A Burlesque Workout

May I just begin by saying that while doing my “workout” I felt like an idiot. A COMPLETE idiot.  I also have NO PROBLEM doing “boring” squats and crunches. They get the job done and honestly, I think they are fun to do. But, whatever, I decided to try something new. Exercise TV had a CRUNCH Gym Burlesque workout available and I thought that hey, why not!? Don’t worry – it was free. And The Shred is a great workout, but you KNOW my complaint by now. So…after shredding I pushed play.

Oh dear. My summation: I felt like an idiot. I just don’t feel like swinging my head/hair around is the best workout for my obliques. THANK GOODNESS I was in the privacy of my own home…except I forgot something. “Oh be careful little eyes what you see.” While I was making a fool of myself in the name of fitness, Gooner was standing on the sidelines watching. I think she was taking mental notes as I flung my body around. And may I just say I did NOT feel sassy as the instructor stated I should. After 20 minutes of MINIMAL workout Gooner stepped into the mix and started head banging, in what I can only describe as HILARIOUS! And then she started imitating OTHER moves that would be HIGHLY inappropriate in the church nursery. Great.

Honestly, it just wasn’t for me.

What is your worst workout experience?

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18 thoughts on “A Burlesque Workout

  1. Anything that requires fake running or pretending to jump rope. I just look silly and practically hurt myself because our ceilings are low in the house!:) At least you did it.

  2. The thought of you and Gooner flipping your hair and shimmying around in the name of exercise makes me giggle.

    I got an exercise video before my wedding that I LOVED. But one of the segments was a wedding night strip tease workout, and I felt like a complete fool trying to do it. I have avoided all the sexy-type dance workouts ever since!

  3. Oh my…that must have been something to see!

  4. HAHA! I just laughed so hard!! I’ve tried one of those workouts before and spent the majority of the time laughing at myself. LIke an above comment, I haven’t tried another one since.

  5. If you didn’t feel sassy maybe you were doing it wrong!!
    Little eyes are ALWAYS watching!

  6. haha…i tried that once, while pregnant. it was hilarious and i am sure i was anything but sassy flinging that bump around 😉 love gooners stink eye 🙂 phone date yes please!

  7. Toooooo funny!!! I hated Zumba with a passion when I tried it. I am just *not* a dancer!

  8. Uh yeah. I am so ungraceful, that type of stuff is not for me. You could put a dairy cow on a dance floor, and she’d do a better job than me at dancing. And, yes, I would feel like an idiot shimmying my way around my living room. It actually makes me snicker just thinking about it. Never mind the fact that I often do really idiotic things to entertain my children like singing in my best deepest opera voice that is truly horrifying and loud. I love that Gooner joined you though, that must have been quite adorable.


  10. Clarissa

    I like your green smoothie pic. I hate the thought of a burlesque workout that includes my participation. That would only be terrible to behold.

  11. just came over from LeAnna’s blog and I might add I just tried that same workout about 2 weeks ago and never did it again because the woman seemed a little crazy…and i did not feel like I got any exercise at all:) You know a really good one is 6 Round Slim Down and I also did “Dorm Room Workout” today…which was ok. I close myself in our side room, close the blinds and hope no one catches me:)

  12. Go figure that she would try to copy you.

    My experience with burlesque was at my bachelorette party – my sister and her friend gave a bunch of us a mini lesson. It was quite ridiculous and hilarious with all of us making fools of ourselves. Don’t ever try to shimmy in a strapless bra that is too big for you, it’s not very pleasant. (haha). But, I can imagine doing it yourself in front of a TV would be considerably more awkward and weird!

  13. LeAnna

    HAHAHAHAHahaha. I’m laughing because I can SO NOT SEE you doing this. And Gooner, too?!?! Hilarious! Crack me up, I’ll remember not to do that one…

  14. Hannah

    Ahhh! I wish I could have watched! I would have died laughing!

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