Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer is special. I will dive right into the five senses of indoor soccer so that all you newbies to indoor soccer can fully experience it with me.

Taste: You need not taste ANYTHING that indoor soccer has to offer. Most folks go straight from work, to fast food, to the arena. So if you haven’t stopped and picked up something for yourself, or packed something delicious, you are eating a soggy fry off the floor complete with turf. Yum. Gooner found all sorts of yummy leftovers under the bleachers. She was delighted. I couldn’t help but gag. I decided at that moment that I wasn’t going to micromanage my daughter’s under bleacher eating habits and concentrated on the game instead.

Smell: Oh dear. When you first walk into the building you are accosted with Junior High Girl sweat mixed with full on man sweat. It is enough to take your breath away. And THEN you reach the bleachers where Mom perfume mixes with the sweat. AND THEN the players come off the field and you literally start gagging. It’s bad. I don’t know why they smell so bad. I think it is the shin guards. Gooner picked one up and gave a big SNIFF. I was totally grossed out. It was still wet from Q’s sweat and she held and sniffed away. Gag, gag, gag.

See: Indoor teams are normally segregated. It’s just how it works. You will play a group of Italians, or Mexicans or something else. In this case, the teams were all men, sweaty stinky men. I think one of the main goals, besides actually scoring goals, it is to slam members from the other team against the wall. They fight without throwing punches. It’s pretty great. Q ALWAYS comes out bleeding. And sweating. And stinking. It’s so gross. But he’s really good. He really is and I enjoy watching him play. I’m a vocal wife and almost ALWAYS annoy the refs. I don’t just show up, I fully enjoy the game. And when there is an unfair call I’m quite vocal about my distaste, as is Gooner.

Hear: Oh dear. You almost ALWAYS hear multiple languages being spoken, see above. Then bench will be swarming with Moms and wives, so you will always hear gossip.Ā  You will never hear me gossiping with them. 99% of the time I am not friends with teammates wives for this reason alone. You will hear the ball SMACK against the wall. You will hear the swish of the ball as it enters the net. Cheers and clapping from supporters when a goal is made. Bodies slamming against the wall when players try to keep/gain possession of the ball.Ā  And you will hear Gooner’s cry of delight 0when she sees her Dad walking to her off the field. (ALL my pics of Q on the field are blurry. Maybe it was the panel of plastic?

Touch: You will feel small pieces of turf under your feet as you walk on the cement. Your behind will feel cool as you sit upon the bleachers. And you will feel the sweat of your husband as he tries to wipe it all over you with a ‘post game hu’g. This is my “don’t touch me” face.

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14 thoughts on “Indoor Soccer

  1. Wow. I felt like I was there, but now I need a shower. šŸ™‚

    Ryan was asked to play in an indoor soccer league this year but it was every Friday night so he decided against it. We are looking to do a co-ed sport together this spring, maybe softball?

  2. I love the “don’t touch me” face!! All us girls have that face when Mike comes in from the gym!!

  3. love your description! so true. i need to get W to play again, so we can enjoy the senses of indoor soccer again. good thing lb will be old enough soon to play himself. And kudos to you for not freaking out at gooner’s under bleacher eating. you are a rockstar! and i love your dont touch me face. šŸ™‚

  4. Joao Monge

    Joao approves of this post.

    To solve your problem with blurry pictures you have to get closer to the glass and press the shutter half way down until it focuses on your subject (Q on this instance).

    You should make sure you are at a fast shutter speed in order to capture movement (like sports photographers) otherwise your pics will always be blurry.

    Ta ta for now

  5. I love indoor soccer! I am so unathletic that I’ve always had a hard time playing but I love cheering others on! šŸ™‚

  6. Haha! I love this. I feel as though I’ve been there now. I almost gagged at the fast food under the bleachers… eww eww EWW!

    Most digital cameras have an “action” setting–does yours? Usually a little running person on your dial, or in one of your automatic menu settings. I would check into that–you guys are so active you would probably use it a lot. It really helps–I use mine all the time when I’m photographing hikes, sporting events, partys, etc.

    I’m odd, I know, but I’m rather fond of my man when he’s all sweaty and manly smelling. Weird, I know. Other men, not so much. Haha, your face cracks me up there–I like how your heads like 1/4 inch away–close as you can get without actually touching the sweat. šŸ™‚

  7. oh yes, the man sweat smell. Its always in those arenas. But what a great example Q is for gooner. Fun, active, healthy!
    We need a weekly check in to evaluate our roles, ya know? Let me know what Q thinks!

  8. I am giggling so hard at the thought of Gooner sniffing a shin guard so intently!!

  9. Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I loved this post. Sometimes I actually feel like this at the BK play place in our area. What did my child just eat and who smells?!?!?!

  10. I love this post, friend! Perhaps I’ll get to come sometime?

  11. Okay, seriously…I love the ‘don’t touch me’ face. Priceless. I have one of those too!

  12. Junior high girl sweat and man sweat….eeewwwwww

    Gooner looks so cute though!!!!

  13. Indoor soccer is great! I’ve only been once but it was a lot of fun. Haha, love the don’t touch me face.

  14. That honestly sounds like crazy, fun!!! šŸ™‚ Your “don’t touch me face” is priceless, lol!! šŸ˜‰

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