Yet Another FDA Mandated Diet (authored by Q)

First we had the low-fat, low-carbohydrate, low-cholesterol, low-calorie, low-sugar diets and now the FDA has graciously mandated a low-sodium diet upon us. Does the FDA mean well with its decision? Sure it does, but it rarely ends well for the consumer.

Why is that? Due to the fact that companies have to abide by certain regulations, they create or add new chemicals as a substitute that end up “passing” the FDA test. Those chemicals “pass” the test because no one knows what the immediate effects are – it takes at least 10 years before consumers find out the true health cost of such chemicals. These governmental intentions created unhealthy and nefarious products such as Sweet ‘N Low sweeteners, Splenda, Margarine, diet Coke, the Gatorade G series (which is polluted with artificial sweeteners) just to mention a few.

One good example of the results of FDA mandated fads is the low-fat movement. The FDA correctly recognized that butter is dangerous in copious amounts. What it failed to recognize is the fact that butter is still healthy if consumed moderately. With that intention in mind, the FDA mandated a low-fat diet which gave birth to franken-foods such as margarine or I can’t believe it’s not butter products. If one were to travel to Europe, one would be hard pressed to find margarine in grocery stores. Why? That’s because the European Food Safety Authority (the counterpart of the FDA) correctly recognizes that margarine is a combination of fats and chemicals and it’s dangerous for one’s well-being. Simply put it recognizes that butter is natural, margarine is not. Hence the abundance of European style butters in healthy stores.

So the FDA sanctioned these diets fads many of which have been linked to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, liver cancer, colon cancer, not to mention heart attacks and stroke inducing symptoms.

Case in point, recently the FDA came out with a statement saying that it is reconsidering its long-held position that the dyes – such as Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 – pose no risk to children or anyone else. Yet we have the FDA issuing it’s usual ‘fear not’ statement since it is “engaged in an ongoing scientific and regulatory review of this ingredient”. Hmmm…I don’t know about you but I will not be anxiously waiting to hear what conclusion the FDA has come to.

So what is one to do? The key is to consume natural foods in moderate amounts – not to substitute them with unnatural and junk food. By the way, did you know that many foods in the grocery store that are labeled ‘low-fat’ such as yogurts, are loaded with sugar to appeal to consumer’s taste buds?

Do you want to grow old and find out that you spent all these years poisoning your body because of  following such and such fad without doing your research? What would you do next? Blame the FDA? Sue them? You probably wouldn’t be able to because by that time they most likely would have come out with another diet fad and/or issued a statement that such and such diet was unhealthy because it has been linked to such and such disease.

I know I don’t want to put my health in the hands of the government. Neither do I want La and our offspring to. Your health is in your hands; not in the hands of the FDA or other government agencies.

Do your research and homework. Spend extra time and money living a healthier lifestyle. If you are unable to do some research there are many out there who already have. It’s time to be active and take charge of our health. The adage that you reap what you sow is true, whether you believe it or not. La and I believe in “paying now and playing later rather than playing now and paying later”.

Again, the FDA means well, but there is a difference between good intentions and good outcomes.

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15 thoughts on “Yet Another FDA Mandated Diet (authored by Q)

  1. Excellent advice! I was just thinking last night, as I browsed through a magazine filled with “healthy recipes for your family”, how absurd it was that half of the ingredient in each recipe were for low-fat items. Cheese, milk, etc. I imagine if one were to tally up the extra sugar in that low-fat meal, they’d be shocked.

    I personally think the FDA is much about the $$ and not about meaning well. They are the ones who still insist fluoride is okay, when they accepted incomplete studies on it and pushed it through anyway. Nobody takes into account that the Nazi’s put fluoride in concentration camp water supplies in order to suppress important glandular functions that made for compromised immune systems and more complacent prisoners…

  2. Amen! Well said!

  3. AMEN! I do not just follow govt guidelines anymore! We have to figure it out for ourselves and I think we are ALL starting to realize…the food industry to mess up!

  4. Nikki

    Oh my goodness–not to get off track, but please tell me you don’t seriously buy into the anti-fluoride propaganda campaign and that you fail to see how fluoride was recognized as being one of the top 10 greatest accomplishments and achievements of the 20th century. You’re doing yourself and your children a disservice by not providing fluoridated water, toothpastes, or mouthrinses for them.

    • No Nikki; I don’t subscribe to the anti-flouride propaganda campaign. But that’s besides the point. Laury makes a great point when she mentions that “peoples taste are so altered around here because of the excess sodium and sugar in our food”. My mother paid us visit from France and she complained how sweet Danone yogurts are here in the States. I don’t know if you were aware but Danone is a French yogurt company and if they are sweetening their products here in the States, that says a lot… it’s a sad reality that is causing a lot of issues such as obesity, diabetes…


  5. Very timely post! My stepdad and I were just talking about the FDA last night! I couldn’t agree more.

  6. So true…we should not rely on the government, or anyone else for that matter, to teach us how to live healthy.

    The past year, as I’ve been making changes to our diet/lifestyle, I often find myself overwhelmed with all the information out there. There are so many opinions, and sides “to the story”. I honestly try to pray about my meal planning, grocery shopping, and ask for wisdom as we try to eat healthier/whole foods. It’s been quite the journey, but I feel we are doing what is best for us, and our future children.

  7. Wow! Thanks for all the info and advice. That is so scary!

    La, I would love to know what your meal plan is for a normal week. What does a typical breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc. consist of?

    It’s so hard to break out of processed foods and take the time to prepare heathy meals. I’d love ideas!

  8. Ugh. Don’t even get me started on the chemicals the FDA pass and not knowing how they are causing thyroid cancer and obesity more so than the actual sugar or salt. They need to mandate that fast foods just use less if they are going to get involved. Peoples taste are so altered around here because of the excess sodium and sugar in our food. It makes me CRAZY! I have a client with type 2 that NEEDS her diet cokes all day, and has such a sweet taste because of all the artificial sweetener she uses. I feel that does more damage than just trying to ween yourself off sugar in general! Same for salt! I can not STAND salty things, but there are people that need that and load it on every dish because they are used to processed foods.

    • Well said Laury. Your blog is a great source of knowlegde concerning all things health-related. Keep up to good work.


  9. Amen. All things in moderation is so overlooked, and it drives me crazy. This moderation phrase was written before chemicals and whatnot, so of course it applies to things like butter and cream, etc. This is SO important, and I hate that the chemicals, low-fat, altered food have completely ruined the purity of food.

    (Now, that being said… I don’t think certain “fake” foods should even be touched in moderation, ha, but more like a hardly ever type thing. Things like soda are considered a major treat in our house–a lot of fake food we eat can simply be attributed to the fact that I try to take special care to not be rude and judgemental at other people’s homes-I’m always so amazed by how people consider stuff like margarine normal though.)

  10. Clarissa

    I think the politics in what does and does not get approved by the FDA is disturbing. The FDA doesn’t operate in a political vacuum and is easily swayed by fads. Granted I’m not completely oppsed to the FDA; there are times when I am glad for some small modicum of quality control and regulation in my food. Still, the crazy non-food items deemed edible and promoted as healthy subs for real food frustrate me. I’m with you 100% when it comes to moderation instead of “fake.” Also, who seriously enjoys eating margarine more than real butter or corn syrup more than natural sugars? I am bewildered by this!

  11. Very well written! I appreciate the healthy lifestyle that your family leads…It’s inspirational. And the FDA? It’s “findings” do not surprise me…I definitely don’t put stock into what the government says about what I should eat. I do my own research and strive to feed my family more REAL food all the time! 🙂

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