I’m going to complete a questionnaire since I was tagged by the lovely Kels, and I found it interesting. I normally don’t agree to doing stuff like this. I tend to be more private and even yesterday’s post seemed like I was airing dirty laundry BUT, here I am trying to be more open.  So IF you are interested in learning about things that MIGHT only matter to me…read on.

1. What is your favorite part of the day? – Definitely the morning! I LOVE to have my quiet time with the Lord in the cool air, sipping hot coffee and swinging Gooner on the patio.
2. What is your favorite meal?- Seriously? Um, how about my favorite food at the Macaroni Grill…. Chicken Canneloni. I LOVE that stuff.
3. What is your morning routine?-  It  normally begins with patio time and a good planning of our day! This will definitely change since Q used to work nights and now with the new job, and the move… WHO KNOWS!!!  I love routine, so does Gooner and we will be SO happy to have one again! I feel like everything is different and THAT takes time.
4. If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?  Oh wow! It is so hard because Q and I love to travel Europe BUT, we want our next stop to be Alaska. Due to family, it will most likely be Paris.
5. If money weren’t a problem what home improvements would you make? – It is a toss up between a dream kitchen and an Italian bath. Q’s friends have this imported Italian bathroom and it is a DREAM.
6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Oh dear, life changes moment by moment. I can’t imagine 10 years. I somehow have to get through unpacking! It is out of control!
7. Do you have a hobby? I like to run and hike, oh and I DO like to make scarves. And Bake. And Cook…
8. Why did you start blogging? I moved overseas and I wanted my family to be able to follow my life. When living abroad you regularly have to pay by the hour for internet time, so blogging was more effective than emails. I’ve really enjoyed meeting folks via blogs. I LOVE friends who have started blogs because I miss them so much!
* I truly appreciated all your advice concerning the “friend.” I’ll let you know how it goes…
* I’m supposed to tag people, BUT if you want to do this, you should because I find tidbits about other people interesting. Tidpits y’all, NOT a photo of what’s in your fridge.
* I will post my running plan soon. Are any of you interested in being a runner but you aren’t sure how? Yah, the program gets you from walking to running in 13 Weeks, ALL injury free!
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6 thoughts on “Questions…

  1. YAY! So glad you did this. 🙂 An Italian bathroom sounds lovely. I am still angry about that girl in your last post. I’m pretty sure you know what I WOULD do but I have been trying to think of a better response, so I have not given you my opinion yet. (As I am sure you are eagerly awaiting ;)) Please tell me teething gets better…please?!?
    Oh and I am really tempted to take a picture of my fridge and send it to you. But since you wouldn’t find it interesting I will try to refrain…no promises 🙂 Love you!!!!!!

  2. Unrelated to this post … but …

    I noticed this morning when I responded to the email/comment you posted yesterday that my email was addressed to

    So I wanted to make sure you got it! I would tend to think you DIDNT. Shoot me your email address, would you kindly? I wrote out a lovely thoughtful response and I dont want it to go unread. Lol.

  3. Did you do the Couch to 5K plan? Because that plan really has helped me.

    And, a side note, if we still live in Alaska when you decide to come visit we have a guest room and you can stay in it. So that helps with the cost! 🙂 And we really do live in a GORGEOUS place. Within driving distance/biking distance of ocean, mountains, glaciers, etc. And really, I’m not kidding.

  4. Wowza…an Italian bathroom sounds amazing. I love your hobbies…espeically hiking. 🙂 Do you have tips for those of us who are trying to start running?

  5. Alaska is our dream place to visit right now, for sure. We keep trying to make it work, and just haven’t managed it yet… hopefully soon. Loved reading this! And you totally reminded me that I got tagged in something a while back, and forgot to do it. Ha! Perhaps I shall do it soon. 🙂

  6. Clarissa

    Okay, I’ll do your running plan, but not until finals are over. I’m only setting myself up for failure and more panic if I add something right now. In the meantime, what’s an Italian bath?

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