The Shred: A Review

As most of you know, I was LOATH to buy the Shred, much less do it. But we bought it, AND I completed it! And let me tell you, I was a little sad to know that I didn’t have to hear Jillian’s voice today. Ha, April Fools.

Good News: I lost 5 inches and I FEEL better.
Bad News: I didn’t lose even ONE pound. As a slave to the scale, this is hard for me. As per Laury’s advice, I put the scale away. Honestly, it felt REALLY freeing. I was afraid that I would make bad choices since I wouldn’t have the dreaded weigh day looming on the horizon. It didn’t work that way. Woot, Woot!

All in all I am glad that I did it. I probably won’t do it again unless we have another kid. I feel like it is a great place to start, but in and of itself it isn’t a complete workout. It’s quite short and doesn’t touch on all the muscle groups that need dealt with. This would be FINE, except you are supposed to do this EVERY day and don’t have the option for cross training. I missed working out with weights. Also, I tried ONE day of Jillian’s yoga and it was TERRIBLE. There is nothing calming about her and she wasn’t a very good Yogi.

Today I started Turbo Fire. I took the “Before” pictures and eeeeeeeeep. I’m truly excited about this journey called HEALTH.

Have you, would you, or will you do the Shred???

Gooner LOVES to sing. Being as her microphone was at home, she improvised with a flashlight.

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14 thoughts on “The Shred: A Review

  1. I’ve heard lots of things about the Shred in the blog community. I don’t think it’s for me, but it’s great that you lost some inches! I prefer walking around the neighborhood or being outside. Gooner is getting so big! it’s already 90 degrees here in TX…bet you aren’t missing that!

  2. That’s awesome that you lost 5 inches!! I’ve tried it but it’s hard to commit to the video everyday!

  3. I did/completed The Shred. I didn’t mind doing it, but it’s hard to do with a four year old trying to do it with you. Nap time is usually my “me” time and she doesn’t nap very often anymore. I’d much rather get out and walk/jog. Mike & I may start doing it together soon.
    Gooner looks sweet with her microphone. Maggie & Ellie both use the old classic stand by- the hair brush.

  4. Five inches – wow! Good for you!!

    I have the Shred and have never made it past the first level. I don’t find it motivating or invigorating enough to keep with it. But that’s more a commentary on me than on the Shred, I suppose!

    • I totally wouldn’t not have kept up with it if my Mom and I hadn’t started on the SAME DAY with the goal of ENDING on the same day. It isn’t a YOU problem, it’s totally a Jillian problem. The ONLY level that was “good” was level three. boo.

  5. Errign

    I owe the 30 day Shred and I do the workouts when I’m bored/stuck in the house in need of a workout, but I’ve never done the whole 30 days.

  6. Clarissa

    I can’t imagine 30 days with Jillian Michaels; it sounds torturous.

  7. i think we need a video of her singing. 😛

  8. I don’t much like Jillian. However, per your recommendation I reviewed the Jackie Warner videos at Costco… I’m procrastinating on buying them because I really prefer to workout outside. However, Some days just aren’t suitable for that, like when it’s 110 degrees outside, or 5 degrees outside, and icey. So, I need to give in and get a video. 🙂 I have George St. Pierre’s strength training workouts in the last men’s health magazine. Maybe I should just do those. 🙂 Haha!

  9. Ha! I just posted a request for new workout ideas. I’ve toyed with doing the Shred…but is it worth it to go out and BUY it?

    5 INCHES?????????

    Okay, maybe it is worth it. *runs to the store*


    • Honestly, it’s 9 bucks at Target. Totally worth it if you need a commitment. She’s super annoying, BUT I did lose 5 inches so THAT is pretty fab.

  10. I’m not a Jillian fan, so I haven’t done the shred. But I had to look up this, “Turbo Fire” that you speak of.


    We have P90X and you’ve intrigued me… I cannot WAIT to hear your review! I need to lose this baby weight – please let me know how it goes!

  11. LMAO trying to think of Jillian leading a yoga practice. 🙂

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