Part Two: The Roomie

Honestly, I loved D.C.

I enjoyed working on The Hill.

I also took a job as a Barista at “The Bux.”

I had a great roomie, H.

We met online so you KNOW we were doomed to have an amazing relationship.

She had a great friend. Q. that I should meet.

Meanwhile she was falling head over heals for this guy.

They have since gotten married and had a kid. They aren’t happy are they…

So anyway, she invited Q and his roomie over for supper and we “met.” I smelled like Starbucks and was late. I thought he had nice muscular arms, he thought I had nice hair. H. and I laughed our way through the entire meal and I was certain he thought us ridiculous. He NOW says that he DID think we were ridiculous, but we were funny so it was “ok.” What H. and I could have eaten for a week, the boys polished off in half an hour. I will ALWAYS be thankful for H. inviting those guys over…

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14 thoughts on “Part Two: The Roomie

  1. Awww. So sweet La! I’m thankful she did as well!

  2. SO sweet! Isn’t it funny how things work out??

  3. That’s so cool. What did you do on The Hill? 🙂

  4. So funny!!!! Gotta love those “chance” meetings, hee hee. 😉

  5. OOOooooh! Fun! Sounds like an amazing time–isn’t it interesting how God can work little things like dinners into life changing moments, even though you didn’t know it at the time. 🙂

  6. Awwwwe, twist of fate La! Love it 🙂

  7. Time with friends is such a wonderful thing!

  8. cute!!! it’s awesome that you lived there. i’m a politics junkie and got a degree in poli sci; i’d love to live there one day! so glad Q thought your ridiculousness was funny. my honey tells me the same every day!

  9. So sweet you were set up by your random roommate!! I was also a Starbucks barista…on the memories 🙂

  10. What a cute story!

    You look so cute as a barista, by the way. No wonder Q fell for you. (Aside from your charm, of course!:-))

  11. Why did I think you met Q at your college? What a fun love story!!

  12. I love this story! How fun. Keep it going, please!! I want to know more:))

  13. So sweet! Miss double barring with you!

  14. Hannah

    A funny part of the background story is that a few years before, when Q and I both graduated from college, we took a picture together and said that it would be fun to see what happened to one another down the road. I had no idea we’d meet up again, much less that I would get to introduce him to his wife!

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