Love Day = Success

I LOVE this Daddy/Daughter relationship.

Gooner LOVED the paper surrounding her rose.

She didn’t quite understand why she needed to SNIFF the rose.

I’ve been wanting bamboo for over two years. Q’s motto is to know HIS woman. So it doesn’t matter that men are supposed to buy women ROSES and jewelry. I’m not opposed to roses and jewelry, BUT Q remembered what I’ve been wanting for a while. And he got that because he knew that it would mean more to me than what was expected. You saw this pic yesterday, but I love my heart shaped bamboo!

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14 thoughts on “Love Day = Success

  1. How sweet is that. I enjoyed Q’s post yesterday. Glad you enjoyed your day.

  2. How sweet!

  3. Love it! I man knows me, too! He got me a card with a picture of monkeys on it (my fave zoo animal) and a wireless bike mileage counter for my bike trainer! I love it!

  4. So sweet!!

  5. OMG! How sweet!!!!!! 🙂 I love it!!!
    My hubby and I keep talking about daddy dating his daughter to show her what a relationship w/ a man is supposed to be like…didn’t even think about it starting this early….awesome!

  6. Awwww… I love that! That is so fun that he found bamboo shaped like that, too cool!

  7. That is the best possible sort of gift. So cool!

  8. The relationship between a daughter and father is just beautiful. As seen here!

  9. Awwwe, seeing those photos of them warms my heart!! ❤

  10. Aww so sweet! love the pics of gooner and daddy could it get any sweeter? and um perfect bamboo! q man did good 🙂

  11. hey there! Let me know how your gluten free meal goes or if you need any ideas. Just Send me an email!

  12. Awwwww, only thy sweetest dads give roses to their baby girls! 🙂

  13. aww… sweetest valentine’s day ever!!! i can’t wait for sage to get a rose from her daddy next year! : ) gosh, your gooner is too beautiful! just like mommy. the heart bamboo is gorgeous.

  14. So sweet. Everything about this post. Also, Q looks very handsome in the jacket and tie!

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