To a New Week

I’m sure our neighbors hate us. We’ve been hacking a lung for the past week and we are ALL ready to be done. Gooner was throwing up and congested. Q couldn’t swallow because his throat hurt so badly and has been hacking up mucus. And my sinuses went wild. Yuck. It is SUPER annoying. I worked out once. Q worked out twice, but NO running happened…which is annoying!

It is a new week though right? I’m excited about that. It looks like a busy one! I did something I vowed to NEVER do and started The Shred today. It was ALL THE RAGE earlier this year and I normally wait until MONTHS OF THINKING before taking the plunge in most arenas. Verdict so far…I’m disappointed. The workout is only 20 minutes long!!!! I NEED an hour a day. That’s it. So irregardless I need to fill 40 minutes…with something else. I think this would be GREAT if you’d just had a kid. BUT, I’ll let you know! Jumping and push ups are NEVER a bad thing.

18.75 of 26.2 miles of the Merry-thon! A week of no running because of health reasons MIGHT just make this one a close call!

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10 thoughts on “To a New Week

  1. Clarissa

    Jimmy and I were sick all this week, too! In fact, we’re still achy and hacking up a lung or two. Sore throats, etc. My mother-in-law was really disappointed because we’ve all just laid around their house blowing our noses. I hope that we didn’t give it to you guys somehow. 😦 Anyway, it put a serious cramp in my running since my throat and back were KILLING me, but like you, I’m ready for a new week.

  2. Good luck with the shred and hope you guys are fully recovered!

    I got to see Kelley and baby Jack yesterday!! He is the most adorable thing ever. We both agreed that we had to meet Gooner asap. 🙂

  3. Awww, so sorry you guys have been so sick!! hope everyone is back to themselves soon!

    Yea, the shred is a little disappointing, great at first, but gets repetitive (unless she came out with new DVDs to add on?) However I think the whole concept is high intensity in short bursts. You don’t necessarily “need” an hour a day, one person can workout an hour a day, and the other for only 30 minutes, and the 30 minute workout could be more intense than the 60 minute. In my opinion, you need about an hour when you add in the warm up, cool down and stretching…but as far as intensity goes, time doesn’t matter much, I see women in the bike reading a mag for an hour barely peddling while I do an intense 30 minutes on the elliptical 🙂

    Love the pic of Gooner!

  4. icky on the sickness and ickies.

    I did the shred for 60 days, I know all the moves within a week and because I knew the moves I was able to do it anywhere (while on vacay with no DVD player) in just 20min. I did see results (I take my measurements once a month), this past month I’ve been doing boost metabolism burn fat and will be taking measurements early next week. That one is 35min (45 if you do the warm-up and cool down….oops) I do it 3x a week and do other strength training 3x a week. Again I have all the moves down and instead of doing each move 2x for 30sec I do them for a straight min once. Good luck!

  5. Oh goodness! I hope you all start feeling better soon!

  6. So sorry to hear about your sickness!!!

  7. Yeah, I didn’t just *love* The Shred, but it’s good for when you want something quick to help pick up your mood or something. I get grumpy when I go too long without working out…. LOL

    We got a bike trainer and it came in last Friday – love that thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s kinda boring riding it while watching tv, but it gives a good workout and you don’t have to brave the cold! LOL

  8. 20 minutes of the shred may feel like an hour. : ) just wait till you get to level 3.

    it is SO annoying when you’re sick and can’t workout or run. that’s where i’ve been this past week, too. i did workout a few times and then felt like dying of coughing afterwards.

    but, wow, you are a mile-running machine!!!

  9. It’s so odd – it seems like a lot of friends of mine with small children got very ill this year around the holidays! I am so glad that things are starting to get a bit better. I love the cute pic of Gooner.

  10. We’re sick too…I hope you fee better soon!

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