She’s More Popular

The stats prove it yo! You all like Gooner better than me. I shall no longer be called La on this blog, but Gooner’s Mom.

She IS very cute. You all had the sweetest things to say about her. Our next Vlog might be on all the awful sounds she has learned at the church nursery. I don’t know who, but some kid is REALLY annoying to his/her mother. Gooner now makes the mewling animal sound when she whines. And she didn’t whine all that much until a few weeks ago…AFTER nursery. I thought Church was supposed to be a good place? APPARENTLY it isn’t ALL good. While walking to the mailbox Gooner started it AGAIN and I told her to, “stop it. I know there’s another mother out there going insane!”

Speaking of vlog topics….what all do you want us, I mean HER, to vlog about? Are there any burning questions? I mean, besides the non-french meuling whine. It’s bad.

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15 thoughts on “She’s More Popular

  1. Adie

    I need to hear this noise. I can’t picture it. We come to your blog for mostly you! 😉

  2. Gooner is the cutest, but I vote for posts by you, not Gooner.

  3. I’d rather have that I think vs. Bub’s high pitched blood curdling scream…
    And I visit for all y’all!!!

  4. hahaha! is that what i have to look forward to? I can turn in my FITori blog for FITbaby blog when she’s born?!

  5. haha…my stats show that LB is more popular too. I guess moms are just not as fun anymore once lil pumpkins take over. dont worry i enjoy you just as much as gooner, probably even more 😉 i think you SHOULD vlog about all her annoying sounds.

  6. i love you guys both!

  7. Vlogging Topics for Gooner:

    -Her Favorite foods

    -Her favorite games

    -The annoying whining sound in all its glory

    -How she likes the snow and her new state

  8. Hehehe I like you both! But I second the notion of getting this horrible noise on video so we can all be subjected to the torture! 🙂

  9. You could vlog about her daily activities or her favorite things to do.

  10. She is so adorable. I really enjoy your blog!

  11. That video is so cute!! I’m not sure how I missed it on Monday…except for all that’s been going on here. I’d love to hear the noise, too.

  12. HA! Love it. Yes, Gooner is popular but we love you too. If Gooner is going to do a vlog, I would like it to be on her health nuttiness. As you say. Her favorite health food perhaps?

    Just emailed you btw.

  13. Awe, yall are both fun!!! 😉

  14. The three of you are a winning team, really. I don’t think there should be substitutions-Just a variety. She is so cute.

    You could have her vlog about: Her favorite healthy foods. Her favorite exercises…

    And yeah. Just talk to her when she starts doing that whine thing… eeeuughh. My kids both learned something like that, horrible. She’s so smart, my guess would be she watched that kid do it, and get what they want, and she’s trying it out for herself.

  15. Oh, the things they pick up from other kids!

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