It’s not a secret that I went to college here in Colorado. I didn’t come with academic goals, but full of dreams about skiing, rock climbing, hiking… Basically I wanted to experience the great outdoors as God intented, via The Mountains. I was an honour student, but my mind was full of the grandeur of the Rockies. All this to say I have a brain FULL of memories. Memories of weighing 120 pounds, no husband and no kid. A life satisfied by jam packed weeks of studies and relaxation spent at Breckenridge. Wait, I didn’t relax, I skied until my legs went numb and my boots gave me blisters. BUT, I’ve changed. A lot. I wondered how it would feel to be back.

Well, it feels awesome! We don’t live in the same town as my school, SO everything is pretty much new. I have a man I adore and a daughter that I love – all to experience this fabulous state with! We’ve been so busy that we haven’t really thought about the camera…sorry.

We have awesome neighbors. You know the kind that knocks on your door to tell you that your blanket blew away, BUT the maintenance man found it and threw it in the trash, BUT she knew it was yours so she dug it out for you. I think I need to make banana bread or something tasty for her. You know, be neighborly. She DID save our blanket from certain death.

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7 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Aw, I’m so glad you’re loving it! Awesome! And, yay for great neighbors… we’re so glad for ours.

  2. that’s an adorable story! i love that neighbor!
    so happy that you’re enjoying being in colorado. it can be tough to move your family out of it’s familiar routine.

  3. I’m so glad you like it! And awesome neighbors always make it easier!

  4. Glad you are enjoying it!! Yay for having nice neighbors!!

  5. So glad that everything is going well and YAY for great neighbors!

  6. Dad

    So glad you’re connected again. We NEED your blog!!

    Love, Dad

  7. That’s awesome! You are making me jealous with all this Colorado talk!

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