Snow, Spring, Snow

We went from this:

to: 67 degrees!!!

I can’t believe it! The windows were open and it was FABULOUS over the weekend! I kept reading blogs of winter storms and rain and ice…. and it was lovely here! Last week Clarissa came over and we made Borsch, back when it was SOUP WEATHER. We complained about how Americans ALWAYS add a T at the end (Borscht) and lamented that the US doesn’t carry Russia’s version of yogurt/sour cream mixture. When I first moved to Russia I HATED it and told EVERYONE “BEEZ MAYONAISA!” I learned to appreciate it and now I miss it.

Glad I’ve got a death grip on Gooner’s hand…. As IF Clarissa would run off with her in her footy pajamas… OK, maybe I need to just LET GO a little bit. ANYWAY, Clarissa DID agree to babysit OVERNIGHT so Q and I could go camp and hike a 14er.  We are BEYOND thrilled. Other couples go to Cabo and get massages, we fill our packs and spend a romantic evening, on the ground, in a tent. ANYWAY, the Borsch was super fab:

And that bread, yes THAT is Russian Rye that we made. It was delish, but I KNOW I can do better. And yest that is one fabulous chunk of butter that I delightfully SLATHERED on my bread. I wanted seconds but I was just too full. We used two recipes and then added from what we remembered in Russia, and created our own Russian Borsch. So good. Sooooooooooooo good. If you want to try this delishousness healthiness, I’ll be happy to post it. Q liked it AND Gooner liked so it was a total winner.

I would also like to admit that we ate this soup while watching Brad make a total fool of himself on The Bachelor. We made “Bachelor Soup” in this case Borsch, and then ate it in our sweat pants, while watching… The Bachelor. Clarissa secretly, and openly, HATES the Bachelor. I think she comes for the company. And the soup.

And now it is snowing again. Bye bye nice weather!

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14 thoughts on “Snow, Spring, Snow

  1. it was sooo nice here over the weekend and we’re expecting tornadoes the next couple days 😦 ugh!

  2. 67? How delightful! We’re in single digits again all week. The soup looks very good! Have fun on your romantic getaway.

  3. Mmm, that soup does look tasteh! We had gorgeous weather here this weekend, too. Bad weather on the way. WAAAH.

    There’s sumpin’ for you on my bloggity blog today. I think you’ll like it!

  4. OMG. I was watching CNN and heard how CO went from 6 to 67 and I totally thought of you!!!!! They are known for their crazy weather there!!

    We have more horrible weather on the way. Ice storms, nothing worse than that! Yuck!!!

    That soup looks really tasty 🙂

  5. We had temps in the 70’s over the weekend and today it was in the 40’s and blustery…and I made homemade vegetable soup!
    We usually do very non-glamorous things when we leave the kids too. The first time we left Maggie (ever) was for our 6 year anniversary and we went hiking for several hours. I was only 6 weeks postpartum and totally overdid it, but it was nice to be on top of the mountain. You’ll love the time away, but miss Gooner a lot too.

  6. We had a 70 degree day today, only to turn into a 30 degree day tomorrow! Ahhh Texas! 🙂

  7. this is the first time ive really watched all of the bachelor and your right brad does make a complete fool of himself. so entertaining 🙂 we also are getting snow again but i did enjoy the tease of spring.

  8. You all sent us the bad weather, so I’m ready for some new! The soup does look so delicious, I’d love the recipe! 🙂

  9. I’m with Clarissa. I’d totally be there for the friendship, not the bachelor. I would also be that annoying person who interjects comments about editing, staging, and generally be disgusted by the whole show… but I would be thrilled to eat soup with you!!! It looks awesome!! (can you make your own yogurt/sour cream? Sounds something like a mexican crema, or a creme fraiche type thing? Yum.)

    Ok, you guys totally sound like us. We get a weekend to ourselves and we immediately pack up our tent in the Land Rover and head for the woods. Why would we do anything else?! Haha!

    Enjoy the weather-it’s cold here today too. I’m going to enjoy looking at it from my living room window. 🙂

  10. We enjoyed warmer weather too…until today that is, now we’ve been pelted with storm, and they are calling for ice tonight. Ah, such as the life in the South, ha!!

    That soup really looks good…and the bread, too. 😉

  11. The same thing happened to us with the weather! Sounds like the whole country is going through the same thing. It got up to the mid 70’s when we were in the middle of Kansas this past weekend.

    You definitely should post the receipe. I’ve never heard of it!

  12. Soup looks good!

  13. Soup looks delish and the temp-I would kill for that right now!!!!

  14. That soup looks amazing!

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