Clearly…a Blogging Break

I feel exhausted. The type of exhaustion that comes from stress. emotional. physical. stress. packing… the endless packing…or so it seems. SOON, I will lament about unpacking, but at least I will be with my man. And oh how I miss that man!!!

Doesn’t he look all alone without his family? Anyway, I’ve been taking a blogging break and will most likely take one until we move. I’m excited, but my brain doesn’t really work in regards to writing. I’m reading your posts but not commenting because I’ve tried and everything comes out weird. If you’d like I could leave a comment that says, “I read this.” πŸ˜‰ BUT that might come out negative and that’s NOT what I mean. I worked so hard moving boxes one day that I seriously could NOT do yoga. I tried. Believe me I tried, but at the end of the day I did not have the strength. And that is that. So I will see you in a week or two, or whenever we get internet at our new place. And this is me, just trying to stay sane through it all: and of course Gooner…just loving life!

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10 thoughts on “Clearly…a Blogging Break

  1. praying that the move goes smoothly friend! I know Q will be happy to see you both!

  2. Also praying that everything goes smoothly. Moving is so exhausting and stressful. Everything about it. But, at least there’s a light at the end of the long black tunnel. One day at a time…

  3. Gooner is darling! Hope everything goes smoothly! I know what you mean about the staying sane! I’ll email you soon sometime… I just have not gotten adjusted to working life.

  4. Gooner looks happy so you must be doing something right! Yay for almost being back with Q!

  5. Girrrrl. I am right there with you! I pretty much had a melt down today. Keeping you in my prayers! Can’t wait to read about your Colorado adventures when you’re settled.

  6. Awww lady! That’s what life is about. Take it all in. I may have the gift of time to complete a 30 day yoga challenge – while you have the gift of the most beautiful child and family to take care of! I truly admire your dedication as a wife and mommy first, my friend. There will be time for the rest of life later;)


  7. Hope the move goes well!! I saw a woman at Whole Foods today as I was on my way out…she so reminded me of you, that I wanted to exclaim, “Hello, Laura!!” Yes…she probably would’ve thought I was crazy. ;o) But really…I think you must have a twin! She was wearing sunglasses…and had a little girl in tow–but it was not Gooner. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures once you’re settled, take care!

  8. I hope your moving goes smoothly. And Gooner is as cute as ever!!!

  9. Good luck with the move! I hope it goes/is going smoothly!

  10. Hang in there and enjoy the break!

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