Texas Edition

Gooner and I are back in Texas visiting the folks. It is lovely and most definitely a vacation for me. I haven’t had to cook yet. I awoke to pancakes and eggs yesterday. Fresh from the oven bran muffins this morning!

We also went to Hobby Lobby in order to spend a 40% off coupon.  Mom used it to buy a piece of doll furniture…you can tell she’s a grandma.  Anyway, while we were trying to look at the small furniture a stock boy was rudely restocking. In our way. And we in his. And I had to move our cart to get out of HIS way at one point. Hello RUDE. I’ve worked at a lot of retail in my day and you ALWAYS come back and finish your assignment once the customers have MOVED ON. We hadn’t and so were forced to make a rush decision. I found this annoying. Maybe he was NEW to restocking?

I’ve eaten enough Ranger Cookie Dough to feel like crap. I do. I don’t feel healthy OR happy about it at all. If I’m supposed to be eating 80/20…I’m eating 40/60.  I do NOT feel good about this, and neither does my stomach. I currently look 3 months pregnant….only I’m not. See, once you have a baby that is IMMEDIATELY where all your extra fat goes…to your middle. Ugh.

I’m going to do better! I’m in Texas for another week and I canNOT continue to eat like this. It isn’t my Mom, don’t worry, I’m a big girl and make my own eating decisions. Other than eating enough cookie dough to wish I could HURL on demand, I’m having a great time. I miss my man though. He’s wonderful though, and not here. Do you ever eat for instant gratification and then immediately wish that you hadn’t?

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12 thoughts on “Texas Edition

  1. do you make ranger cookies with rice krispies, coconut, and oatmeal…..they are so glorious! but boo for feeling so yucky! Enjoy your time in Texas….breathe some of that Texas air for me 🙂

  2. Cookie dough is one of my Arch Nemesis foods. I get really excited about it and gorge myself… and then feel disgusting. Then I can’t look at cookie dough for months. And then the cycle repeats. Will I EVER learn?

    Your comment about Time Traveler’s Wife made me smile. 🙂 Of course I don’t hate you. One of the things I love about you is that you are so different from me. Differences are good. They make life interesting.

    Hope your Texas trip keeps going great!

  3. Hope you have a great visit with your family. Cookie dough is one of those things that I try to not even taste of…because I’ll want more.

  4. What are ranger cookies? Or do I not want to know. Enjoy your time in Texas!

  5. Have a great visit and yes I will eat for instant gratification. I always think back to a Regis and Kelly episode when Mark was co-hosting and dieting for a movie. He wanted a donut but instead he had Kelly eat the donut and then had her blow her breath into his mouth so he could get a sense of it’s yumminess.

  6. Um YEAH! Totally eat for that…it’s SO hard for me, when visiting relatives or out of my NORM to focus on eating healthy — MUCH easier when home and in routine…
    Sorry you feel yuck! I used to eat cookie dough, but ick….doesn’t even appeal to me nowadays.

  7. I do that ALL.THE.TIME. It’s a habit that I’m trying HARD to stop! We should so exchange numbers and text each other when we’re thinking about doing it. LOL That way we can keep each other accountable!

  8. I miss your face!!! I hope you’re having a good time. I do get the eating bad things and then regretting it because you feel awful. It always sounds good/tastes good, and then it all catches up with you. Ugh.

  9. All the time…. and then promptly feel very disgusted with myself afterward.

    Have a great time!! There’s nothing quite like coming home to Dad and Mom’s for just a bit, huh?!

  10. Texassssss! Where are you at in Texas? I’m in Texas 🙂

    And we need to finalize the details of our little secret plan… I’ve been applying for new jobs left and right and extremely busy, but I still want to do it!

  11. Cadbury eggs are my can resist Easter candy and I always wish afterward that I didn’t eat them! So fattening!

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