a sign that I should quit yoga or live with spiders. I like to camp and I am fully aware of spiders…WHEN I CAMP. I do NOT want to live with spiders in my happy comfy need to be packed home! GET OUT, and let me feel my BLISS! Calm down right? Ha, maybe more yoga???

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13 thoughts on “The Itsy Bitsy Spider

  1. Clarissa

    Pro: yoga
    Anti: large spiders destroying peacefulness

  2. The yoga will help you deal with the spiders…I hope.

  3. We have so many spiders around our home too. Little ones inside and huge tarantula like ones outside in our shrubs. My neighbor is Eastern European and she says from where they come from, spiders in the home is a sign of a clean house w/no chemicals. I guess that’s a bright side, right? I’m with you though, bugs: outside = acceptable. bugs: inside = DEAD!

  4. You sound like me – I do not like spiders! Thus, I have an EXTRA contract with Terminex. <–However you spell that.

    I see more than 1 spider and I call. The man knows me by name!

  5. We have wolf and black widow spiders here. I freaked out the first year or so, now I kill them nonchalantly. I HATE them tho. So freaky. My kids know to come screaming when they see one, since we have black widows, and for that I am thankful.

  6. I don’t like spiders either. They make me feel like such a girl because I never want to touch them or kill them – I want someone else to do it! I’ll do lots of gross things, but for some reason large spiders just…I don’t know.

  7. yucko!!! you definitely need your man to take care of those buggers. i know he must wish he could be your knight in shining armor and save you from them! your exercise routine sounds superb! you might just convince me to do yoga one of these days. : )

  8. YAAAY!!! Yoga for 30 days!!! Woo hoo. Go La. Can you tell I’m excited for you? I’m gonna be stalking your blog religiously to see how this pans out lady;)

  9. Spiders completely freak me out! I can’t deal with them ekkkk!

  10. Yeah, it’s that time of year. I just killed a giant spider in our bathroom…ugh. I was afraid I was going to have nightmares over it! I have yoga on my list of exercises…I just started doing Pilates again with my walking videos, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

  11. i hate spiders!!!! I saw one in my bathroom one day and then it disappeared and I couldn’t fall asleep for an hour becuase my nose was stuffy and i was afraid it was going to crawl in my mouth so i fell asleep with my head under the covers. jal;ksdfjlkasdfkajsdf.

  12. Yuck, Yuck! I hate spiders! We have so many HUGE ones in our house now (trying to find warmth). I swear, every night I walk into our bedroom, there is a new one staring at me. I make my husband get them because I’m afraid they are going to jump on me. I would SCREAM. YUCK.

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