Merry-Thon / So You Want to Run

Back in 2003 I decided I wanted to be a runner. I wanted a runner’s body. I wanted to tell people I was a runner. I wanted to tie on some kicks and just go. I wanted a dog to run with. It made sense to me…rescue a dog from the humane society and hit the slopes. I was in college people, don’t judge! Or go ahead and judge…we ALL have different reasons for wanting to run. Running clears my thoughts, gets me outside, and burns a lot of calories.

SO, I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the 13 Week Walk/Run program. If YOU are like normal people, like me, when you try to run, you begin with LOFTY ambitions and begin sprinting upon reaching the pavement. And pretty soon – as in 20 seconds – you begin having breathing problems, your arms begin to swing WILDLY about and your brain begins thinking about how your wide bum is probably jiggling wildly. It’s been 45 seconds now and your lungs are SCREAMING. You’ve gone halfway around the block, MAYBE, and you are annoyed that you chose THIS as your workout today and you’ve basically thrown it away. And you once again realize that you DO hate running and you hate skinny girls because not only do they run, but they appear to enjoy doing it. And you hate that for SOME REASON you weren’t built to run. Not true. I must confess; I used to think this way. But I bought the book and just began. This is our view from our front porch.

At the end of 13 weeks you are literally running for an hour, straight. No walking. It’s awesome. You begin walking more than jogging. For example, Week 1 Session 1: Run 1 Minute Walk 2 Minutes – 12 Times for a total of 36 minutes.

So choose your route. (That is us above “choosing which way to go.”)

This is me in my running gear. I look super cool right?

If we plan it right we canΒ  get up early enough that Gooner takes a snooze, allowing us the time for a long run. And if you follow the program you will have long runs to. Oh, and nobody is paying me to write this stuff, it’s just a way to safely become a “runner.”

So, the Merry-Thon is a December goal of running 26.1 miles throughout the whole month of December. So I challenge YOU to walk/run a grand total of 26.1 miles this December. I’m totally going to do it! I LOVE stuff like this!

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17 thoughts on “Merry-Thon / So You Want to Run

  1. That’s awesome!!! I use to run all the time but nowadays I can never find the time to do a mile or two at a time.

  2. The post I’ve been waiting for! Yay!! I’m buying the book as we speak. I need the help to not “over do it” or push myself too hard right away. I just want to be an amazing runner off the bat. I’m excited to get started. Thanks for your insight. πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome. I agree that walking/running is the way to start. It’s how I have started “every time”. The Merry-thon sounds awesome. I wonder if I will be able to get out with the cold weather? Good luck!

  4. Jessica

    Hi! So glad you are joining the “Merry-thon!”

  5. OMG, I HATE running…but I SOOOOO badly want to love it. I am the person you described in the beginning…it’s weird because I can do so many other challenging cardio workouts…running just kills me, and my joints!! I reallyy want to be able to just get out and go though…it looks so invigorating! Post-baby I think I will invest in some really great running shoes, and really start to challenge myself. I really need to figure out why it kills my joints so bad and rehab whatever is going on as well….my fear of blowing out a knee or killing my hips and not being able to do anything has held me back!!!

  6. Oh, I am SO the person you described. It’s my joke with my sisters that I don’t run unless a shark is chasing me… very weird, I know. πŸ™‚ But, I always imagine myself with someone running behind me holding a blowup shark on the end of a stick/string thing, and that’s how I got through my running workouts. Until I started taking my daughters with me now–they’re scary “drill surgeons”. Ha!

    (PS… the photo of my daughter with the pink sky was edited to be pink–it was actually really really blue. My husband was just messing with the editing features on RAW photos. The purple sky was just blue with a tiny yellow overlay so you could see the details in the hills.)

  7. Wow! What an awesome goal for the month! Good for you! I love that you guys do it as a whole family (at least sometimes). That’s building good habits right from the beginning!

    Good luck with the MerryThon!

  8. I would like to say I will join your challenge but I think it is better to say I will try to join. I may have to bust out my wii cross-country running game to get going though as LB does not fit in the jogging stroller quite yet and I could not imagine waiting until W gets home at night to go for a run.
    And yes I did cave to a Keurig. I like the option of not having to grind my beans and heat up water in the mornings when LB is screaming my ear off and I want coffee now πŸ˜‰ But the nice thing is you can put your beans in as coarse as a french press to make your cup sooo its kinda like a quick french press.

  9. Great idea. I followed Hal Higdon’s 1/2 marathon training guide which is 12 week program (I believe) and it helped me to know how far to run while training. If I didn’t live where lake effect snow flies and the high today is 31 I might consider tagging along. Instead you will find me working out at home where I won’t run the risk of getting frost bite with Jillian Micheals as we banish fat and boost metabolism or so that is what the video says we will do.

  10. That sounds like a great program…maybe I’ll give it a try!

  11. Clarissa

    I’ll see you and your infamous program in two weeks, dear. πŸ™‚

  12. I’m in. Only…I’m going to elliptical it instead of run/walk. That okay? ;o) I love the view from your front porch. *Sigh.* Beautiful mountains. My Sister and I did a similar program when we trained for our 10k on a summer break from college. 6.2 miles is not a long run of course…but long for me! πŸ™‚ It helped to have a training schedule!

  13. Wow! Go you!! Great goal!!

  14. Jess

    My husband got this very book last summer from the library! It worked for him, he enjoyed it and is now a runner! The running challenge sounds tempting especially since we are Y members now. Wish life wasn’t so crazy. Maybe January will slow down. Ha.

    Sounds like you are doing well in Colorado. Does the babe seem to miss her grandparents?

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