Lately, my thankfulness has been relative. I’ve thankful because Q has a job, Gooner isn’t sick, Q’s not sick, our car works… but the truth is I haven’t been flat out thankful. I’ve discovered that my thankfulness is relative because as soon as something bad happens I’m angry, annoyed, and UNthankful. In fact, I become very angry. I don’t know why I think that life should just be great and awesome ALL THE TIME, but I do. I don’t REALLY feel that way, but if something doesn’t go as planned I start acting ridiculous. This is me feeling thankful with my friends on Thanksgiving Day:

And then BOOM, bad news. And the bad news hit me HARD. Why? Because my thankfulness for God’s blessings in my life were relative to what was happening in my life. I’m only thankful if it’s BETTER than what I’m comparing my circumstances with. I just need to be thankful for all the WONDERFUL gifts in my life.

Oh, and Gooner totally stole my scarf. She thinks it is hers…I guess it is…now.

Merry-Thon: 6.5 Miles of 26.1 Miles

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9 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. I feel like you are speaking truth from my own mind. It’s so tough!

  2. I used to struggle with the same thing, but it’s gotten better over the past several years.
    Ellie steals my scarves ALL the time. Maggie has her own.

  3. M

    She sure does look cute in “her” scarf!

  4. cozy scarf for those colorado temps!

  5. She looks so cute in that scarf!

    Isn’t it amazing how you can be bopping along all fine and dandy, and one little thing comes along an totally blows you off track?! I’ve been thinking about this aspect of life lately, how fragile our minds and spirits can be. We only have strength if we are constantly leaning on God.

    I would say I am a thankful person. I am thankful for my husband
    s job, our health, God’s many surface blessings… however, my CONTENTMENT tank is practically nonexistent. While I may be a surface thankful person, I am in no way content. I’ve realized this through a few recent circumstances, and have commited myself to working on that.


  6. I’m learning a lot about being thankful in the midst of tumultuous circumstances…it’s been a good life lesson!

  7. So sorry to hear you got bad news. It IS hard to be thankful when something is going badly. Thinking of you and your family.

  8. I can be the same exact way. Sometimes it takes one thing to totally ruin attitude…it sucks how that works!!!

    Gooner looks great in your scarf. And you look adorable in that Thanksgiving pic!!!

  9. Clarissa

    You have a beautiful family, friend. 🙂

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