Living in a Fantasy

Last night I was restless. So restless that I did an hour of yoga in hopes of calming down. It didn’t work, so I grabbed a book that I hadn’t read in a long time. Within 2 hours I had finished the book (266 pages) and became SUPER annoyed with the epilogue.

Hawaii 1879 – “It had taken longer after her second pregnancy to fit into that shift, but now that little Callie was three months old, Charlie was slim as a girl once again.”


Ok. seriously? It took her THREE months THIS time to fit into her old nightgown? COME ON! That just isn’t reality… that is fantasy. All of us mama’s out there KNOW that at BEST you are getting rid of your nasty maternity pants at 2 months. And WHO looks like a GIRL – THREE months post preggers????

Along that note I had a THOUGHT, and apparently Laury had the same thought. And since we are all talking about babies, I figured I’d ask for your opinion. We have THREE scenarios in regards to being pregnant. Please vote and then comment as to WHY you think the way you do. I, of course, have an opinion on this matter, but I’d like to know yours!


9 miles of 26.2 completed of Merry-thon!

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17 thoughts on “Living in a Fantasy

  1. Even though I said I am not finding out…I don’t see anything wrong with finding out. I probably will next time for sure!

    3 months, huh….talk about giving false hope!!!

  2. Finally!! catching up on your blog….did I miss something? 😉

    Gooner is a doll! Cuter each time I catch up here…

    We find out the sex (because I’m a planner) and announce it right away. The name is different…. we told S’s name right away….E’s we waited until she was born. We only waited because everyone had an opinion and I was exceptionally moody the 2nd go ’round and didn’t want to hear it anymore. Hence, keeping secrets. I say, do whatever feels best for your family.

  3. This made me laugh, then I laughed until I cried. 🙂 Um 18 months later…….. Actually I am back to my pre pregnancy size but that is not my ideal place. Considering certain department stores now have bigger “Plus size” girl sections then regular girl section, maybe I am back to a girl like figure…….

  4. I *wish* I were a slim girl three months after giving birth, LOL!!

  5. You know, even though I will never know the joys of pregnancy, I would think I would be someone who would just let it out and let the world know if it’s a boy or girl and what the name is. but that’s just me and doesn’t take Clarissa into consideration. But we haven’t gotten that far as to discuss what WE would want to do as far as this is concerned.

  6. Is it bad that i despise the girls who look teeny tiny 2 months after having a baby? I have a few friends who fit back into all their pre-preg clothes 2 months after having their babes and yet they still complain to me about being fat. drives me bonkers! i have tried very hard not to complain/nag about my body post-baby so i go crazy when i hear women do it. Okay, sorry for my rant… I just know what your saying about that book. unrealistic.

  7. 18 months later and I’m NOT slim as a girl, BUT after Maggie’s birth I was back to a size 6 within a couple of months. Not the case after baby #2.
    I would wait until at least 12 weeks to announce the pregnancy, announce the sex as soon as I found out and announce the name as soon as I was sure of it. I like to feel confident with the name choice, so that people do not change my mind. I think putting a name with the baby before birth helped it all to seem more real for me.

  8. I voted… but I said I’d tell the name and gender. But, I feel like I should explain a tad. If we were pregnant right now, I’d be so HAPPY because we’ve been trying for 17 or 18 months now and I’m pretty sure I’d tell strangers the baby’s name! LOL But, I wouldn’t tell the www.

  9. Immediately I thought–who wrote this book!? A man?! Even though I haven’t had children yet, I still get so irritated when people act like any kind of weight–pregnancy or not–just falls off of them without even trying! Give me a break!! I love the poll–my parents didn’t find out with me or my sister. I think it’s so fun to think about and guess–I will probably do the same thing they did. I’ll have a boy and girl name picked out, but not know the gender! 🙂

  10. I just wish I was pregnant. Who cares if that means being fat for awhile???

  11. Well, since I haven’t had a kiddo of my own yet this is all hypothetical. I think I would want to know what the sex is so that I could decorate and get gender specific clothing. I’m a planner like that. As far as the name, I will probably tell people because I like to monograph things and monographed gifts would be amazing. 🙂

    Now this could all change before I get pregnant or after the first experience with the first child.

  12. did I really just same monograph?!?! I meant monogram!!!

    Wow, these long work days are killing me! I’m losing it!

  13. Ahh fiction. 🙂

  14. With my first I lost the weight immediately. I mean, I didn’t gain more than 16 pounds, so I didn’t have hardly any to lose. That being said, I WISH so badly that I had gained weight, and had her full term… I was 32 weeks when she was born. With my second it was a year after she was born.

    We’re announcers. We announce the sex and the name… we’re incapable of keeping secrets is why. 🙂 That being said, with both of my kids there were at least 5 other women in our church each time who were pregnant at the same time I was, and I didn’t want to risk someone else “stealing” our names–so we laid claim to them publicly first. Paranoid, I know. 🙂

  15. Jess

    Surprise all the way around!! It’s really none of people’s business. Even IF we did find out gender, no one would know until arrival. =)

    As for the weight/size thing, it generally has taken me 5-6 months for pre-pregnant clothes to come back out. Three months is not realistic. HOWEVER, most things don’t quite fit the same again (I swear my torso lengthens and “stuff” shifts. I personally think it’s easier to lose the weight after #2 and 3. Maybe because you spend most of your time chasing kids and have no time to shove food in your face. Ha!

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