01-01-11 Happy New Year

  • I’m genuinely excited about this year. I haven’t made any resolutions…yet.  I need time to think about what I TRULY want to accomplish and strive towards this year. Is a half marathon do-able by May? It IS, but do I want to do that, right now? I’m serious about my goals so I need THINK about them. December just didn’t allow that kind of time.
  • Sister Wives was renewed for a second season. I didn’t watch the first, but I DID manage to catch a few episodes out of curiosities sake. I don’t get it. At all.
  • I’ve done 6 days of “The Shred.” I feel like it’s a good workout, but I’m slightly bored and IT’S SO SHORT!!! I know that you’ve said that it’s quality NOT quantity and to SOME extent that is true. And on some days I’ve been glad for a tough half hour workout, but I need MORE. I added an ab workout afterward and it’s awesome! I might throw in some yoga because I’m honestly missing it.
  • I don’t like eggplant. I took photos of my disaster meal. It deserves a whole post on its own.
  • Are you going to watch The Bachelor this season?
  • Between FB and blogs I’m realizing that A LOT of us had a rough 2010 and EVERYONE needs hope.
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15 thoughts on “01-01-11 Happy New Year

  1. I couldn’t get into Sister Wives either. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Love though…can not wait for this season to start!!!

    I am so looking forward to 2011. Lots of good things to come, I get a little anxious because there are MANY added responsibilities, and the whole financial aspect of them as well….but overall, good stuff. The end of 2010 was rough, glad to be through it!

    Happy New year to you 🙂

  2. The Shred is short, but it’s better than nothing and it gets me through some of my busy days. I have REALLY started to miss the good old days when both of my children napped and I had a little break in the middle of the day for whatever. Mike did all three levels (consecutively) of The Shred a few times for an hour long workout.
    Maggie and I are going to start doing yoga while Ellie’s asleep. She is a blast to exercise with!!
    I have eggplant disaster stories too! It takes practice.

  3. I really like the Shred too, but I also feel it’s very short. It’s like an appetizer work out for me. 😉 Maybe it’d be a good off day workout??

    I just started running again and doing the elliptical on odd days. Feeling good.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I need more yoga in my life too! I’ve been slacking and plan to get back in the groove this week!

  5. I watched Sister Wives a few times (reruns) and I don’t understand it either. I wouldn’t like that at all!!

    I tried The Shred once – I just didn’t really care for it, but I’m thinking of trying to incorporate it again some with some cardio stuff.

    I LOVE eggplant! But, my favorite form is fried! ha, bad I know!

    And, yes 2010 sucked for me. So let’s hope 2011 is better!

  6. *Goals: 1/2 marathon totally do-able by May, I too am hoping to train and run one this year so far not finding one that fits into our schedule or budget…
    *Sister Wives-weird
    *Shred: when I would have time I would do the shred and then go for a run
    *Eggplant: CLUELESS no advice..sorry
    *Bachelor: heck yeah, Hubby has fire academy on Monday night’s so I will have no problem tuning in and won’t be made fun of as much from him for watching.
    * Gotta have HOPE

  7. no eggplant? i love it! how did you try it? i promise i can give you a way you will like it. ive even converted w and my sister who claimed they hate it. if we lived closer i could make it for you and get you converted as well. maybe when we finally see each other i will cook it up for you 🙂 gooner is so adorable! what yoga video do you use? i am in desperate need of a new one.

  8. I love the Bachelor too!! I have been challenged to run a half-marathon in April but it’s the week after we get home from our honeymoon. I just don’t think it’s doable this year spring, but would love to do it later in the year! I tried to watch Sister Wives but honestly it was SO weird that I couldn’t…but it’s kind of one of those shows where even though it’s too weird for words you can’t help but watch! haha Happy New Year!! 🙂

  9. Oh yeah, that Shred is sooooooo short.



    Sweat, sweat, pant, pant, cough hack. Oh, and wheeze.

    I’m a pansy, but that’s okay. I’m okay with being a pansy. I’m okay. Really. No, I’m okay.

    Eggplant is one of those weird vegetables. I like it fried, but that completely defeat the purpose. It gets mushy. I grew it myself one time, and that was cool. But, I don’t buy it on a regular basis. It’s definitely an acquired taste, and one that you have to really be in the mood for.

    And AMEN on the hope. B’s Grandma has colon cancer and we just found out she’s been admitted into the hospital and it’s not looking good. What a crummy way for his family to start out 2011…but, I have to say, they are all growing be leaps and bounds from all of this, and it’s encouraging.

    Lots of love, to my La-la-laaaaaa!

  10. Happy new year! I can’t wait to see what you do with 2011!

  11. Happy New Years! Can’t wait to see what your resolution is. I’m not very good at making resolutions. Maybe I will think month. We shall see.

  12. Jessica

    Happy New Year to you! Thanks for stopping by the old blog (and for giving me the link to yours)! Hope 2011 brings you and your family wonderful things!

  13. Clarissa

    I like eggplant. It’s a bummer you don’t. I have this delicious eggplant ragout that I was going to make for you. It’s super-healthy and super-delicious. Alas. I guess I’ll scrap that one.

  14. um, confession. i watched sisterwives and i was fascinated by the lifestyle. totally not something i could ever imagine living … but i found it interesting to peer into it.

  15. Happy 2011! Am I caught up on your posts yet? Geez, I can’t believe how much I missed. 🙂

    I like eggplant. However, I have had it be really nasty before, so I can see how that would turn a body off of it.

    Sister Wives horrified me. I can’t be ok with that… I just can’t. It was like watching a trainwreck, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. That guy is so ego-maniacal, I just wanted to claw his self important eyes out, and the women are SO brainwashed–they deserve so much better than that, and the kids, how messed up are they going to be?!?!?! Amazing. I’ll stop now. I only watched one episode… I was, in a word, horrified.

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