Green with Envy

Our spinach for the week:

Yes, our spinach for 3 for the week takes up one whole side of the sink. (That cost us 3 dollars.) I have an AWESOME helper…it takes time to wash and pull off stalks:

Our favorite way to have spinach is OF COURSE – The green monster:

Ha, it’s totally appropriate to drink a smoothie out of a beer mug! We’ve started using a product called Body Balance. It is WAY cheaper and healthier than green superfood.

I ran a hole in one of my running pants. Then I ran a hole in my other running pants. I’m not about to wear a running skirt in 16 degree weather (although it is in the fifties these days) so we used a gift card and purchased new pants for me. I’m thrilled. I love them. The weight I gained over Thanksgiving is back off, PRAISE THE LORD!

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13 thoughts on “Green with Envy

  1. What is in that?!

    What running pants did you get? I need to invest in a good pair this winter.

    P.S. Girrrrrrrrrrrrl… You look good!! πŸ™‚

    • I will have to do a post about it but it is Juice, Spinach, Banana, Mango, Peach.

      I chose pants from Victoria’s Secret! VX Sport or something. They are cheaper but still work!

  2. Clarissa

    Hooray for you! Keep it up, friend. Also, the smoothie looks very, very yummy.

    • Clarissa

      Hey, where are you buying your spinach? I have yet to find a deal like that. Maybe it’s the stores up here.

      • I’m happy to make you a smoothie any time you want to come over! We buy our spinach at Sprouts, but King Soopers has good spinach BUT it is a little more expensive. And the Vitamin cottage has tough spinach.

  3. I get holes in my workout clothes all the time too! πŸ™‚

  4. Seriously?! Cannot believe how cheap that spinach is. Also, it is a deeeelightful green color. I need to paint something in that color now. πŸ™‚ You look so great! And your helper is darling–it’s so fun when they can “help”! I need new running pants-almost spent some birthday money on them, but then I found cute cute boots. I cannot resist boots/shoes, ever.

  5. Have you tried the Amazing Grass Kids Berry powder? It is really good!

  6. I love how green that looks! You look A-MAZING! LB wants a playdate soon with Gooner and you of course πŸ™‚

  7. That’s a lot of spinach, and cheap! Love the picture of you two…precious!!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Seriously, you look so cute in that picture! And happy!

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