Totally Random – Monday Edition

  1. Toddler Talk is happening around these parts. We are communicating! Mamek: Make up. Dink: Drink. Wipers: Slippers.
  2. I’m making new friends here in Colorado and THAT is a lot of fun.
  3. This beautiful shot is RIGHT BEFORE Gooner catapulted herself headfirst down the slide and landed on her head. She has the bruise and dead skin to prove it.
  1. I guess we are starting over with one…. Do you see how her sweater doesn’t meet her waist line? Yah, we can blame the long torso on yours truly. Great.
  2. This is how we rock potty training at our house. Oh yah!
  3. Someone asked me if Gooner’s hair is “easy” to comb through or if I use detangler. hahahahah, oh hahahahah.
  4. This is how Gooner sings the ABC’s at our house, ALL DAY, A B C D E E E E E E E E E if she is singing the English version. The French ABC song from her is HILARIOUS.
  5. This is our world and we are supposed to get another 8 inches. I LOVE the snow!!!
  6. Thank you Carissa for a fab Random Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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18 thoughts on “Totally Random – Monday Edition

  1. We should start a long torso club. I still hate buying swimming suits! Have fun with the snow.

  2. You all are blessed to have a long torso! Long torso = flat stomach 🙂 At least that is how I view it coming from a short torso gal.

  3. Adie

    Such cute pictures!!

  4. Hahaha, love the potty training outfit… seems brilliant enough to me! 😉

  5. We had snow again on Friday and then this morning. Then we’re suppose to get like 9 inches or something on Wednesday. OMG! This is Arkansas, Old Man Winter!

  6. I think a vlog of Gooner singing the alphabet in French is in order. Love the potty training outfit–how very convenient. Hee hee! And, yep, I have me one of those long torsos too. Somewhat irritating for dressing purposed. Shirts are never long enough, drives me crazy. Lucky you with the snow! We’ve been very weather/drama free around here, and I wish we had the same stuff the rest of the country is getting so bad!! I love it! That being said, they’re saying that we’re going to get some good weather towards the end of Feb. I’ll believe it when I see it, cuz it feels like spring here.

  7. Ha! We have long torsos over here too! It’s ridiculous.

    I LOVE toddler talk! Can’t wait to hear more of what she comes up with.

  8. so jealous of you snow, I would love to have a ton of snow so that I would be locked in the house for a few days

  9. So stinkin’ cute!

  10. I really thought I commented on this. Ha. I love all the pictures of Gooner. She is adorable! Next time we chat I really would like to hear the french version of ABCs or at least a vlog about it 😉 love you friend

  11. C.

    I like your potty training style. 🙂

  12. Love the photos! Gooner is such a cutie patootie!!

    And there is something about toddlers in snowsuits that I find ridiculously adorable.

  13. Pics are cute!! Now that’s the way to go on the potty training route! 🙂 Good job Mommy!

  14. My goodness…could Gooner get ANY cute? That last picture is just too stinking cute.

    We are supposed to get another 6 inches of snow…and everybody is panicking around here. Honestly, I enjoy the snow, I just wish our southern states would learn to COPE, not come to a complete halt! LOL oh well. maybe i’ll get snowed in with hubster…

  15. Cora loves to hurl herself down/off slides…makes for interesting times at the park.

  16. i love snow, too… enjoy it extra for me please! the slides scare me. our friend’s daughter is 20 mos and sprained her leg on it. yikes! poor gooner! glad it’s only a bruise. and toddler talk is the best!

  17. i’m sooooo happy for you and new friends!

  18. Hannah

    Love, love, love the pictures. My daughter gets HER never-ending torso from her daddy, and currently I am jealous of both of them, because I’m beginning to look as though I attached a beach ball to my waist. Our new little man has nowhere to go but out.

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