I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Are you? For me…it probably isn’t going to happen. What about you? Poll time!!!


I’m excited about Christmas this year! Q and I are HOPING for a Christmas run, BUT it might not happen since ALL of us have been bit by some kind of weird bug. The type that fills you with mucus. The kind that makes me happy that we aren’t traveling and that no one is traveling to us. I think this is my first Christmas ever away from my parents. It feels weird, but this way I will eat less 😉 Normally we walk in the front door and the house is FULL of Christmas and PILES of candy and cookies. And THEN Mom reminds us to eat as much as we want because she has 6 containers stacked high in the laundry room. THEN we have Christmas Eve eat fest. THEN we have Christmas Day eat fest. THEN we have New Years Eve eat fest. I WANT to lose weight, I WANT to be in the best shape for races BUT that seems to go out the window when I’m staring at white chocolate dipped pretzels and taco bean dip. So good. I just love it. SO, while doing my Body by Bethany yoga, the yogi gave a tip that I have found AMAZING – eat with your left hand. Have you tried dipping a nacho chip INTO taco bean dip WITH YOUR LEFT HAND??? It doesn’t work. And that is the point. I am forced to slow down…and eat less. I’ve also taped my goals all over the house. Seriously, in the face of guac I forget EVERYTHING. It is as if I have been taken over by a recently hibernated grizzly bear that has just awoken. Q does NOT understand this dilemma at all, so I wonder if it is a girl thing. But when my goal of running the half marathon is starring me in the face while I TRY to eat with my left hand, I realize that crappy foods are NOT going to get me there. So tell me, what are you secrets for eating less and BETTER over this amazing holiday?

I will miss my sister….a lot on Christmas. This whole her living in another country thing… AND we will miss her kids.

Why all the wedding photos? WELL, because I like them. And Q’s computer crashed with all our photos. AND now we have ALL our photos loaded on the computer and I’m enjoying looking back. 🙂 And I WILL miss my parents on Christmas.

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17 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

  1. That is so hard being away from family on the holidays. I guess now is your opportunity to make your own traditions with your little family. 🙂

  2. thelumberjackswife

    I think we will definitely have a white Christmas!

  3. Adie

    This holiday season has been bad for eating. I somehow thought it would ve different. Enjoy your family and the ability to breathe assuming the bug allows you too! Merry Christmas !

  4. M

    I am missing you too. If it is any consolation I haven’t baked as much as I usually do. I’m missing you more and more the closer we get to Christmas.

    Love you and miss you!


  5. Love your wedding pics, so gorgeous! Hope you feel better by Christmas!! We MAY get LOTS of snow here on Sunday…still not sure, but if we get a snow storm it’s supposed to be HUGE! Happy Holidays!!!

  6. Oh I love that left hand eating tip!

  7. We are supposed to have a white Christmas, which is very unusual for us!
    We choose to spend Christmas Eve at home (except for a short visit at the in-laws) or in Church and JUST with our little family. It’s actually my favorite part of the holiday now. If the Georgia thing goes as planned, this will be our last Christmas with our families until the kids are much older.

  8. We are going to have three days of snow starting on Christmas Eve! I am pretty excited about that–as long as my fiance can make it to me on Christmas Day! I love the tip you shared about eating with your left hand! The entire side of my mom’s family is going to be home for Christmas with everyone bringing “their” signature desserts. This will be SO helpful! Question–do you always run outside or do you have a gym membership?

    • I do not have a gym membership. I did up until our gym got headlice THREE TIMES in the kid department. Thankfully Gooner never got it BUT if we had been there on those days she would have! I decided that it just wasn’t worth it. As long as we talk a walk before AND after Gooner is happy to sit in the stroller for about five miles.

  9. Beautiful pictures!!! Argh, I hear ya on the staring at the food…I like the idea of eating with your left hand, haha!!!

  10. Oh, left hand eating… good plan! 🙂 Except that I got really good at left hand eating when my kids were little. 🙂

    We’re having a really quiet christmas. I actually haven’t baked anything yet… which is SO weird for me, but I’m just not feeling like stuffing myself with sugar at this point, it just doesn’t sound good. So, I’m attempting to just go with it at this point, and not feel guilty about not doing something that isn’t good for us anyway. The first week of January we will be with all my family, and I think we’ll make up for it then. 🙂

    Merry Christmas! Hope you guys feel better, and have a lovely little Christmas of your own.

    • I know! The left handed thing didn’t work NEARLY as fabulous as I was hoping. I realize that I hold Gooner with my right and eat with my left regularly. bah. but it DID get me thinking about it.

  11. we are suffering from the same bug. ugh!

    i hope you guys have a blessed Christmas in Colorado! so sorry you will be away from your family, that is so tough. hoping it will be extra sweet with your baby girl and your man, to help make up for it. : )

    all the pictures are so sweet; you made a gorgeous bride!

  12. I love seeing the photos La!! You were such a beautiful bride!! I’m curious to know how that DVD is working out?

  13. We didn’t have a whote Christmas, but we got some snow today! 🙂

  14. I LOVE WEDDING PHOTOS TOO!!! And looking back and reminiscing!!! 🙂

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