Normally I don’t do play by play cooking posts. For the most part I feel like we ALL know what a cup of flour looks like….and a teaspoon of baking powder BUT, if you are like me, you might not know EVERYTHING. 😉 AND Q grew up eating plantains…I did not. I’d eaten them in Panama, but that was about it. So Q picked out 4 plantains and we went to work. Rule Number One – You don’t tear off the top of the plantain like you do a banana, but you slit the side…like so.

The flesh should pull off easily.

Slice ’em up THIN! If they are too thick the flavor is more mushy banana than potato chip.

Once sliced you sauté them up in olive oil!

Add salt and pepper and eat them with ketchup. Super tasty! This is a healthier alternative to french fries. What fruits or veggies do you eat that might seem outside the norm?

Today we ran 4 miles in 28 degree weather. I did 20 minutes of yoga before hand to warm up my muscles and the run was fabulous! We put Gooner in her snow pants so she was quite warm. This means we are 13 miles into our 26.2 mile merrython!

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11 thoughts on “Plantains

  1. Those look delicious. I just tried them for the first time last Christmas. I will have to try making them at home now. Thanks for the tips.

    I started the 13 week training this week. I’m two days in and after the first one I was so sore!! Ha! So far I’ve ran/walked 5.46 miles. 🙂

  2. Mmm…I love plantains. One of my roommates where I lived for a while introduced me to them. So good!

  3. Those look SO SO good–I am going to have to try them prepared like that. My grocery store doesn’t sell plantains–one bad thing about living in a small town 40 miles from the nearest freeway–but I can get them when I go down to Portland. I’ve always wondered how else to prepare them. I bought them once when we lived down there and cooked them with a pork roast, and they were so good!

  4. Those look so delicious!!

  5. I never had a plantain, and I am afraid to try!! Maybe you will give me courage 😉

    You and Q and G are freakin rockstars with the running!

  6. Clarissa

    Shorts? Wow, that’s intense.

    I’ve never eaten plantains. I would love to try them sometime. I should just go for it.

  7. Thanks for the info! I had always wondered how people prepared those!

  8. yum! I love those. I have made them twice but each time I smooched them before frying…so good! but I would much rather eat them with you and gooner 😉

  9. Four miles in 28 degree weather?!? Y’all are some serious runners!!!

  10. Yum – I love plantains!

    And I love that photo of your husband and daughter. They are both adorable. Gooner in that puffy pink snow suit is just too, too cute!

  11. ketchup?!?! Madness.

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