Truly – a Random Monday

1. Gooner says “bonjour” which is pronounced  “bounow” in Gooner French. It is just about the cutest thing ever. At this point that is all the French she’s saying. And oui – which she pronounces in French slang, “way.” I was getting tired of her never saying “yes” so we just switched to the other language spoken in our house, AND it worked like a charm.

2. Whenever we go somewhere folks who were BORN in Africa (black or white) seek Q out to tell him hello, BUT if they are black AMERICANS they NEVER say hello. Unless we are in an inner city where Q may get a “hey bruthu” OR a racist comment since he’s with a white woman – me. Now that we have Gooner, and she’s older, we RARELY get comments. If we DO get comments they are about what a beautiful mixture Gooner is of the two of us. And those comments are fabulous.

3. I REALLY miss Turkish breakfast.

4. I love my marriage to Q.5. Gooner needed a desk since she is now the “Master Colourer.” And yes that IS my yoga mat in the corner. I needed SOMETHING to keep her occupied since doing “upward dog” with Gooner sitting on my tailbone was SUPER difficult.

6. Colorado is SUPER casual. In Texas you had to be all “done up” in order to leave the house and HERE yoga pants are completely acceptable. I am not comfortable wearing Yoga pants to the store. I had wide hips BEFORE Gooner, I DEFINITELY have wide hips now. It is just the way it is, and I’m ok with that, but NOT in yoga pants.

7. Gooner is taking 2 naps a day REGULARLY. You say AWESOME…right? Um no. It is because our neighbor above us wakes up SUPER early for work and slams his doors in the morning. He wakes her up and that annoys me. But because she wakes up so early she takes a morning nap at 8:30 or 9:00 AM. Saweeeeeeeeeeet!

8. And I’m still loving this Merry Christmas!

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18 thoughts on “Truly – a Random Monday

  1. M

    She is too cute sitting at her “desk”. Does Grandma need to get her a new coloring book?

  2. Love this random list. The photo of you and your husband is adorable! And I think it’s amazing that Gooner is going to be bilingual.

  3. OMG, I LIVE in my workout clothes…I could never live in Texas. Glad CO. is more lax!

    You NEED to get a video of Gooner saying Bonjour, TOO CUTE!!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by!

    1.) I can’t believe you all got racist comments! I need to get a thick skin before my little one comes home. If anyone was rude to my babe, I think I would go all mama bear on them.

    2.) I think I need to read your blog for motivation to not eat like a major fatty. After our first child, I was super fat. Went on a very sensible eating and exercise plan (The Abs Diet), lost all of the baby weight plus 15 pounds. Baby #2: the good thing was I started thinner, but I still have ten pounds of baby weight around my lovely midsection. not because I can’t lose it, because I can’t handle eating all the leafy greens my husband brings home from work when there are Christmas goodies sitting around.

    The end.

  5. Your daughter is so gorgeous!! I love that you are raising her to be bilingual. Some of my friends are doing that with English/Spanish. Such an awesome thing! I am sorry you hear such racist comments, but I’m glad you share that with us. It reminds of how much work there is to be done!

  6. She is so stinkin adorable! She is growing up too quickly though considering I haven’t even met her and now by the time I do she will be running away to color or play with dolls or kick a soccer ball. I wont just be able to hold her and cuddle. boo. i guess that just means my dream about the twins will have to come true 😉 LOVE LOVE LOVE that wedding picture!

  7. Oh, your master colourer is SO cute! My girls can (and sometimes do) color ALL DAY LONG. I love it! I keep a tablet for each of them in my purse and a little bag of crayons and whenever we’re running errands or whatever I just pull them out when they get grumpy and they know to channel their energy into drawing. It’s so great!

    That makes me sad that you guys (or anyone!) would get racist comments. She IS the perfect combo of you both! ALL are precious in HIS sight.

    I love that you guys are teaching her to be bilingual. I wish I could focus on being better about this with my kids, and with all of us, actually.

  8. Gooner French must be SO cute to hear!

  9. I love that Gooner speaks french! I bet it’s just the cutest!

  10. Clarissa

    I can’t understand why you can’t do downward dog with Gooner sitting on your tail bone. 😉

  11. I’m not dead. Just wanted to say hi 🙂 Gooner is gooey good.

  12. Love the ingenuity, Mama! Who needs a regular ol’ desk and chairs when you can sit on PRESENTS!!!! 😉 And I’m going to add to the vote here, we need a Gooner French vlog! That is too stinkin’ cute. I appreciate your thoughtfulness here lately, and I appreciate YOU! ❤

  13. Can I color, too? I love coloring. LOL Random, I know. But I really do think I’ll find some little munchkin to color with this Christmas break! ha!

  14. Wow. There are so many things I don’t know about you! You speak French?! That’s so freaking awesome. I took a class in high school and loved it. I pretty much forgot everything. Someday I want to be fluent in the language.

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