Random Edition: 3


  • “Despite all the pain and mess, I feel like I’m carrying around a sweet secret.” Anne Frank said this in regards to her period. I do not feel the same way. AND if you are all hiding together in a few small rooms I highly doubt it was a secret. Although, I am glad that my mother failed to grant me permission to have a hysterectomy when I blossomed into a woman.Β  I swore I wanted one, badly, and right away. She lured me with a trip to the movie store and we rented Strictly Ballroom. Mom told me that one day I would want babies, and she was right.
  • Speaking of babies I visited three blogs that I hadn’t been to in awhile and ALL of the authors were pregnant and ALL of them had babies after me… Am I selfish to want space between my babies? I really just want to enjoy Gooner before all the pregnancy stuff ensues.We will though, don’t worry.
  • While subbing I stopped a nipple piercing IN PROGRESS. I turned around for five seconds and two guys already had an earring ready to insert and a paper clip ready to stab. When I royally FREAKED out the guy calmly told me that he was a professional. Right, because I want my nipple pierced by a 17 year old guy wielding a paper clip. Awesome.
  • I was accused of being racist. Again. This no longer surprises me. Even though I have a mixed daughter he said it”wasn’t the same” because his mother married a Mexican SO he is TWO minorities. I’m glad THAT is clear as mud.
  • I feel terrible for all of Japan. Wow. It’s terrible, just terrible.
  • We went to Texas Roadhouse and I ordered Salmon! Who goes to a steakhouse and orders salmon? Oh that’s right, ME! Because I have a daughter that eats healthy fish instead of mac n cheese, chicken strips, and small bites of steak. All that crap that most kids eat, mine won’t. Most of the time I love this, and other times I wish she’d just eat a kids meal. So we shared salmon and green beans. I wasn’t about to order an all beef hot dog because we all know that lips, ears and butt holes ALL constitute BEEF. Don’t be fooled.
  • Since we are talking about meat let’s talk about pork. We all know that you have to cook pork to a certain temperature to kill all the worms RIGHT? Anyway, while eating a pork tenderloin have you ever wondered where those worms disappeared to? I figure they are just all dead and still in the meat. Makes sense….and this thought makes me gag. Even though I’m NOT supposed to eat pork on the gall bladder “diet” this alone makes me say, “no thank you.”
  • I should probably stop. You NEVER know what I could say next…
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20 thoughts on “Random Edition: 3

  1. butt holes? hahaha love that! you crack me up this morning! and no it is not selfish at all to want time in between little blessings.

  2. Good stuff!!

  3. You make me laugh!

  4. You and Q will know when the time is right to add to your family. Have fun with lil Miss Gooner! You are funny I knew there was a reason I never buy pork.

  5. So gross about the pork!!

  6. Wow, this needed a disclaimer! LOL jk. I’m glad I already finished my lunch though! Not to worry, there wasn’t any hot dogs or pork in my lunch box! Just some yogurt, a turkey on wheat sandwich, and an orange!

  7. Wow. This is a lot of yummy stuff in one short post, haha! Yeah… that Anne Frank quote is just plain weird.

    Hmmm… I love pork. LOVE it. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one, ha! It’s a very healthful meat, and also, we (in america) have bred the fat out of the pigs, so our pork is a lot more white meat-ish than a lot of countries. And, while I wouldn’t care to eat pork too raw, I’m pretty sure that the whole “worm” thing was a result of less clean butchering processes/storage back in the day, and for the most part that is also not so much of a concern… you can eat pork rare, if you want.

    I should disclaimer this comment by stating that I’m pretty much on the Andrew Zimmern side of food, so that may color what I say about food a bit. I will eat almost anything.

    Yum, Salmon. I LOVE that Gooner has such great taste in food, that is SO awesome. That will serve her greatly throughout life.

    • Actually there are still SUPER MANY parasites still in pigs, especially in wild pigs. And it’s not healthy….doctors said it was hard on my liver and Q’s – he was in the hospital and we should eliminate it from our diet. I still love you though!

      • Sometimes it’s so irritating how much contradicting info is out there on the same subject… definitely best to listen to one’s doctor. πŸ™‚ I guess I’m not opposed to eating parasites then? Ew, that sounds a little gross, ha! Love you too. πŸ™‚ I think when we do get together eventually, we’ll have to have a salmon feed, with green beans, and maybe roasted brussel sprouts, or something. πŸ™‚ Yum.

      • Um YES! And we WILL campout some time! It will be awesome. For sure. ONE DAY SALMON BABY. Maybe we should have to catch our own! Is that hard??? eh, we can do it!-La.

  8. EW. Pork? Pooh, guess I won’t be making hot dogs tonight. πŸ˜›

    Your subbing story…wow.

    My heart breaks for Japan. 😦

    Salmon sounds really good right about now.

  9. Wait, you almost got your nipple pierced? Random about me..I had my tongue and belly button pierced when I was 16. I was grounded for like 7 months. It was the 90’s, I was into the grunge piercing and flannels. Can’t imagine it, huh? :P:

    “We all know that you have to cook pork to a certain temperature to kill all the worms RIGHT? Anyway, while eating a pork tenderloin have you ever wondered where those worms disappeared to? I figure they are just all dead and still in the meat. Makes sense….and this thought makes me gag”

    YUCK! I need to use that one…I think no one should eat pigs. For so many reasons…this added to it.

    I love how healthy Gooner is!! She is Ellas inspiration!

  10. Goodness, the craziest stuff happens when you sub!

  11. You’re a little sassy one today, aren’t ya?

  12. Clarissa Trapp

    I think those parasites are pretty tasty. Especially when properly barbequed. πŸ˜‰

    Also, I felt the same way about my period when I was younger. It might have had something to do with the whole passing out and throwing up once a month bit. I still do pretty much hate it, despite all the good things that may SOMEDAY accompany it.

    I miss you, friend.

  13. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Glad you enjoyed reading. I should have been more specific for all my new readers, but my husband and I actually do know the sex of our new baby, we’re just keeping it a secret from everyone else! We were surprised with my first, and loved getting to announce it to everyone once she was born. So this time we wanted to do the same, but I also wanted to know if I could reuse the same clothes, bedding, etc. so he and I just found out!

  14. Hahhahahhahahah I love you… I like to say that hot dogs are made of beaks and a**holes πŸ˜‰

  15. wow… I’m officially not eating anymore meat…

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