Home v. Gym

For years I worked out at home. For years I worked out at the gym. For awhile I did nothing and gained weight. While preggers with Gooner I used a pre-natal video. After Gooner, she spent some time with Grandma, and I went to the gym with Q. And THEN the childcare place had THREE cases of head lice. Yuck. Do you remember how much hair Gooner has? (This is an old pic, but it shows her WILD locks.)

Thankfully she was with Grandma all three times, but I didn’t want to take chances…back to doing home videos. And that folks is why I workout at home.

We moved to Colorado and there wasn’t any more Grandma and I’m still afraid of head lice. I’ve also reached a rather annoying plateau. And so my friends, my husband bought me a gift – one I’ve been wanting for awhile. I knew I wanted to do a Beachbody program, but I didn’t know which one…P90X, Insanity, or Turbo Fire… Well, I finally chose Turbo Fire. I wanted something a little more dancey, and there you have it! It’s ordered. It is on its way as we speak! I will begin it once I finish The Shred. I’m still deciding about posting updates, progress pics…

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6 thoughts on “Home v. Gym

  1. oooooh good luck!!
    im familiar with the p90x and insanity – but havent heard of turbo fire! ill have to check that one out.

  2. My husband and I have just been talking about this, actually! He joined a gym, because he’s learned that he doesn’t work out well at home. I would like to think I’m a home-worker-outer, but I don’t tend to be consistent–BAD ME!–so, I have to work on that personality flaw. I’m so excited for spring, because hiking/trail running is my favorite thing.

  3. Adie

    I am really excited to hear about your Shred results. And can’t wait to see what happens with the Turbo Fire.

  4. Yes, yes progress pics 🙂 turbo fire? that sounds intense.
    i work out at home because i don’t want to pay for gym membership when I have a 20 lbs weight here. and also i dont want lb in some random gym childcare. i know, probably a little overprotective but oh well. so good to hear your voice yesterday even if the babes caught it short.

  5. Have fun with the new program!

  6. That looks intense! Definitely keep us posted on how you like it.

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