One Nil to the Arsenal… (authored by Q)

One nil to the Arsenal is one of many Arsenal chants that La and Gooner now know by rote and can sing along with me during the Arsenal games. As you all know, I am and I have been an avid Arsenal fan since a tender age – La and Gooner have the matching jerseys to attest to this.

Talking of which, I am so grateful to have La as my beautiful Lady. So what is my thought of the day? Well, I have been noticing something for years that should not be. Our society tells us that when one is dating, it’s ok for the lady to pretend to like her man’s hobbies. (La and I at a game.) But as soon as one get’s married everything changes. When La and I were dating she was told that it is ok for her to go to my games, but as soon as we got married that would all change – she wouldn’t have to go anymore. Hmmm…why is that?

Most often than not, a lot of women put up with their husband’s hobbies because in their minds, “he is just being a little boy”. Most of them will either not participate or will simply suffer quietly through his “hunting shows” or his “passion for cars”; however, they expect their husbands to be fully engaged in the “sewing projects they make” or watch “the Bachelor” with them. Now how did we ever get to that point?

There is something we tend to forget once we get married. We all like to do things together. Most men never want a wife to be a diehard football fan or a diehard hunting partner. All a man wants is for his wife to put on a matching jersey from time to time, hold his hand, and attend a game or two once a year. All a man wants is for his wife to forego luxury for a day, don hunting gear, and sit in a blind with him once in a while. Those moments make a man very proud and he spends weeks upon weeks bragging to his friends. They, in turn, listen and sigh with envy wondering why their wives wouldn’t do the same for them.

I must confess that I am truly a blessed man. La not only sits down to watch all the Arsenal games with me – not because she has to – because she truly enjoys being by my side and watching the games together. Not only does she don her jersey, but she also knows all the names of the players, where they play, how long they have played for Arsenal… Did you know that La is my number one fan and that if she doesn’t come to my game, I don’t play well because I need her? Memo to that friend who made that comment to La so long ago. You are mistaken. So mistaken that in fact, La just told me the other day that she can’t wait for me to be back on the field playing and scoring goals.

This is a dream come true and I am blessed to wake up to La by my side every morning knowing that I am married to the woman of my dreams.

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14 thoughts on “One Nil to the Arsenal… (authored by Q)

  1. Joao Monge

    Obrigado hermaninho.

    Good job on first post. Quite the fan (même si ya des fautes d’orthographe). Just showing some love and go Tottenham!

    Muito beijos

  2. Adie

    I started to watch Doctor Who with my hubby when we were dating, because I truly enjoyed it. I like baseball too so occasionally I will watch baseball. However I have never enjoyed football and I have never pretended too. But I will sit on the couch while he watches and read a book or something. I think he appreciates that the last two seasons I have attempted to become a football fan but unfortunatley I just can’t get into it. I really enjoyed this post because it was nice to “hear” the other side and I do want to support my husband, even in hobbies. Just as he does for me. Thanks Q!

  3. How nice to hear from Q! What a sweet post.

    And so true. I am not the biggest (American) football fan ever, but I know my husband loves it so I watch it with him whenever I can. And hey – I’ve learned something AND I have fun!

  4. how nicely worded!
    what a wonderful family you have.

  5. I love this post, very sweet!

  6. This is such a sweet post!!
    When we were dating, I started enjoying the things that Mike likes and for the most part I still do. We are confident enough to enjoy things without each other, but it’s more fun when we share experiences.

  7. Such a sweet post by your sweet husband!! This is actually something that Rob and I have been talking about lately–sharing common interests. I appreciate the insight! 🙂

  8. What a great guest post, Q! Always nice to hear from the Mister 🙂

    I still put up with my hubbys Shenanigans since we got married. There are a few things that I tolerated more when we were just dating. However, Michael does sales for a living. He is very persistent. And even though I know his tricks, he has a way of getting his way.

    Again, great job 🙂

  9. You are one blessed man with that La!!!! She is the sweetest! What a cute post. : )

  10. Q, I think you are awesome! Great first post babe! I’m thinking MORE!

  11. So sweet! You two are so perfect for each other 🙂 Love it! Miss you both and can’t wait for a trip to Colorado to get our babes on the slopes together!

  12. I couldn’t agree more!!

  13. Hi Q!

    I so totally agree. My husband and I have talked about this subject a lot, actually. Since we camp and offroad A LOT, we have noticed how many men do this without their wives. And, their wives attitudes seem to range from “vaguely pretends interest” to “outright disdainful of husband’s hobby”. This makes me so sad, as it’s something that can really hurt a man (or a woman, on the opposite spectrum) and build resentment. The ones who offroad/camp together as a team though, really tend to seem happy together, and their families seem to love it too.

    Now, all that being said, I do think it’s important that marriages have mutual hobbies, and then a somewhat equal amount of individual hobbies for both spouses. And, all I mean by that is that it is wonderful for husbands and wives to enjoy doing things together, and want to do things together and have hobbies that both are interested in. But, it’s ok also to have hobbies that each other aren’t a part of, or interested in. I’ve seen couples who don’t do anything apart, and that can create a different kind of unhealthy too. Men feeling squeezed in by always having to hang with the girls, and guys not being able to have guy time in the garage because the wife is always there type of thing.

    Love your first post Q! Hope that you’ve got more coming!

    • Naomi,

      Thank you for your insightful comment and I totally agree with you. It is important for both men and women in a relationship to have individual hobbies. The reason I focused on this aspect of a relationship is because too many couples have too many individual activities and not enough shared hobbies. And I believe that’s why many of us look back fondly on when we were dating.

      I respect you and your husband for going camping and off-roading together. La and I are also avid campers and we are looking forward to summit our first ’14er’ as a couple.

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