Random: 4

1. Skyping with Grandma.

2. And don’t judge the lamp….it’s like FOREVER old and is great when you want to be bright on the computer.

3. She’s sitting on my 6 inch step for aerobics. This is a MUCH EASIER use for it. Burns a lot less calories though…

4. Thanks to The Shred I’ve put yoga on hold…until now. Um wow. I am VERY un-flexible! I HAVE gained muscle strength in my triceps, but my endurance in regards to holding poses has gone WAY down!

5. All you yoga people…how often to I need to practice yoga so that I don’t LOSE what I’ve GAINED. Not weight y’all, but strength and flexibility!?

6. I want to go biking, but we don’t own helmets. We have one for Gooner though! That’s what counts right?

7. I’m thinking about having a blogger question day. But I don’t know. Do you guys have questions for Q and I? Sometimes we are pretty private and other times pretty open.

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17 thoughts on “Random: 4

  1. Darn it, I was going to leave a comment on your colon cleanse post, but it’s gone! I was going to say – keep us updated! Since hubs doesn’t have a gall bladder either, this might benefit him as well. But, it sounds totally scary to me. Also, I hope I didn’t rub ya the wrong way on FB. I wasn’t talking about you and I honestly had never heard of the RAW Paleo Diet. But, the girl that left that comment was someone that I’ve contemplated deleting for a long time….she likes to start “internet fights” with people. Crazy.

    • It will totally be back…just later this week. I wrote the post when we first went on it, but I might want to tweak it. But then that might be an update so maybe I will have to post it tomorrow or something.

      Ha, you totally didn’t rub me the wrong way! I just didn’t want you to think I was freaking out. When we went Vegetarian for a month LOADS of people overreacted about it it, so I these things are normal, you know. 😉 Sorry about your “friend” though. Internet fights are THE WORST! I hope you keep us updated on how your new eating plan evolves!

  2. Christen

    Hmm…in college, a girl did a persuasive speech about the importance of wearing bike helmets. She told a personal story about a time when she went for a casual ride and her tire hit a small crack. The result was her flying over her handlebars and hitting her head. The doctor said had she not been wearing a helmet she could have died or would have certainly sustained a TBI at the least. I consider it like wearing a seatbelt. It might be more comfortable without one and you hope you’ll never actually need it, but its much better to have and not need than to need and not have. Plus, I’ve seen way to many patients under the age of 30 with TBI’s who are now in rehab to relearn how to walk and talk. It’s great that Gooner has a helmet to protect her, but I’m sure she’d want her Mommy to be safe, too. Sorry for the “lecture” but its a pet-peeve of mine and I care about you guys. 🙂 Just my 2 cents.

  3. The more I read you, the more I love you La. I am so happy you passed on the butthole hotdogs at the steakhouse.

    Do yoga like once every 3 days and you’ll stay bendy. If that’s way too much to ask, you’ll be fine. You may seem tight when returning but you’ll limber up much faster than the first time you tried it. Does that make sense?

  4. Tell us more about your childhood! What makes you, you? 🙂

  5. I know the benefits of yoga last maximum 3 days …
    I love yoga and how you feel after having done.

  6. That lamp is charming.

    Yoga is tough, but love how I feel after. Not sure about your question, I am sure it varies person to person…but would think at least 2x a week along with your other routine would be ideal!

  7. wish I could have been in dallas too! Great job on the shred, thats a good workout. For yoga, 1-2x a week is good.

  8. hey!
    i realized this morning that when i respond to your comments (through my blog) – it sends the email to “noreply”!


    so im reaching you via here. lol.

    “hah thanks, me too!
    and you’re right – some of it IS processed. im envious of how healthy you are! i wish i could have that much self discipline. every time i look at your header i get thirsty for whatever that green smoothie is. 🙂 “

  9. So is the Shred worth getting? I’ve contemplated it. 😉

    That’s sweet she gets to Skype with Grandma. I just used Skype for the first time…ever.

    • The Shred IS worth it but I do The Shred and something else, like my fav Leslie Sansone… I don’t feel it is enough on it’s own UNLESS you are running out of time and it is all you can do! I’m seeing GREAT results. I don’t like Jillian…at all. She’s annoying and quite unpleasant, but she does get the job done.

      Maybe some day we will skype!

  10. We love skyping with grandma too! 🙂 Were you doing Jillian Michaels yoga?

  11. I have a forever old lamp on my nightstand. Is yours a touch lamp too?

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